Overcoming the Barriers: How to ensure future food production under climate change in Southern Africa | General Circulation Model

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Farmers in Southern Africa are experiencing changes to their climate that are different in magnitude to what they have experienced in the past. Farmers interviewed for this report say that these changes are increasing the risk of poor yields or crop failure. The observations of farmers are largely borne out by meteorological data, particularly on rising temperatures – ongoing climate change, bringing increasing temperatures and changes to precipitation patterns, is projected to make food production more difficult. For this report, Oxfam and Kulima Integrated Development Solutions interviewed farmers in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, and South Africa about their experiences of changes in climate. Farmers are already actively experimenting with changing agricultural practices, and looking for ways to diversify their livelihoods in response climate and other stresses, within their resource constraints. But where large-scale farmers, in the main, can access the resources needed to adapt, small-scale farmers face major obstacles. Policy makers need to identify the barriers for farmers, particularly smallholder farmers, as they attempt to adapt to the new climate and other environmental, economic and political pressures. The UN climate conference (COP17) in South Africa in November–December 2011 is crucial for both cutting greenhouse gas emissions and for producing the additional finance needed by developing countries to adapt to climate change.
  OVERCOMING THE BARRIERS How to ensure future food production under climate change in Southern Africawww.oxfam.org/growOxfam Research Report  1. Abstract2. Executive summary3. Climate change in Southern Africa – observations by farmers and meteorological data4. Climate change in Southern Africa – impacts on farming5. Climate trends for Southern Africa – what the future might hold6. Farmer’s responses to past and current changing climate conditions 7. Barriers to climate change adaptation8. Other multiple stresses in the farming environment 9. Overcoming the barriers: how to ensure food production under climate change10. Recommendations11. Appendices12. References Contents Jean Phombeya, head of Mlanga village, Malawi , tends her vegetable garden . On the cover: Killa Kawelama and his wife Janet in their elds in Malawi. Photograph: Nicole Johnston  OVERCOMING THE BARRIERS How to ensure future food production under climate change in Southern Africawww.oxfam.org/grow Oxfam Research Reports are written to share research results, to contribute to public debate and to invite feedback on development and humanitarian policy and practice. They do not necessarily reect Oxfam policy positions. The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of Oxfam.
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