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A partial narrative of my online gaming adventures!
  My real gaming journey begins with Telnet Duke Nukem 3D… and laser trip mines… everywhere… literally everywhere. Maybe it was Telnet Doom…   Actually, stop that… my first adventure into gaming was Tron, Sub Hunt, and some tank game. Those games were shortly followed by the infamous Oregon Trail and the frustrations of leaving thousands of pounds of meat behind while hunting due to the character being too stupid to make multiple trips or pull the damn wagon over to the field of slaughtered buffalo. I guess it was all irrelevant. He and his whole family were going to die from dysentery or diphtheria anyways…  Diablo 1... T hat’s where it all really began.  I will always hold a dear place in my heart for Diablo 1. The game, of course, didn’t make much sense . There’s a somewhat populated town with a crack in the earth that literally leads to the 13 th  level of hell. You would think people would leave. My name was Osiris. I was a sorcerer. Sorcerer’s cast really big fireballs   (we’re talking like really sup er big fireballs) and everyone knows that really big fireballs are great for roasting other players. No one called anything PvP back in this era. PvP was PKing (player killing), a term largely forgotten and lost to the MMO and online gaming community of today. And thus began my collection of ears (when you killed someone, they dropped their ear and half their gold) … until… one fateful day… I had a brilliant insight. I created a game and quickly moved to the 15 th  level of hell and pulled every single monster I could, cast a Town Portal in the middle of them, and teleported through it. I gradually worked my way back down while waiting on others to join my game. When someone joined, I employed all the persuasive powers my 14 or 15 year old self had to convince them to take the portal because I was in desperate need of assistance- I was a sorcerer and there were Soul Burners (evil succubus completely immune to all forms of magic) or some made up nonsense like that. Soul Burners were actually a real irritation to deal with I suppose. After they took the portal down, there was a little lag usually (thanks 56k and below modems) and during this lag they were instantly killed. Now, when a monster killed a player, the player ’ s gear flew up in the air in spectacular fashion. Normally, I was hiding behind a wall out of sight from the monsters. I couldn’t see a player when they took the portal and died, but I did get to see all their items fly up in the air. At which point, I switched my abilities to Telekinesis to grab the items from that side of the wall because well... I sure as hell wasn’t going to walk back into the place I’d  just spent a fair bit of time booby trapping with all the demons from the 15 th   level of hell. That’d just be silly. At this point, there were typically two different reactions. Total Idiot: Oh, wow, you weren’t kidding this is going to be a rough clear.  [oh, you have no idea]  Partial Idiot (hey, they still took the portal): You’re an asshole, and I hope you burn in hell.  [lawlz] Personally, I think the burning in hell part was a bit over the top. And so went my days of portal trapping, until one day, by pure accident, my good friend (real life friend) Horus (in game name) and I stumbled on to the biggest breakthrough in the history of killing players in any game ever. I died in lag while we were playing in a private game. Horus cleaned up the mobs and resurrected me. Apparently, he didn’t kill all the monsters and a stray succubus magic blast killed me. Now, when you resurrected someone, they did not have an option to accept. They just came back to life… and at 10 hit points.  Me: DUDE!! YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!! Horus: You need to get your parents to get a 56k modem? (we had a 33k) Me: WE CAN MONSTER KILL (abbreviated MK) PEOPLE WITH REZ SCROLLS AND TAKE THEIR STUFF!!! Note: Monster Kill in Diablo was used to describe portal killing and ultimately any form of killing players that resulted in a death that caused their gear to drop. You see, overtime, people began to catch on to the portal traps. No one who was not a complete and total noob took a portal back down to the dungeon area. I was excessively cautious. I didn’t even take the hell shortcut to level 13. Someone could trap that too. Suckers took that shortcut, and I was no sucker. I took the shortcut to the caves which was like level 9. This ultimately led to a separate stairway to the 13 th  level of hell. We got good, really good. Using various identi ties and characters to infiltrate “legit no PK” groups  and find out their game names and passwords (some people started going into private games only), but most still preferred the social aspect of public games or were too stupid to play private games. Thus began a reign of terror that would make Robespierre cower in fear. Which leads us to the ++Mr. Sparkle++ debacle…  probably the single greatest PK/MK/PvP/Griefing/Ganking/etc moment in the history of my gaming career. Before we get to that, I have to speak to the environment of Diablo at the time. My understanding of the game is that  everything was handled client side not server side. Hacks were rampant. There was an Item Dupe bug that never got fixed. Items that should not exist were all over the place. The player base essentially divided into four groups: 1.)   Legits- no cheats or exploits… sort of (more on that shortly)  2.)   Hackers / Cheaters- while cheaters (dupe and exploits only) tried to distinguish themselves, they’re essentially the same group  3.)   Legit PKs/MKs- pretty much hated by everyone 4.)   Hacker/Cheater PKs (no real MKers here)- universally hated As a side note, there was an event that was absolutely hilarious with 20/20 hindsight that I refer to as the “Channel Wars.” It lasted somewhere around two months and was a highly contested battle in which the Legits and Cheaters tried to get the leader privileges for the other side’s chat channel and ban everyone. The people in a channel were listed by order of joining with the person at the top of the list having leadership. The leader could designate someone else a leader bypassing the normal order of things. Basically, one of the biggest aspects of Diablo 1 for a few months was trying to fool people in chat rooms so that you could ban the people you didn’t like… And you thought it was about killing demons. The legit community used Diablo Eye or Diablo Scanner to scan other players in a game. It had a “dupe list” that tracked item ID numbers and matched it against a community created list of dupes. It also detected most hacks being run by other players. I used it to determine if people were cheating and if they had anything worth killing for. Normally, the latter didn’t matter. I tried to kill everyone and take everyone’s stuff… except the Purists (subset of legit population) who only used items th ey found or bought themselves (no trades), the Quakers of Diablo if you will. ++Mr. Sparkle++ had an Awesome Shield of the Wolf with near perfect stats. So, of course, Horus and I killed him and took it from him. ONLY FOR HIM TO WITHIN THE HOUR FIND A PERFECT STAT AWESOME SHIELD OF THE TIGER!!! The crown jewel of Warrior Shields. ++Mr. Sparkle++ was no fool. We stalked him for weeks with no luck. He used the item scanners to identify Horus and I. Name changing was trivial to do so that was his response. We tried running different gear sets, but he could always track us by our base hit points. Ours were much lower because, as mages, we ran Mana Shield making HPs irrelevant. There was a monster that permanently took HPs if it hit you and we let them take us down to real low max HPs because it prevented stun lock with Mana Shield. Oh, how that Awesome Shield of the Tiger taunted me… I tried making new characters, but ++Mr. Sparkle++ was very cautious. I was confused and lost… I had no idea what to do . So, I decided to change. I was going to be a good guy.  And thus began, Osiris’s (my sorcerer) journey to being a good guy. It took more than 2 months, but I eventually became a pillar of the Anti community. I helped teach people how to fight off and avoid PKers and MKers better. I taught dueling classes to noob Antis. I joined games when people sent me a tell asking for help against another player. Eventually… ++Mr. Sparkle++ and I became friends. He didn’t immediately trust me and wouldn’t use g ood gear in the same game with me, but overtime, our friendship grew and he started playing with his real gear … Then I blasted him into oblivion, resurrected him, and took his shield. I sold the rest of his gear, threw the gold down in front of him in Tristam, and laughed at him. I wish my elaborate ploy had been all my idea. But, I am greatly saddened to admit it was not. I had expressed my concerns to -=TheHighKing=-, the supreme trader merchant of the legit world, before embarking on my fake quest to be a good guy. He hated me and Horus at first (we killed him and took his stuff), but we eventually became good friends. THK was around 25 and so much wiser than me or Horus. He’d live almost twice as long as we had and therefore had great insights in how to better achieve our in-game goal of “teaching people not to be stupid.” Yes, that was actually what we told people we were doing. He was also the only non-Purist we ever returned gear to after a successful MK. No one messes with the commerce class after all… it’s bad for bu siness. -=TheHighKing=-: I think you have to surprise him. Me: He’s good man. I don’t know if it’s possible. As soon as he identifies me or Horus, he bails on the game. -=TheHighKing=- : I meant think outside the box. What if you “reformed” and got a  reputation for being an anti? (anti being short for anti-player killer, generally a games version of a Social Justice Warrior or a PK who wants to change things up a bit) Me: *Stunned silence* That would take… weeks? Months?  -=TheHighKing=-: Yea, but it is a perfect Awesome Shield of the Tiger. It may be the only one in the game. I’ve never seen anything like it.   If THK hadn’t seen it before, it didn’t exist.  Shortly after the ++Mr. Sparkle++ saga, I decided to play Everquest. I gave my enormous collection of gear to THK and said my goodbyes. Of course, I found myself playing on Rallos Zek, a free-for-all (within 4 level difference) PvP server with item loot (limited to 1 non-weapon slot) and coin loot. I played a Dark Elf Wizard… and I was kille d by 73 different players before reaching level 6. I know. I wrote down all their names. When someone wrongs you, you wrong them back 10 times over… obviously right? Vengeance was harsh and brutal, but nothing compared to what I did to Boomba. He was an officer in a guild called BEAST. He was a troll (actually race selection also) and a clown who was always naked except for a high-end two-hander that was worth tens of thousands of platinum (inflation adjusted of course). He reigned down terror in Nektulos forest. Now, there was another PKer named
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