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Notes for a presentation on Censorship
  CENSORSHIP- Originated from the Latin word: censere which means to give as one's oinion! to assess#- P$ato was the %rst recorded thin&er to form$ate a rationa$e for inte$$ecta$! re$igios! and artistic censorshi- (asica$$) Roman censors were magistrates who assessed mora$it) and condct - *reedom of seech in +ncient Rome was reserved for those in ositions of athorit)- However! the de%nition of this word has ,een of tmost controvers) and hence over time it has evo$ved - Eventa$$)! enc)c$oedia de%ned it as #Censorshi: ocia$ restriction of an)  e.ression ,e$ieved to threaten the o$itica$! socia$! or mora$ order/- Now Saniti0ation is a ehemistic word sed to refer to it in o$itica$ conte.t- Censorshi throgh intimidation# 1hrogh threats or even taing hones to monitor what is ,eing said and done 1his co$d a$so inc$de governmenta$ actions as a means to im$ement it ,t that need not a$wa)s ,e the case(t if it is! it is genera$$) in dictatorshi and atocratic governments 2enera$ sing$e art) s)stems 1his genera$$) is to sress an) sort of negative roaganda! 3st as in the case of P$ato and the Chrch  Hence omission of se$ected voices in the content of stories a$so serves to $imit the sread of ideas- Censorshi throgh consenss Shared socia$ code of condct on what is acceted- 1here is a$so sch a thing as se$f-censorshi! which is when )o refrain from sa)ing certain things 4 or ossi,$) re-wording them 4 deending on who is $istening (asica$$) it need not a$$ ,e forced ,) government or e.terna$ forces
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