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MALAYSIAN MS 616 : PART 2 : SECTION 2 : 2000 STANDARD SWITCHES FOR HOUSEHOLD AND SIMILAR FIXED ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS : PART 2 : PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS : SECTION 2 : REMOTE - CONTROL SWITCHES (RCS) (IEC 60669-2-2 : 1996 AND ITS AMENDMENT 1 : 1997) ICS : 29.120.40 Descriptors : electromagnetic remote-control switches (RCS) intended for household and similar fixed
  MS 616 : PART 2 :SECTION 2 : 2000 SWITCHES FOR HOUSEHOLD AND SIMILAR FIXED ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS : PART 2 : PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS : SECTION 2 : REMOTE - CONTROL SWITCHES (RCS)(IEC 60669-2-2 : 1996 AND ITS AMENDMENT 1 : 1997) ICS : 29.120.40 Descriptors : electromagnetic remote-control switches (RCS) intended for household and similar fixedelectrical installations, either for indoors or outdoors MALAYSIANSTANDARD  © CopyrightDEPARTMENT OF STANDARDS MALAYSIA  DEVELOPMENT OF MALAYSIAN STANDARDS The Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) is the national standardisationand accreditation body.The main function of the Department is to foster and promote standards,standardisation and accreditation as a means of advancing the nationaleconomy, promoting industrial efficiency and development, benefiting the healthand safety of the public, protecting the consumers, facilitating domestic andinternational trade and furthering international cooperation in relation to standardsand standardisation.Malaysian Standards are developed through consensus by committees whichcomprise of balanced representation of producers, users, consumers and otherswith relevant interests, as may be appropriate to the subject in hand. To thegreatest extent possible, Malaysian Standards are aligned to or are adoption of international standards. Approval of a standard as a Malaysian Standard isgoverned by the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996 (Act 549). Malaysian Standardsare reviewed periodically. The use of Malaysian Standards is voluntary except inso far as they are made mandatory by regulatory authorities by means of regulations, local by-laws or any other similar ways.The Department of Standards appoints SIRIM Berhad as the agent to developMalaysian Standards. The Department also appoints SIRIM Berhad as the agentfor distribution and sale of Malaysian Standards.For further information on Malaysian Standards, please contact: Department of Standards Malaysia OR SIRIM Berhad Level 1 & 2, Block C4, Parcel C(Company No. 367474 - V)Federal Government Administrative Centre1, Persiaran Dato’ Menteri62502 PutrajayaP.O. Box 7035, Section 2MALAYSIA40911 Shah AlamSelangor D.E.Tel: 60 3 88858000Tel: 60 3 5544 6000Fax: 60 3 88885060Fax: 60 3 5510 8095 E-mail:  MS 6 6   PART 2 SECTION 2   2 CONTENTS Page Committee representation  ii) Foreword  iv)   Scope   2 Referencedocuments   3 Definitions   4 General requirements 3 5 General notes on tests 36 Ratings 4 7 Classification 4 8 Marking 5 9 Checking of dimensions 6 1 Protection againstelectric shock 6 11 Provision for earthing 6 12 Terminals 6 13 Constructional requirements 6 14 Mechanism 6 15 Resistance to ageing, toharmfulingressof water andtohumidity 7 16 Insulationresistance and electric strength 7 17 Temperature rise 718 Makingand breaking capacity 8 19 Normal operation 8 20 Mechanical strength 9 21 Resistance to heat 922 Screws, current-carring parts and connections 9 23 Creepagedistance, clearances and distance through sealing compound 1024 Resistance ofinsulating material to abnormal heat, to fire and totracking 1025 Resistance to rusting 1 26 EMC requirements 10 101 Abnormal operation of thecontrol circuit 10  i)  MS 6 6PART 2   SECTION 2   2 Committeerepresentation The ElectrotechnicalIndustryStandardsCommittee under whosesupervision this MalaysianStandardwasdeveloped,comprisesrepresentativesfrom the followingGovernmentMinistries, Trade, Commerce and ManufacturerAssociations and Scientific and Professional Bodies. JabatanBekalanElektrik   GasJabatan Kerja Raya JabatanTelekomMalaysia Lembaga KemajuanPerindustrianMalaysiaMinistry of Domestic Trade and ConsumerAffairsMalaysianElectrical Appliances and DistributorsAssociationTenagaNasional BerhadThe Electrical and ElectronicsAssociation of Malaysia The Institution of Engineers,MalaysiaUniversitiTeknologi Malaysia The Technical Committee on Electrical Switchgear,Controlgear and Wiring Accessories which developed this MalaysianStandard consists of the followingrepresentatives: Encik Jeffrey H. T Ng  Chairman)Clipsal  Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. EncikTanBoonChong  ViceChairman) ClipsalIndustries  Holdings) Limited Tn Hj. Mohd b Ismail  Secretary) SIRIMQASSdn.Bhd. EncikLimSay Leong ABB Installation Material  East Asia) Pte.Ltd. EncikKongKok MingPLKSdn.Bhd. Encik LowChin HengMK Electric  M) Sdn.Bhd. EncikMatShalehOsmanDelta Switchgear Sdn. Bhd. EncikTan Tian Boon Delta Switchgear Sdn.Bhd. EncikJoseph Kow E.L. PDL Industries Sdn.Bhd. EncikKhoo Lin Siang Time Era Sdn. Bhd. Encik Subramanium Clipsal Manufacturing  M) Sdn.Bhd. Encik S T Hong TrimliteEnterprise  M) Sdn. Bhd. Encik Zulkeply Abd.WahidTenaga NasionalBerhadEncik ZulkefliYaacob Jabatan KerjaRayaTn. Hj. Abd.Aziz b. Abd. Rahman Jabatan BekalanElektrik   Gas PuanNur FadhilahMuhammadSIRIM QASSdn.Bhd.  ii)
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