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Spring 2017 Unit Plan Unit Planning Organizer Subject: Computer Technology / Language Arts Grade: 4 Unit/Topic: Digital Storyboard / Animation Date and Unit Duration: March 7 - March 23 Project Overview Description and link to student engagement (rationale): ● We have planned for my student to collaborate with another
  Spring 2017 Unit Plan Unit Planning Organizer Subject: Computer Technology / Language ArtsGrae: ! nit/Topic: #igital Storyboar / Animation#ate an nit #uration: $arch 7 % $arch 2& 'roject ()er)ie* #escription an lin+ to stuent engagement ,rationale-:.e ha)e planne or my stuent to collaborate *ith another stuent to prouce a  bi%lingual animate story o a retelling o a airytale an animating the story  plan to allo* the stuents to ha)e a choice in the story they chose3 *ith the limitation being to #isney or amiliar airytales They *ill ha)e the creati)e ability to retell the story an atheir o*n ramati4ations To o so3 the stuents *ill animate the scene on 'i)ot animator an then recor an auio to tell the story e *ill use Garageban to o)erlay souns eects to a to the animation  there is enough time3 *e plan to incorporate rench either irectly into the story3 or create a rench scene This *ill allo* the stuents to not only *or+ collaborati)ely3 but also creati)ely an incorporate another language 1. Unit Overview – Critical Inquiry Question ● 5o* o you recreate a story through animation6 2. General Learning Outcomes or Unit !ain ea#ing$ Gra#e % Language &rts OutcomesGeneral Outcome 2  .Stuents *ill listen3 spea+3 rea3 *rite3 )ie* an represent to comprehen an respon personally an critically to2& nerstan orms3 elements an techni8ues2! Create original te9t General Outcome ' .Stuents *ill listen3 spea+3 rea3 *rite3 )ie* an represent to manage ieas an inormation&1 'lan an ocus &2 Select an process && (rgani4e3 recor an e)aluate &! Share an re)ie* Gra#e % (renc) * Communication .9press simple oral messages by using gestures3 one *or utterances3 memori4e global e9pressions or simple3 concrete sentences base on a)ailable moels '. (ocusing Questions or Unit +,elate# Questions-  *oner; ▪ hat is the story you *ant to communicate61  Spring 2017 ▪ 5o* *ill you tell a story6 <eginning3 mile an en ▪ hat 8ualities oes your character ha)e6 $ain an seconary characters ▪ hat happens to your characters6 ,challenges- 5o* i they resol)e the  problem6 ▪ 5o* oes the story ma+e your reaer eel6 ▪ 5o* o you con)ey emotion6 ▪ hat is the solution or resolution6 %. ey Conce/ts or Unit ▪ Creati)e story *riting % T*iste =airytale =rench ▪ Auio % Garageban ▪ Animation % 'i)ot 0. /eciic Learning Outcomes or Unit!ain ea#ing goes )ere$2.%.% .select an use )isuals that enhance meaning o oral3 print an other meiauce oral3 print an other meia te9ts that ollo* a logical se8uence3 an emonstrate clear relationships bet*een character anuce narrati)es that escribe e9periences an relect personal responses '.'.% . organi4e ieas an inormation3 using appropriate categories3 chronological orer3 cause an eect3 or posing an ans*ering 8uestions Outcomes rom Cross Curricular Com/etencies$  ● Collaboration ● Communication ● Creati)ity ● Language Arts o >isual ?epresentation o Creati)e riting ● =rench2  Spring 2017 3etaile# 4isual Organizer o Unit Lessons an# &ssessment 3ates56o/icsOutcomeLearning &ctivities&ssessment @@$arch 7  ● #etermine *hich story *e *ill recreate3 an ho* *e*ill alter the story ● or+ on e)eloping a script by creating aialogue ▪ #econstruct the story an etermine ho* *e *ill retell it ▪ #etermine *hich characters *ill be in)ol)e an the ialogue ▪ 9plore 'i)ot animator on the computer  ▪ #etermine a  plotline3 main characters an ialogue ▪ 'repare a script an  practice to recite$arch  ● ?ecor the auio on Garageban ● <egin creating animation on 'i)ot ▪ ?ecor the ialogue auio ▪ se the auio to etermine the animation se8uence ▪ Complete the auio recoring ▪ Create an introuction to animation$arch 1! ● Continue creating animation ● <egin loo+ing or aitional soun eects ▪ or+ on creating lui animation that recreates a  popular story an aligns to the auio ile ▪ ()erlay soun eects onto the spo+en auio ▪ nsure that the animation matches the auio escription ▪ nsure the animationis being complete$arch 1B ● Complete the animation se8uence ● A all aitional soun eects ▪ =inish all aitional animations neee ▪ Attach all remaining auio ▪ nsure that all elements *ill be reay or  presentation$arch 21 ● Synchroni4e all o the elements o the animation an auio ▪ it an ensure it is reay or  presentation ▪ #i *e completethe project6 ▪ #i *e get to incorporate our entire plan6$arch 2& Presentation 3ay /onge &ctivity$ % *e inish early *e *ill e9ten the length o our scene by e9paning on the story &  Spring 2017 ,esources o Alberta 'rogram o Stuies % Language Arts % (utcomes o Alberta 'rogram o Stuies % =rench !%12 (utcomes ● 'i)ot Animator  ● Garageban!
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