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Mozambique is a country in crisis. Its people have been battered by war and natural disasters. Millions are homeless or destitute. Essential services are disrupted and the economy is struggling. Why are the people of Mozambique suffering so much? What hopes remain for peace, stability and an end of hunger?
  < < ã-ã»ã v V. *  -*ã  ãã ?>* v -.-ã ã-.ãã-i  , J »v, j   .> . T i* fc   ã  . « ã ã** * ãi. ã_ C.--\-  ã MOZ MBIQUE  CRY FOR  PE CE i ã  Report f  cknowledgements Particular thanks are due  t from 1984-86. for his reso Thanks also  to Jo  Hanlon whjdetail on Mozambique  Fmq contacts in Mozambique  ai PUIAOC  41 UHN TO  RESEARCH AND iJH  Owam^ieldpirector infiorfs'MWoQifiaFd^fii  .. e/p^ruataab(e,source of both backgrjound and thanks to the manv friends nollpaf  HP<  and y  m\ imbiquelis book. JK->Uia^pj ]e_the£rjTelp L  j   -Julian-Qdan Oxford June  1987. This book converted to digital file in 2010  Z M I Mutare ZIMBABWE  mm SOUTH FRIC SW ZIL ND  MOZAMBIQUE: DATES EVENTS Country Profile 6th Century AD1498  572 885 89 926 962 964 97 975 19761977 198019801981 82198319841985198619861987 Arab  and  Asian merchants start trading with Mozambique.Vasco de Gama, Portuguese explorer, becomes the firstEuropean to reach the coast of Mozambique.First major military expedition by the Portuguese Into theInterior of Mozambique. .Berlin Conference establishes Mozambique's frontiers.Establishment of the three foreign chartered companieswhich controlled over half Mozambique's land until 1941.Antonio Salazar Installed as dictator In Portugal.Foundation of the Mozambique Liberation Front—FRELIMO.Portuguese troops massacre Mozamblcan nationalists atMueda, FRELIMO abandons peaceful protest againstPortuguese rule—the liberation war begins.Election of Samora Machel as new President of FRELIMO.Independence. Nationalisation of all health, education andlegal services. 90 of Portuguese settlers leave,representing the majority of the skilled labour force.Imposition of  UN  sanctions against Rhodesia. Mozambiqueforegoes major foreign exchange earnings from Its transportroutes to Rhodesia.Zimbabwean liberation movement,  ZANU,  allowed to operateout of Mozambique. Rhodesia retaliates  by  attacks onMozambique & support for anti-FRELIMO dissidents.Major flooding of Limpopo & Incomatl rivers.Independence for Zimbabwe.Anti-government forces of the Mozambique NationalResistance, MNR, step up attacks on major transport routes.Increasing insecurity coincides with widespread drought Inseveral provinces; food and consumer goods become scarce.4th FRELIMO Congress Introduces revised policies  In  favourof the peasant farming sector. Government appeals forinternational aid for drought  relief Mozamblcan economy Inchaos.Mozambique signs the Nkomati  ccord  with South Africa.Despite this non-aggression pact, MNR activity continues.Zimbabwean troops help guard the main Tete and Belratransport routes.Seizure by joint Mozambique/Zimbabwean forces of MNRbase in central Mozambique reveals evidence of continuingSouth African backlngforthe MNR.Fighting intensifies  In  the densely populated northernprovinces. Government figures Indicate one-quarter of thepopulation displaced or affected by the war.Death of President Samora Machel In unexplained air crash.  President Chissano appointed as successor. Allnational efforts now focus on the fight to secure the countryagainst MNR attacks, with help from Zimbabwe, Tanzaniaand Malawi.Economic reform introduced. Devaluation of Metacal. Major UN  Geneva conference of emergency aid donors.Fighting Intensifies  in  south;  major massacre  by  MNR atHomolne, Gaza Province.
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