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  STUDY OF UNIX COMMANDS EX NO : 01 AIM To study the various unix commands in detail. COMMANDSGENERAL COMMANDS  NAMESYNTAXES! #$T#ONEXAM$%E&ho'(hois)lays users (ho are currently lo**ed on' (hoita+, )ts-1 /un  10:0,,3ita++ )ts-1 /un  10:0,03&ho am i'(ho am iis)lays our o(n lo*in terminal and other details' (ho am iita4, )ts-15 /un  15:0 210.0.4.1,ate'dateis)lays the date (hich is stored in )articular 6ormat7ri /un  10:08:+1 ET 00!alendar'cal 9month 9yearis)lays calendar o6 s)eci6ied month and year.' cal  188 7e;ruary 188Su Mo Tu &e Th 7r Sa 1  5 + 4 ,   8 10 111 15 1+ 14 1, 1 118 0 1  5 + 4,  !lear'clear!lears the screen and dis)lays ne( screen<anner';annerused 6or creatin* advertisementsuname'unameis)lays the OS (hich is used' uname%inux=name >a'uname >ais)lays all machine details' uname >a%inux localhost.localdomain .,.8>4.E%sm) ?1 SM$ &ed /an 4 18:50:58 EST 004 i,, i,, i5, @N=-%inux=name s'uname >sis)lays the OS name' uname >s%inux  =name v'uname >vis)lays the version o6 OSBC' uname >v?1 SM$ &ed /an 4 18:50:58 EST004=name r'uname >ris)lays the release o6 OSBC' uname >r .,.8>4.E%sm)=name >n'uname >nis)lays the name o6 net(orD modeBC' uname >nlocalhost.localdomain=name >m'uname >mis)lays the ty)e o6 OSBC' uname >mi,,<inary calculator ';cused 6or calculation';c 1  10#d'idis)lays userr id and *rou) id' iduidF442ita4,3 *idF442ita4,3 *rou)sF442ita4,3$resent (orDin* directory')(dis)lays the currently (orDin* directory' )(d-home-ita4,Echo'echo9textis)lays the text *iven ;ythe user Man'man9commandis)lays the details at thes)eci6ied commandTouch'touch96ilenameTo create a 6ileBC' lsGello DittyTty'ttyis)lays the terminal num;er o6 systemsBC' tty-dev-)ts-15 1. DATE #t dis)lays the current dayHdate and time O/P :  date Sun /an  1:4:++ #ST 00, 2 . CAL #t dis)lays the current month o6 the year as calendar.  O/P:  calcal 1 00, /anuary 00,Su Mo Tu &e Th 7r Sa 1  5 + 4 ,   8 10 11 1 15 1+ 14 1, 1 1 18 0 1 5 + 4 ,    3. WHO #t dis)lays the details a;out the users details are currently lo**ed on. O/P: (ho !sea+ )ts-, /an  1:+8!sea8 )ts-4 /an  1:+8  a.WHO AM I #t dis)lays the details a;out the users accessin* the system O/P: (ho am i $ts-, /an  1:+8 4. PWD #t dis)lays the )resent (orDin* directory. O/P:  )(d -home-csea+ 5. LS #t dis)lays the list o6 directory and 6ile name. O/P: lsnisha.c asin.txt trisha.c)) music.sh LS –L  #t dis)lays the list o6 directory and 6ile name. O/P :  ls total 1dr(xr(xr>x  csea+ csea+ +08, /an 0 05:5 aaav.c>r(>r(>r>> 1 csea+ csea+ 1+ /an 0 05:15 asin.txtdr(xr(xr>x  csea+ csea+ +08, /an  1:4, sanIay.sh  . ECHO #t dis)lays a statement O/P : echo hai helloJJJhai helloJJJ !. ANNER : used 6or creatin* advertisements. O/P :  ;anner cse  #. UNAME: a3 $%a&' –a dis)lays all the machine details.  O/P :  uname >a%inux  E .+.0>sm) ?1 SM$ Thu Mar 15 1:+4:4+ EST 005 i,, i,, i5, @N=-%inux ;3 $%a&' –(  dis)lays the o)eratin* system name O/P:  uname >s%inuxc3 $%a&' –% dis)lay the name o6 the net(orD node O/P  : uname >n  Ed3 $%a&' –)  dis)lays the release num;er o6 the OS. O/P: uname >r .+.0>sm)e3 $%a&' –* dis)lays the version num;er o6 the OS. O/P : uname >v?1 SM$ Thu Mar 15 1:+4:4+ EST 00563 $%a&' +&O/P  : uname m dis)lays ty)e o6 the osi,, ,. INARY CALCULATOR - C   O/P:  ;c1  10  1. ID  is)lays user id and *rou) id O/P: id=idF10182csea+3 *idF10182csea+3 *rou)sF10182csea+3 11.CLEAR O/P: clear  12.WHO #t dis)lays details a;out the users currently lo**ed on O/P: (hocsea1)ts-+/une08:10:+42150.50.10.183 13.WHO AM I  #t dis)lays the details a;out the user accessin* the system O/P: (ho am i
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