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    Preston UniversityIslamabad campus FallSemester 2015 Mechanics of MaterialsAssignmentB.Tech(hons) Semester Ensr. Haseeb Ahmed Subject Name:Class Name: Teacher Name: Total Marks: 50 Note: Attempt all review questions and all questions carryequal marks. Q. 1: Determine theaverage Normal Stressdeveloped in rod ABif load has a mass of 50Kg.the diameter of rod AB is8mm? c [3 t r Q. 2: Therigidbeam is supported by a pin at A and wires BD andCE. If the load P onthe beamcausestheend C to be displaced 10mm downward, determine the normalstrain developed in wires CE and BD? ISfr T* ft c  £ ~a« ** Q. 3: Thewire has a diameter of 5mm and ismade from A-36steel. If a80Kg man is sittingon a seat C, Determine the elongation of wire DE? 1 vi  ÿ>«* .   1 6oo '«*' Q. 4: Thesegments AB and CD of theassembly are solidcircular rods, and segments BC is a tube. If the assembly is made of 6061-T6 Aluminum; determine the displacementofthe end D with respect to end A?  Boofnpo  Preston UniversityIslamabad campus 2.0 U ioK.A 0K*l h >OKA   « 4»0frf» 4 OO Q. 5: If a motor delivers lOhp tothe shaftand shaft rotates at1200rpm, determines the torque producedby themotor? Q. 6: Draw the shear force and bending moment diagram for the beam? i   *   I SKI*   Q.7: If the beam issubjected to a shear force of V=100kN,determine theshear stressdeveloped at point A. Represent the state of the stress on a volume element at this point? -v 5Joerri t*'   4ÿ _4l ~X00 rr rC * Q. 8: A pressurized spherical tank is to bemade of 0.5inthicksteel. If it is subjected to an internal 2o«r>» pressure of p=200psi, determine its outer radius if the maximumnormal stress is nottoo exceed 15ksi. Q. 9: Determine the equivalent state of thestressonanelement at the samepointthat represents the maximum in-planeshear stress at the point? nooKPo.   \OOfcPft. OOKPo  r Q. 10: Determine the minimum dimension‘a’ to thenearestofthe beam’s cross section to safely support theload. The wood has an allowable normal stressof aaii0w= 12MPa and an allowable shear stress of xaiiow= 1.5MPa / 15W   I*- X   a - —   .S<r Bl“
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