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Mosby 1 Riley Mosby Dr. Atkins ENGW 105 18 11 February 2017 prompt? Beowulf Essay The hero is a crucial character in all exciting epics. Such is the case for Beowulf. This poem, set in Northern Europe in the fifth century and translated by Seamus Heaney, recounts the story of the mighty Beowulf in his quest for greatness and glory. Throughou
  Mosby 1Riley MosbyDr. AtkinsENGW 105 1811 February 2017 propt! eo#ul$ Essay %&e &ero is a 'ru'ial '&ara'ter in all e('itin) epi's. *u'& is t&e 'ase $or  Beowulf   . %&is  poe+ set in Nort&ern Europe in t&e $i$t& 'entury an, translate, by *eaus -eaney+ re'ounts t&e story o$ t&e i)&ty eo#ul$ in &is uest $or )reatness an, )lory. %&rou)&out t&e tale+ eo#ul$  is   pro/es/en to be an i,eal e(aple o$ an ar'&etypal An)lo*a(on &ero. eo#ul$s &erois 'an be seen t&rou)& &is 'oura)e+ abition+ an, nobility.  eo#ul$ is 'oura)eous+ e/en $a'e, #it& iense ,an)er or iinent ,eat&. W&en &e is taske, to slay Gren,els ot&er in t&e ere+ &e is resolute in &is a'tions an, 3,ons4 &is #ar )ear+in,i$$erent to ,eat& 619. eo#ul$ re'o)ni:es t&e perils o$ $a'in) t&e beast in its un,er#ater &oe+ yet &e /entures t&ere ,espite la'kin) rein$or'eents. eo#ul$ &as alrea,y a'&ie/e, t&e ipossible in ,e$eatin) Gren,el an, &is ot&er+ an, in ,oin) so+ &e pro/es ore t&an &is stren)t&. eo#ul$ e(&ibits &is ,e,i'ation to t&e 'ause+ e/en i$ it results in &is ,eat&. -is 'oura)eous '&ara'teri:ation is $urt&er supporte, ,urin) &is $inal battle. W&en a ,ra)on be)ins to torent t&e Geats+ eo#ul$ assebles a sall $or'e to ,e$eat t&e ,ra)on. *ensin) &is 'oin) ,eat&+ &e re'ounts stories $ro &is earlier ,ays. ; ar'&e, a&ea, o$ 3-y)ela'4+< al#ays t&ere at t&e $ront o$ t&e line=< an, ; s&all $i)&t like t&at $or as lon) as ; li/e 62>72>>9. eo#ul$ re$usesto ar'& in t&e ba'k lest &e be 'onsi,ere, a 'o#ar,. -e is not a$rai, to be in t&e $ront an, &e #ill$ully /olunteers $or ,an)erous situations.  Mosby 2  eo#ul$ is oti/ate, to su''ee, in battle by &is uest $or $ae+ an iportant pillar in An)lo*a(on 'ulture. As eo#ul$ )ro#s ol,er+ &e seeks out opportunities to brin) $ae to &isel$ an, &is kin). e$ore eo#ul$s 'las& #it& Gren,els ot&er+ &e steels &isel$ $or t&e '&allen)e by t&inkin) about &is nae an, $ae 61509. %&e potential )lory is enou)& to &elp &i o/erpo#er &is opponent. eo#ul$ #oul, not &a/e been able to #in #it&out t&e ental in'enti/e o$ $ae. Fae also oti/ates eo#ul$ in &is last battle. Wi)la$ en'oura)es+ ,o e/eryt&in)< you sai, you #oul, #&en you?/o#e, you #oul, ne/er let your nae an, $ae< be ,ie, #&ile you li/e,?stay resolute 62@@2@@79. Wi)la$s #or,s #ere enou)& to spur eo#ul$ to a'tion. e'ause losin) t&is battle #oul, ean ,yin) in ,is)ra'e+ eo#ul$ is ,eterine, to #in to se'ure all possible $ae.  eo#ul$ al#ays akes t&e &onorable '&oi'e+ #&i'& akes &i noble. ;t is iportant $or an ar'&etypal &ero to be #ellroun,e,. Not only is eo#ul$ stron) in bo,y an, in,+ &e is orally superior. %&ou)& &e is o$ten )i/en t&e opportunity not to+ &e al#ays 3be&a/es4 #it& &onour< an, 3takes4 no a,/anta)e o/er &is 'ora,es 62178217>9. E/en #&en in) -y)ela' ,ies an, eo#ul$ is )i/en t&e opportunity to as'en, to t&e t&rone+ &e re$uses be'ause o$ &is respe't o$ so'ial 'ustos. Not only ,oes eo#ul$ allo# -ea,re, &is ri)&t$ul rule+ &e also 3pro/i,es4 support $or t&e prin'e 62779. Bnly a an as &eroi' an, &onorable as eo#ul$ 'oul,,o t&at. ;n t&e en,+ eo#ul$s a/oi,able ,eat& lea/es t&e Geatis& people /ulnerable. Wit&out &is stron) &an, o$ )ui,an'e+ t&e people #ill be lost. Wit&out eo#ul$s irre$utable stren)t&+ surroun,in) nations #ill 'oe to e(a't t&eir re/en)e. No ot&er kin) #ill ,esire to ake t&e )eats)reat.Con'lusion para)rap&!
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