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This document sets out the policy framework that will define Oxfam Novib
  Oxfam Novib - Corporate Accountability 1   CORPORATEACCOUNTABILITY  Oxfam Novib strategy paper on corporate accountability December 2014  Oxfam Novib - Corporate Accountability 2 Contents ABBREVIATIONS 3SUMMARY 41 INTRODUCTION   5 2 CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY - BACKGROUND   6 3 CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY AND OXFAM NOVIB   8 4 THEORY OF CHANGE   10 5 WHAT WILL WE DO IN PRACTICE?   12 6 PRACTISE WHAT YOU PREACH   16 7 WORKING ON CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY: 17   WHAT’S IN IT FOR OXFAM NOVIB? 8 CHALLENGES OF A COMPREHENSIVE CORPORATE 18   ACCOUNTABILITY STRATEGY 9 WHAT ARE OTHERS DOING? WHAT ARE EXISTING 19 LOOK-A-LIKES?  10 CONCLUSION   20 ANNEX 1 OVERVIEW OF MOST IMPORTANT 21FRAMEWORKS INTERNATIONALLYREFERENCES/KEY (OXFAM) DOCUMENTS 24COLOPHON 26BOXES, FIGURES AND TABLES BOX 1 ACCOUNTABILITY A DEFINITION 5BOX 2 TO REGULATE OR NOT? 7BOX 3 SOCIAL JUSTICE AGENDA WITH CORPORATIONS 8BOX 4 OXFAM AND OXFAM NOVIB’S TRACK RECORD 9BOX 5 WITH POWER COMES RESPONSIBILITY: 10FRONTRUNNERS, SWINGERS AND LAGGARDSFIGURE 1 INTERVENTION STAGE ACTIVITIES OF 5OXFAM NOVIB AND ITS NETWORK FIGURE 2 LOCAL AND GLOBAL 9FIGURE 3 THEORY OF CHANGE 11TABLE 1 THE THREE PILLARS OF THE UN GUIDING 6PRINCIPLES ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND BUSINESS TABLE 2 SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES AND PROJECTS TO BE 13 DEVELOPED FOR EXTERNAL FUNDING    Oxfam Novib - Corporate Accountability 3 Abbreviations ASEAN Association of South East Asian NationsAU African UnionBtB Behind the BrandsB4D Business for Development (department of Oxfam Novib)BRICSA Brasil, Russia, India, China, South AfricaMINT Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, TurkeyDGIS Directorate General for International Cooperation (of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands)EU European UnionCA Corporate AccountabilityCSO Civil Society OrganisationCSR Corporate Social ResponsibilityGRI Global Reporting InitiativeICCO Interchurch Organization for Development CooperationIDH Sustainable Trade InitiativeINGO International Nongovernmental OrganisationISO 26000 International Organization for StandardizationKPM Knowledge and Programme Management (department within Oxfam Novib)MSI Multi-stakeholder InitiativeNAP National Action PlanNCP National Contact PointNGO Nongovernmental OrganisationNORAD Norwegian Agency for Development CooperationOECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and DevelopmentONII Oxfam Novib Impact InvestmentOSP Oxfam Strategic PlanPwC Price Waterhouse CoopersRAI Responsible Agriculture InitiativeRBA Rights-based ApproachRSPO Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil SIDA Swedish International Development Cooperation AgencySME Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesSOMO Centre for Research on Multinational CorporationsTCC Tropical Commodity CoalitionUN United NationsUNGC United Nations Global CompactUNGPs United Nations Guiding Principles (for Business and Human Rights)VBDO Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development  Oxfam Novib - Corporate Accountability 4 1 The terms multinational companies, multinational enterprises and transnational companies are used interchangeably. The terms in this paper refer to those companies that have consid-erable operations, influence and/or sourcing in numerous countries and specifically in the Global South Summary  Corporate accountability for Oxfam Novib is about responsibility and responsiveness, meaningful stakeholder processes,  including access to grievance and compliance mechanisms, and transparency  . The basis of our work on corporate accountability is that the activities of multinational companies 1  can promote economic development and generate wealth and prosperity in a sustainable manner, thereby enhancing the realisation of a broad range of economic and social rights. On the other hand, there is no doubt that they can – and do – perpetrate human rights abuses, and create unsustainable situations that affect workers and communities in many of the host countries in which they operate around the world. Oxfam Novib sees corporate accountability as more than just a question of abiding by international human rights norms, standards, rules and regulations; and wishes to expand it to the responsibility and responsiveness of corporations in development, poverty alleviation and social justice. Oxfam Novib’s ambition is to be creative in this field and to work with civil society, as well as the private sector, to fill the  implementation gap   – the gap between policies and practice.Fundamental to Oxfam Novib’s theory of change of its work on corporate accountability is that, in whatever context, what needs to change is business-society interaction   to overcome poverty and create development and social justice.Oxfam Novib will develop mainstream as well as specific programmes in the main sectors we have chosen to work in: food/agri-business, and finance. We will develop activities and programmes that go deeper and wider than our current private sector work; and work with companies and civil to know, understand and show private sector actor’s effects on society, human rights and poverty.
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