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Samantha King Multicultural Parent Event Introduction I am planning a multicultural parent event because a large family from Cuba just moved into a house across the street from the center. They are considering sending their four-year-old daughter, Maria, to the center because it is so close to them. I reached out to them about sending Maria to my center and told them I would be happy to have her. The mothe
  Samantha King Multicultural Parent EventIntroduction I am planning a multicultural parent event because a large family from Cuba just moved into a house across the street from the center.  They are considering sending their four-year-old daughter, Maria, to thecenter because it is so close to them. I reached out to them about sending Maria to my center and told them I ould be happy to have her. The mother told me that Maria is usually very active, !ind, and funny. oever, the move from Cuba to #merica has made her upset since she had many friends bac! home. She also e$plained they ere nervous because they are not %uent &nglish spea!ers, especially Maria since they spea! nothing but Spanish at home. I reassured her that I ould ta!e hatever precautions necessary to ensure their child had a strong foundation in education and ould also feel represented in the classroom. I also e$plained to the mother that there is one student from 'uatemala in our center. (e or! ith him every day to help him learn &nglish and atch as he ma!es friends ith everyone. I told her that e ill do the very same thing for Maria, and I loo!ed forard to seeing that active, !ind, and funny girl come alive in our center. Research  The )nited States is no doubt the melting pot of many cultures, both socially and ethnically. *ne of the fastest groing cultures in the )S in the ispanic group. #ccording to the journal, Communicating with Hispanic Parents of Children with and without Disabilities , this groing population of ispanic families and children is a+ecting professionals- especially teachers. Teachers are more encouraged than ever to have linguistic competence. anguage is one of, if not the biggest barriers beteen ispanic parents and educators. artnership beteen parents is !ey to providing a positive learning e$perience in a childs life. If there is a language barrier beteen the to, ho can the child fully bene/t0 # teachers /rst challenge to ma!ing their classroom more open to ispanic children and families is to become as linguistically competent as possible.  Samantha King #ccording to the journal, Couples Cultural 1alues, Shared arenting, and 2amily &motional &nvironment (ithin Me$ican #merican2amilies, ispanic families vie childcare as a shared tas! .(e /nd in many cultures that the responsibility for raising a child is heavily laid on the mothers shoulders alone. oever, in Cuban culture, raising a child depends on to parents ho share the job e3ually. This means that men are just involved in their childs life as the mother ould be inmost cultures. This information is very important for an educator because e dont need to just schedule events li!e 4Mothers Tea arty5. Instead, e should create events that invite the fathers, and other family members. ispanic families value their e$tended family  just as much as their nuclear family. 2or this reason, it is important to involve every member as they are a large part of the childs life. Plan for Event: “Celebración de Familia” I ill invite parents by personally tal!ing to them and also by sending them an invitation. The invitation ill sho them that I have ta!en the time to research their culture because I provided the information in Spanish and in &nglish. In the invitation, I ill also add a picture of our class holding up the %ag of Cuba. To encourage them to come, I ill provide a translator as ell as refreshments and activities that are found in their culture to sho they are represented in our classroom. I ill ma!e sure I have as!ed the family if they have any allergies so I can ma!e food they all can eat. I ill also have to di+erent time periods for the orientation, that ay the family can chose the best time for them.  The classroom ill be decorated in Cuban culture hich ill include many colors, musical instruments, and include their %ag on thefamily board in the classroom. I have learned from my research that Cubans love to play dominos and baseball. I ill add those items into the dramatic play center, along ith several out/ts they ear. (e ill have several di+erent activities scheduled such as 4atriotic ainting5 and 42amily Story 6oo! Ma!ing5. The activity, atriotic ainting, gives the parents and children a chance to paint their home %ag and e$plain hat it means to them. This allos the family to spea! about their home country and also gives them the chance to hear about other countries as ell. The other activity, 2amily Story 6oo! Ma!ing, allos the children and parents to ma!e a boo! together that describes their  Samantha King home life, schedules, and values7 6oth these activities are related to the familys culture because art is highly valued in Cuba as ell as family and togetherness. 2or the refreshments, I ill provide /nger foods from di+erent parts of the country including Cuban Sliders that is a popular recipe from Cuba. I ill provide a recipe card for each /nger food I have made, and also give the family a blan! one to /ll out so they can share one of their favorite Cuban recipes7 #long ith the blan! recipe cards, the parents ill be given a arent andboo! that includes8 teacher information, contact information, classroom schedule, monthly calendar, mission statement, and parent involvement. I ill have this arent andboo! printed in Spanish and &nglish for the family. To conclude the event, I ill allo time for the family to voice any suggestions, 3uestions, or concerns. They ill be given a contact sheet and a 3uestionnaire they ill /ll out and give bac! to me. #s they are leaving, I ill than! them for coming to the event and let them !no I ould be honored for theirdaughter to enroll at our program. Evaluation and Follow U  To evaluate the success of the event, I ill give the parents a couple of days to thin! about their decision, then call them to see if they are still interested in sending their child to the center. I ill not push them to ma!e a decision though, because it is my job to respect the family and support their decisions for their childs life. This event as specially created for the Cuban family since they felt li!e they ould not really belong anyhere. &ven if they did not send Maria to the center, I ould continue to have Multicultural 9ights for 2amilies such as 4Culture Croc!pot Coo!-*+5 that ould encourage them and other families to come7 Parent !uestionnaire  The folloing is a 3uestionnaire I ould as! the family to /ll out to helpthem /nd an area they could help in as ell as things I could learn fromthem. # Childs 9ame or 9ame you ish he:she go by8;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   Samantha King $# arents 9ame8 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  %# 6est 2orm of Contact8 hone8;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; &mail8;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ersonal 9ote8;;;;;;;;;;;;;  &# ist any allergies your child has8;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  '# (hat are your childs interests0 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  (# (hat upsets your child0;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  )# (hat is your strengths: hobbies0 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  *# (hat improvements ould you li!e to see in our center0 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  +# (hat is a short term goal for your child0 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  ,# (hat is a long term goal for your child0 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  #  Is there anything else I should !no about your child, yourself, or your family0 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  $# Comments, 3uestions, concerns8;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  Re-ection I selected this culture because the area I live in has a large population of ispanic individuals and families. This culture is most li!ely the one I ill see the most and I ant to be prepared and !no ho to reach them respectfully and e+ectively. It is so important that e are in touch ith other cultures as teachers and caregivers becauseit enables us to ma!e our classroom:center elcoming to any child hoal!s through the door. Knoing di+erent cultures also opens our eyes to the di+erent parenting styles and routines that e need to !no. *ur children need to feel and !no that e respect their culture and e ill or! to represent that in our classroom. Most importantly, teachers and caregivers need to remember that e do not understand everything. (e need to partner ith the families to help the child achieve and e can learn about their culture and bac!ground in the
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