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Blue Square Construction Elizabeth Hamrick 208 Bell Place Woodstock, GA 30188 404.786.7490 liz@bluesq.us 11/28/2016 To Whom It May Concern: It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Olivia Harper. Olivia worked as an administrative assistant in our office from February 2016 to November 2016. Olivia was an asset to our company and played a very important role. She is a fast learner, organized, has great communication skills, able to work and multi-task in fast paced and changi
  Blue Square ConstructionElizabeth Hamrick208 Bell Place Woodstock, G !0 88#0#$%8&$%#'0liz(bluesq$us )28)20 & *o Whom +t a- Concern.+t is a /leasure to rite a letter o1 recommendation 1or li3ia Har/er$li3ia orked as an administrati3e assistant in our o4ce 1rom 5ebruar- 20 & to 6o3ember 20 &$li3ia as an asset to our com/an- and /la-ed a 3er- im/ortant role$ She is a 1ast learner, or7anized, has 7reat communication skills, able to ork and multitask in 1ast /aced and chan7in7 en3ironments to ensure that all tasks are com/leted in a timel- manner and is able to ork inde/endentl-$li3ia is ala-s a /ositi3e and cheer1ul /erson to be around and to ork ith$ She as ala-s illin7 to do hate3er the com/an- asked o1 her ith a 7ood attitude$ She ould be an asset to an- com/an- and + ould recommend her 1or an- /osition$Sincerel-,Elizabeth Hamrick
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