Namibia: Apartheid's forgotten children

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Namibian children grow up in a stark, beautiful land in the southwest of Africa. With abundant mineral deposits, rich fishing grounds off the coast, plenty of good stock-rearing land, and with one of the lowest population densities in Africa, Namibia should be a prosperous country where children can grow up to realise their full potential. But black children are denied their birthright. The riches of their country are controlled by South Africa, transnational corporations and the minority white population, and most blacks live in extreme poverty. There is not a shred of similarity between the life of a white child and that of a black child. A system of apartheid controls almost everything about their lives - where they live, what sort of medical care they get, where they go to school and what level of education they reach - and denies black people any democratic voice in how their country is run. In telling the story of the black children of Namibia, Oxfam hopes to draw attention not only to the appalling difficulties and dangers they face but also to their courage and determination as they and their parents try to build a better life. Black Namibians are working and hoping for a future independent Namibia where a new generation of children, both white and black, can grow up together in freedom and equality and without fear.
  Apartheid s forgotten children .VIJFAM LIBRARY.BAN3URY ROAD   Report  for  Oxfam by Caroline Moorehead  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank the many people who have offered help andencouragement in the preparation of this book. Particular thanks go toMark Verbaan of  he  amibian  newspaper, without whose help ingathering material and arranging interviews this book could not h.ive beenwritten. We are very grateful to all those Njmibians who generously gavetime to talk to us, many of whom, of necessity, appear in the book under aname other than their own. But most of  all  we thank the children ofNamibia, to whom we dedicate this book. Typeset by Oxford Computer TypesettingPrinted by Oxfam Print RoomPublished by Oxfam274 Banbury RoadOxford 0X2 7DZ ISBN 85598  111  3  ft » .«- „, This book converted to digital file in 2010  *° *  WV 5S  f*  ã* * Landscape in the Namib desert westernNamibia.
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