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Music and preachers at chapel services, March - June 2017.
Transcript    SERVICES & MUSIC   March — June 2017    W   ELCOME TO THE ROBIN CHAPEL. Whether you come as part of a Christian denomination or of none, all have a place within these walls where the love of God dwells.   Every Sunday the Chaplain and Choir sing a choral service. As part of the Chapel’s inter - denominational foundation we have regular visiting preachers from across the various Christian churches, and all are most welcome to join us in worship at the Robin Chapel.   Full details of services and of other events can be found on the Chapel website:       D   r   a   w   i   n   g   u   s   e    d    b   y   c   o   u   r   t   e   s   y   o    f    P   r   o    f   e   s   s   o   r    J   o    h   n    H   u   m   e ,    S   c   o   t    l   a   n    d    ’   s    C    h   u   r   c    h   e   s    S   c    h   e   m   e C   The Reverend Thomas Coupar   C   T T   Julian Birchall   D  M   Simon Nieminski   O   Morley Whitehead   T R C C   V   Dr Teodor Borz   Hymns are taken from Common Praise. Psalms are taken from the Free Church of Scotland’s Sing Psalms , unless the Scottish Psalter (1650) is indicated, or Anglican chant is used at services of Choral Evensong.    All services take place at 4.00 p.m.    MARCH   5   LENT 1   Choral Eucharist    P: T C Byrd Mass for ive voices   Hymns ,  (part ),  (t. ii)   Ps.  (t. )   Byrd  Amen 12   LENT 2   Revised Order   P: T C   Kirby O Jesu, look    Hymns , ,    Ps.  (t. )   Wills The Sacriice of God    Gibbons Lord’s Prayer Smith  Amen   19   ST PATRICK (17 th )   Choral Evensong   P: R M D St John’s, Princes Street    Hymns ,    Tomkins Preces and Responses (Farmer Lord’s Prayer  )   Ps.    Bevan The Robin Chapel Service   Palestrina Isti sunt viri sancti   CoW    Naylor Ferial Responses   26   LENT 4 / MOTHERING SUNDAY    Revised Order   P: R J W Roslin Parish Church   Bruckner  Ave Maria   ESM    Hymns , ,    Ps.  (  ) (t. )   Bruckner Christus factus est    ESM    Durule Lord’s Prayer Noble  Amen     APRIL   2   PASSION SUNDAY    Revised Order   P: R J W Roslin Parish Church   Bruckner Vexilla regis   Hymns  (t. ii), ,    Ps. () (t. )   Allegri Miserere   Parsons Lord’s Prayer Gibbons  Amen   9   PALM SUNDAY    Revised Order   P: R A L Superintendent, Edinburgh Methodist Circuit    Weelkes Hosanna to the Son of David    NTA   Hymns 129, 125, 112   Ps. 94:1 - 10 (t. 192)   Finzi Lo, the full, inal sacriice   Stone Lord’s Prayer Friend  Amen   16   EASTER DAY    Choral Eucharist    P: T C   Mozart Missa Brevis in B lat    Hymns 137, 150, 214   Ps. 106:1 - 10 (t. 236)   Handel  Amen 23   EASTER 2 / ST GEORGE   Revised Order   P: R N G Canongate Kirk    Hymns , ,    Ps.  (t. )   Parry ‘Great’ Service in D   Parry Blest Pair of Sirens   Farmer Lord’s Prayer    Smith  Amen      MEMORIAL SUNDAY: ROBIN TUDSBERY    Original Order   P: V R D D C CB QHC Chaplain General HM Forces   Hymns Lead, kindly light  , ,    Ps.  ( Common Praise )   Howells Te Deum (‘Collegium Regale’)   Harris Faire is the heaven   Langdon Lord's Prayer Noble  Amen
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