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Yaseen Morsy 74 south carrollton ave 4439345562 Baltimore, Maryland 21223 Work Experience DTLR (Down Town Locker Room) Mount Clare Junction, 1201 Sales Rep W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21223
  Yaseen Morsy 74 south carrollton aveBaltimore, Maryland or! #$erience DTLR (Down Town Locker Room) %ales &e$Mount 'lare (unction, 12)1 *ratt %t, Baltimore, M+212231)115  41)16 ã  &eceive $ayment -y cash, chec!, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic de-its. ã  ssist customers -y $rovidin/ in0ormation and resolvin/ their com$laints. ã  reet customers enterin/ esta-lishments. ã  %ell tic!ets and other items to customers. ã  ssist ith duties in other areas o0 the store, such as monitorin/ 0ittin/ rooms or -a//in/ and carryin/ out customers items. ã  Maintain clean and orderly chec!out areas and com$lete other /eneral cleanin/ duties, such as mo$$in/ 0loors and em$tyin/ trash cans. ã  %u$ervise others and $rovide ontheo- trainin/. ã  %toc! shelves, and mar! $rices on shelves and items. ã  'om$ile and maintain nonmonetary re$orts and records. Advanced Care Physical Therapy *hysical hera$ist ide))5 ar0ord road ste 1)2,*ar!ville, M+ 212341)115   ã  'lean and or/ani8e or! area and disin0ect eui$ment a0ter treatment. ã  dminister active or $assive manual thera$eutic e#ercises, thera$eutic massa/e, or heat, li/ht, sound, ater, or electrical modality treatments, such as ultrasound. ã  :nstruct, motivate, sa0e/uard, or assist $atients $racticin/ e#ercises or 0unctional activities, under direction o0 medical sta00. ã  &ecord treatment /iven and eui$ment used. ã  %ecure $atients into or onto thera$y eui$ment. ã  'han/e linens, such as -ed sheets and $illo cases. ã  rans$ort $atients to and 0rom treatment areas, usin/ heelchairs or $rovidin/ standin/ su$$ort. ducation Our lady Of Moun Carmel i/h school +i$loma3.5 * sse#, M+  %!ills ã  communication ã   Bi lin/ual ã   ard or!in/ ã  da$ta-ility ã  sel0 con0idence ã  time mana/ement ã  eam $layer  &e0erences Candi !onner  ;00ice Mana/er 41)6633133 dvanced 'are *hysicalhera$y))5 har0ord road ste 1)2Baltimore, M+ 21234
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