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Music ideas Themes: ● Arts supplies: Paint Brushes, ● Sports/Gym stuff: ● Video Games/Computer Games ● Classroom Stuff ● Science theme ● Bouncey ball theme ● Kitchen What theme are we doing? Ideas: ● Paint brushes ● Pencils rolling ● Paper ● Paint cans with different amounts of paint ● Open and close paint sets ● Scissors opening and closing ● Opening and closing markers ●
  Music ideas Themes: ●Arts supplies: Paint Brushes, ●Sports/Gym stuff: ●Video Games/Computer Games ●Classroom Stuff ●Science theme ●Bouncey ball theme ●Kitchen What theme are we doing? Ideas: ●Paint brushes ●Pencils rolling ●Paper ●Paint cans with different amounts of paint ●Open and close paint sets ●Scissors opening and closing ●Opening and closing markers ●Clicking pens ●Flipping through notebooks ●Drawing on paper with pens and markers ●Ripping paper ●Crayons breaking ●Twisting the cap on paint ●Putting Glue on paper ●Brushing paint brushes on things What we’re using: ●Art Bin ●Pencils ●Expo marker ●Note Card Paper ●Scissors ●Stapler ●Rulers  Part A (intro) Jeff: 4 counts banging on a art bin Hannah: 4 counts Scissors  Alyssa: 4 counts Stapler Daniel: 4 Rulers Part B Hannah: Sliding the scissors  Alyssa: Twisting markers Daniel: Drums Jeff: Flipping through notecards Part C: Hannah:  Alyssa: Daniel: Jeff:
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