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Critical Media Literacy Midterm: UDL 1 Critical Media Literacy Midterm: UDL Kelsey Sullivan State University of New York at Cortland Critical Media Literacy Midterm: UDL 2 Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an essential topic to help students succeed in learning. UDL is defined as “a set of prin
  Critical Media Literacy Midterm: UDL 1Critical Media Literacy Midterm: UDLKelsey SullivanState University of New York at Cortland  Critical Media Literacy Midterm: UDL 2Universal Desin for Learnin !UDL is an essential to#ic to $el# students succeed in learnin% UDL is defined as “ a set of #rinci#les for  curriculum develo#ment t$at ive all individuals e&ual o##ortunities to learn' !National Center on UDL( 2)1* % +$e oal of UniversalDesin for Learnin is to ensure t$at eac$ student receives t$e ,est education #ossi,le( even if it-s done at a different level or done a different way% UDL is tearin down to t$e idea of a .normal' student and $ow eac$ c$ild .s$ould' ,e learnin t$e same way( and makes learnin uni&ue to eac$ c$ild% +$e education t$at UDL students receive molds to fit t$at s#ecific c$ild and ives t$em t$e ,est o##ortunity to t$rive in sc$ool%Universal Desin for Learnin taret t$ree #rimary ,rain networks: /econition  Networks( Strateic Networks( and 0ffective Networks( !also known as t$e .w$at'( .$ow'( and .w$y' of learnin % nteratin UDL into t$e classroom is im#ortant ,ecause it ,rins .a $ue variety of skills( needs( and interests to learnin' !National Center on UDL( 2)1* % Startin wit$t$e /econition Networks( or t$e w$at of learnin( ,enefits students ,ecause its .#resents information and content in different ways'% Since eac$ c$ild $as an individual way of learnin( t$is would cater to a classroom wit$ a ,unc$ of different ty#e learners% +$e Strateic Networks( or t$e $ow of learnin( .differentiate t$e ways t$at students can e#ress w$at t$ey know'% +$is means t$at students $ave t$e o##ortunity to learn ot$er ways of #erformin #ro,lems% +$e 0ffective Networks( or t$e w$y of learnin( .stimulate interest and motivation for learnin'% Kee#in students interested is a key #art in t$eir success% f students are en3oyin w$at t$ey-re doin( t$en t$ey are more likely to do ,etter% +$ese t$ree #rimary ,rain networks are im#ortant to kee# in mind w$en considerin UDL% UDL #uts an em#$asis on t$ese and s$ow t$at t$e c$ildren are t$eir #riority% !National Center on UDL( 2)1* %  Critical Media Literacy Midterm: UDL 4+$e use of tec$noloy for today-s yout$ is an onoin de,ate( do we use tec$noloy in lessons or do we teac$ c$ildren t$e way t$at older enerations were tau$t wit$out tec$noloy% Some may say t$at it s$ouldn-t ,e included( ,ut tec$noloy $as ,een a #art of c$ildren-s lives since t$ey were ,orn% +$erefore( tec$noloy can ,e etremely useful in ,roadenin student-s education% n Universal Desin for Learnin( tec$noloy doesn-t $ave to ,e used in every lesson%5owever( it can ,e im#ortant in some lessons% 0ccordin to 0##le( tec$noloy allows for ,etter o##ortunities to succeed in learnin for eac$ and every student% 0##le states t$at tec$noloy can$el# wit$: Learnin and Literacy( 6ision( 5earin( and 7$ysical and Motor Skills !0##le( 2)18 % Usin different a##s can $el# s#ecial needs students do ,etter in t$e classroom% +$is use of tec$noloy could s$ow a ,i c$ane in t$e com#re$ension of s#ecial needs students% +$ere are so many a##s t$at accommodate student-s needs( suc$ as uided access( Siri( voiceover( arae  ,and( assistive touc$( and dictation !0##le( 2)18 % ncor#oratin t$is ty#e of tec$noloy into t$eclassroom can make a ,i difference in student-s work% +$e c$ildren-s learnin will t$rive from little additions to t$e classroom( suc$ as a##s% 0nd alt$ou$ tec$noloy can ,e useful( .usin tec$noloy does not necessarily en$ance learnin9tec$noloy needs to ,e carefully #lanned into t$e curriculum as a way to ac$ieve oals' !National Center on UDL( 2)1* %0##s are reat tools to $el# create Universally Desined Learnin% +$ese 0ssistive +ec$noloy features $ave created ,etter ways for students to ,e included in t$e classroom% 0ssistive tec$noloy and Universal Desin for Learnin o $and in $and% Usin an audio version or diital tet of a ,ook could ,e a way to $el# a student w$o $as trou,le readin in t$e classroom !/ose( 5assel,rin( a,ala #% ;)< % Students can use Siri( an a## t$at is readily availa,le to t$em( to set reminders to kee# students orani=ed in t$e classroom% Some a##s  Critical Media Literacy Midterm: UDL *intertwine wit$ one anot$er( suc$ as Safari /eader( 6oiceover( and S#eak Selection% +$ese t$ree a##s can all $el# wit$ students w$o may $ave #rint disa,ilities% 0ll of t$ese a##s( and many more( can ,e used in a UDL classroom to ,e assistive tec$noloy% Universal Desin for Learnin is an im#ortant curriculum to know% UDL can $el# not only students( ,ut also teac$ers ,ecome ,etter versions of t$emselves% +ec$noloy can ,e included in a UDL classroom as lon as it-s t$e ri$t lesson% >orcin tec$noloy into a lesson is not t$e way to o a,out it% UDL can ,e etremely successful if it is carried out t$e way t$at is it su##osed to ,e% ?verall( $el#in students t$rive in t$eir educational career is t$e main oal of Universal Desin Learnin%
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