Missed Again: Making space for partnership in the typhoon Haiyan response

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This study is the second output of a research project commissioned by five UK-based international humanitarian non-government organisations (INGOs)
    MISSED AGAIN: making space for partnership in the Typhoon Haiyan response    Missed Again    –  making space for partnership in the Typhoon Haiyan response Acknowledgements This report was commissioned by a consortium of UK-based international non-governmental organisations: ActionAid, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam GB and Tearfund. The research project was managed by CAFOD’s Head of Humanitarian Policy, Anne Street, and supported by an advisory group including Oenone Chadburn (Head of Humanitarian Support, Tearfund), Katherine Nightingale (Senior Advocacy and Policy Advisor- Humanitarian, Christian Aid), Nigel Timmins (Deputy Humanitarian Director, Oxfam GB) and Mike Noyes (Head of Humanitarian Department, ActionAid UK). The report was written by Andy Featherstone, with assistance from Carino Antequisa who supported the research and contributed to writing the report. The five commissioning NGOs have provided invaluable support both in the Philippines and the UK, and particular thanks are owed to Anne Street for her support in guiding the process. The participation in the study of both national and international members of the humanitarian community is testament to the commitment that exists to maximising the potential of partnership. We are grateful to all those who invested their valuable time in the research process. The report was designed by Anthony Neal of CAFOD. A note on the title: This report, Missed again: Making space for humanitarian partnership in the Typhoon Haiyan response  highlights some of the challenges identified in the research related to partnership working in the Philippines during the humanitarian response to the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan. It is a companion research to the Missed opportunities  report which was published in October 2013 by the same five international NGOs. The title is not a comment on the humanitarian response effort as a whole. i September 2014   Front Cover Photo Typhoon Haiyan hit Samar first causing substantial destruction (Oxfam/Jire Carreon) Back Cover photo: A Scene of devastation following Typhoon Haiyan, Palo, Leyte Island (CAFOD/Ben White) Section Headers: A cash-for-work project, implemented by CAFOD partner Catholic Relief Services (CRS), clearing rubble following Typhoon Haiyan in Palo, Leyte Island (CAFOD/Ben White)    Missed Again    –  making space for partnership in the Typhoon Haiyan response Contents Acknowledgements i   Contents ii Acronyms iii Glossary of terms iv Executive summary   vi  Map of the areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan ix 1. The purpose of the study and approach 1 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 Purpose of the study and methods 1 1.3 Structure of the report 2 2. The context of humanitarian response in the Philippines 3 2.1 The vulnerability of the Philippines to disasters 3 2.2 The role of the Philippines government in disaster response 3 2.3 Civil society, INGOs and the growth of humanitarian networks 4 2.4 Lessons on humanitarian partnerships prior to the Haiyan emergency response 5 3. The effectiveness of partnerships in the Typhoon Haiyan response 7 3.1 A deadly storm - Typhoon Haiyan and its humanitarian consequences 7 3.2 Have partnerships enhanced the relevance and appropriateness of assistance? 7 3.3 Have partnerships enhanced the effectiveness of assistance? 9 3.4 Have partnerships enhanced the efficiency and value for money of assistance? 12 3.5 Have partnerships enhanced coverage? 13 3.6 Have partnerships improved connectedness? 15 4. The role of national actors in leadership, coordination and financing in the Haiyan response 18 4.1 The organisation of the international humanitarian response 18 4.2 The role of the government and NNGOs in leading the humanitarian response 18 4.3 The role played by the government and NNGOs in coordinating the response to Typhoon Haiyan 20 4.4 Access of NNGOs to humanitarian funding for the Typhoon Haiyan response 22 5. Conclusion: the importance of partnership as the central pillar of humanitarian response 24 5.1 The effectiveness of humanitarian partnerships in the Typhoon Haiyan Response 24 5.2 The engagement of national actors in the international humanitarian system 24 5.3 The failure to learn lessons and the challenge for humanitarian partnership in the future 24 5.4. Recommendations 25 Annex 1: Terms of reference 27 Annex 2: Comparison of findings from the Missed Opportunities report and the Haiyan study 29 ii    Acronyms AAP accountability to affected populations ASDSW A Single Drop for Safe Water ATM Alyansa Tigil Mina (Alliance Against Mining) CARRAT Christian Aid Rapid Response Assessment Team CCA climate change adaptation CCI Coastal Core International CERD Centre for Empowerment and Resource Development CERF Central Emergency Response Fund CSO civil society organisation CwC Communications with Communities DRR disaster risk reduction DSWD Department of Social Welfare and Development ERF Emergency Response Fund HC humanitarian coordinator HCT Humanitarian Country Team HRC Humanitarian Response Consortium IASC Inter-Agency Standing Committee ICM International Care Ministries INGO international non-governmental organisation NNGO national non-governmental organisation LDRRMO Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office LGU local government unit LMWD Leyte Municipal Water District NASSA National Secretariat for Social Action NDRRMC National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council OCD Office of Civil Defence OCHA Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OPARR Office of the Presidential Assistant on Rehabilitation and Recovery PSEA Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse RAY Reconstruction Assistance on Yolanda RC/HC resident coordinator/humanitarian coordinator SRP Strategic Response Plan UN United Nations UNCSAC United Nations Civil Society Advisory Committee iii Missed Again    –  making space for partnership in the Typhoon Haiyan response
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