Nepal: New Horizons?

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In the Western imagination, Nepal is a remote paradise, a mysterious and unspoilt preserve of traditional values and culture. Yet Nepal is a complex and rapidly changing society. This book examines the reality of life in a country which has seen major political upheavals in recent years.
  Nepal New Horizons ontents Introduction  3 The land and the people  4 History of   kingdom  6 An agricultural economy  1 On foot in the hills  17 A land of many gods  2 Women in Nepali society  26 Health in the hills  33 Education  37 Nepal s working children  39 Giant neighbours  42 Flight from Bhutan  44 Tourism: who benefits?  47 Whose environmental problem?  53 People power  6 Facts and figures  62 Oxfam in Nepal  63 Further reading  64 Acknowledgements Thanks to the many people whoseexperiences have enriched this book: theOxfam Nepal team, who helped me tointerpret my research; Tim Malyon, whosephotographs are only the visible part of hismuch greater contribution; Ro Cole, whogave the book its themes, and helped toupdate it. Thanks also to Michael Hutt whoread an early draft; Gopal Chitrakar for theuse of the photo on  p.8;  and the GurkhaMuseum for the photo on  p.  19. Designed by Oxfam Design DepartmentPrinted and published by Oxfam UK and Ireland)274 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DZ, UKISBN 0 85598 290   © Oxfam UK and Ireland) 1996, reprinted 2004Oxfam UK and Ireland is a member of OxfamInternational and is a registered charity, no.202918 Tim Malyon/Oxfam Omar Sattaur This book converted to digital file in 2010  Crispin Zeeman Nepal presents different faces to the visitor, fromthe bustling narrow streets of the capital,Kathmandu above), to the isolation and silence ofthe high mountains below). Religion is very much apart of everyday life. Passers by turn Buddhistprayer wheels at the roadside in Kathmandu topleft). Prayer flags flutter above a Buddhist shrine far left). Head of a  lion,  the fierce guardian of therichly gilded Buddhist monastery of Kwa Bahal inPatan left).
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