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March 3, 2017 Strathmore Times, Volume 9, Issue 9, Locally Owned & Operated Alberta Weekly Newspaper, Member of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association, Official Newspaper of the Wheatland Kings and the CRF Bisons Hockey Teams.
  Page 3 Look on Page 4 for  Town of Strathmore Municipal Notices Contact Us Today! 403.934.5589 www. StrathmoreTimes .com MARCH 3, 2017 VOLUME 9 ISSUE 9 $183,900$259,900$   474,900$609,000 FORMER SHOW HOME A MUST SEE !! ALL THE UPGRADES3 OVERSIZED BEDROOMSMEDIA ROOMMAIN FLOOR DEN BE THE FIRST OWNERFULLY FINISHED WALKOUTOPEN DESIGN ATTACHED GARAGE  MOVE INRELAX & ENJOY !!ORIGINAL OWNERSUPGRADES THROUGHOUTFULL WALKOUT OUTFRONTING ONTO CANAL  S O L D  UNDER CONSTRUCTIONOPEN DESIGN FRONT ATTACHED GARAGE3 BEDROOM3 BATHROOMSBUY NOW & SELECT INTERIOR FINISH $   379,900 NONIE HALL AGENT 403-934-0420 104 - 3rd Avenue, Strathmore TIMES 100 Ranch Market, Unit 105FStrathmore, AB 403.934.5292 Offering IV Sedation Dr. Ashkan Hamzehi DDSDr. Jungsoo kim DDSDr. Arzy Kafrouny DDS General Practice Family Dentistry  STRATHMORE  Locally Owned & Operated   ADELLE ELLIS Times Reporter   The Strathmore Hospital is in the middle of a major facelift; the provincial government has in- vested $2.8 million into several long overdue up-grades. Renovations are currently taking place.Construction of the old long term care (LTC) wing is nearing completion. It is being retrofitted to fit several programs that require more space such as Home Care. Not only will the old LTC wing house Home Care, right across the hall will be services such as rehab, social work and transition services so that everything can be close together. There  will also be reassigned and retrofitted rooms and drop down spaces for visiting professionals such as speech language pathologists and dieticians in the same wing, along with a new reception area and waiting room for Home Care. “The goal is to give Home Care more space  because they are very cramped where they are.  And to have all the rehab services and Home Care situated geographically close together,” said Ann McNair-Gariepy, RN, Site Manager of Emergent Care and Acute Care. “(This will) enhance com-munications between programs and will serve the patients very well. It is for existing programs with some enhancements in their workspace and pa-tient flow.”  The most noticeable change within the hospi-tal is the construction for Triage, which started on Feb. 20. This renovation sees the old triage com-pletely boarded off as you walk through the main doors; instead there is a temporary triage unit set up in the middle of the emergency waiting room.  This renovation is expected to be completed at the end of May, until which time emergency patients  will check in at the temporary triage before go-ing to admitting and then waiting to be seen by a doctor. “We made a request to the planning group that triage be addressed first because we wanted to provide better flow and security for the staff and patients,” said McNair-Gariepy adding that they are completing as much as they can as fast as they can and as fast as the site will tolerate it. Once the triage renovations are complete, it will  be a completely revamped area with a straight flow into the emergency area. There will also be a controlled entry so that patients can speak with the triage nurse, but it will be an invited entry into the space. The emergency department will also be able to be completely locked down in an emer-gency such as a threatening character. Continued on Page 7  Hospital renovations 587-316-2000 See our ad on Page 5 Coldest Night a success Adelle Ellis Photo Putt and Play! Children were welcomed to join in a round of mini-golf at the Strathmore Library on Feb. 21. The library set up a nine-hole course around the library that weaved in and out the isles of books. Board games were also set up to play as well as a PlayStation 4 for children whose golfing skills weren’t up to par. Emma Bruce, 5, enjoys putting her way through the library. Harold Zegil Zegil Automotive & Transmission 403-542-3341 #22 Spruce Park, Strathmore, AB | Transmissions, Engines, Oil Changes, Tires, Brakes, Differentials, Inspections,Out of Province Inspections Custom Home Builder RenovationsRealtors Ranch Market   on the Trans Canada Hwy Follow us on Twitter@sobeystrathmore Local Promotions and Events Page 13 Drop-in Fun!  Page 2  ã Strathmore TIMES ã March 3, 2017 Times TIDBITS Did You Know?  An old proverb says that “March comes in a like a lion and goes out like a lamb”, which means that winter is ending and spring is beginning. SHARON MCLEAY  Times Contributor     Wheatland County council and fire administration want to set the record straight. The new Carseland firehall is set for the new build at the chosen site on Hwy 24 and RR260, adjacent to the  waste transfer site. The site was pre- viously owned by Wheatland County and arrangements were made with the county to ownership for the properties  with the county purchasing the old hall from the Carseland Fire Association for $100,000. Disposition of the old build-ing and site is yet to be determined. A recent media release confused some folks, as it implied that a review of the Quebec Lac Megantic rail acci-dent of 2013, was influencing officials to consider a new site.“The building site was determined through internal meeting discussions of the Fire Service Review committee,  who determined the best place for the new hall,” said Lisa Bastarache, Pub-lic Relations manager for Wheatland County.She said many factors determined the  best place for the hall that would serve the public, commercial interests, local industries and firefighter needs. The fundraising for the new hall has  been ongoing. Carseland Fire Associa-tion is tasked with raising 40 per cent of the funds and Wheatland County  will come up with the remaining 60 per cent. Carseland is nearing their goal of $400,000. Generous donations from  businesses in the area have made the possibility of ground breaking on the site in the spring. Stella Jones has chal-lenged businesses in the area to match their donation of $25,000 to the proj-ect and Agrium will meet, or possibly  better that donation on March 9. Along  with the fire association fundraisers, other individuals and businesses such as Orica have also donated; it is a com-munity effort to create a safe and ef-ficient working hall for the community and highway responses. The firehall that did not move Increase your skills – not your mileage. Prepare for a rewarding career close to home. At our new Bow Valley College campus in downtown Strathmore – opening fall 2017 – you’ll get all the benefits of a big city college without the big city commute. Enrolment is open now for Fall 2017 programs. Business Administration | Practical Nurse | Medical Office Assistant | Hospital Unit Clerk | English Language Learning | High School UpgradingContact your Strathmore campus at 403-462-2550 to register for the open house on March 17. 1-800-222-TIPS (1-800-222-8477) 403-934-5552 120 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore Strathmore RCMP is investigating a theft from vehicle that occurred at approximately 2:00 a.m on Park Road in Strathmore on February 26th, 2017. An unknown suspect gained entry to the vehicle before taking a child’s hockey and baseball equipment. Should you have any information that could assist in solving this crime, please contact the Strathmore RCMP. File: 2017232555 Capsule Comments Gord Morck Pharmacist  YOUR WEEKLY HEALTH ADVICE  New Hours: M-F: 9 - 7 pm ã Sat: 9 - 6 pmSun & Holidays: 11 - 5 pm Strathmore 132 - 2nd Ave. Strathmore Ph: 403-934-3122Fx: 403-934-6474 Get the latest new products, special savings, contests and more sent directly to your email. Sign up today for the Value Drug Mart E-letter. March is  National Colorectal Cancer Awareness  Month in Canada. People over the age of 50 are more at risk of colorectal cancer. Preliminary screening happens at your checkup with your doctor who will give you information on how to collect a stool sample to test for blood in the feces. It’s called the “FIT” test and is much simpler than the older method that required dietary and drug restrictions. Part of the accepted good ideas for keeping your teeth and gums healthy is to restrict the use of sugar-containing beverages. But it isn’t only the sugar that’s the culprit. These products are often high in acid which can weaken the tooth enamel.It’s a good idea to rinse the mouth afterwards and if you are going to brush your teeth, wait a half hour to avoid damaging the enamel.The National Health Service in the U.K. is piloting a new service through pharmacies. It’s a “walk in sore throat test and treat” program where a throat swab is taken in the pharmacy and new technology can determine whether it’s a strep throat condition or not. If positive, an antibiotic can be dispensed. The purpose is to take the pressure off doctors seeing many sore throats and of course save money.Prior to 1971, if someone suddenly fell to the ground with a heart attack, he often died right there even with many people near him. This was before cardiopulmomary rescuscition (CPR) was introduced in Canada in 1972. Today, there is always someone nearby with CPR training and lives are saved. Have you taken the CPR course? If not, seek one out. The life you save may be a loved one very close to you. Rocks and Rings Adelle Ellis Photo Students from Grades 1-5 at Wheatland Crossing School learned how to curl through the popular Rocks and Rings program on Feb. 16. Students learned how to curl, learned the special names in curling, and most importantly, how fun curl-ing is. Associate Principal Sean Latta believes it is important to involve students in grassroots sports such as curling because it holds the fabric of small communities together, and curling is very important in most small rural towns. The school hopes to run a junior curling program next year. Terrific Terrariums Adelle Ellis Photos Participants created beautiful and unique terrariums out of sand, rocks, moss, shells and a live tropical plant or cactus in the middle. The workshop, put on by Em-ily Gillis from Zenscapes by Emily, was hosted by the Strathmore Library on Feb. 21 as a fundrais-er to help increase future programs and services at the library.  March 3, 2017 ã Strathmore TIMES ã Page 3 Times TIDBITS Did You Know? The expression “mad as a March hare” dates back to 1529. It refers to the wild behaviour of male hares dur-ing the mating season in March. 128 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore 403-934-6737 Kitras Trees Of Enchantment   Hand Blown Glass Made In Canada  For Movie Listings call 403-934-3057or go to James McAvoy,  Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Jessica Sula, Haley Lu Richardson 14A    March 3 - 9, 2017 Split Showtime:    7:30pm   Closed Mondays 403.934.3334 900 Westridge Road, Strathmore   403.934.3334 900 Westridge Road, Strathmore FREE  Wheel Alignment with the Purchase of 4 tires! With this Coupon, expires March 31, 2017  $25  off Coolant Flush! With this Coupon, expires March 31, 2017 With this Coupon, expires March 31, 2017  $25  off any Interior Detailing! 413 - 3rd St. Strathmore Strathmore Denture Clinic Terry Grant   Denturist 403.934.3877 ã Complete / Partial Denturesã Same Day Relines & Repairã Custom Mouthguardsã Custom Night Guardsã Natural Teeth Whitening  ADELLE ELLIS Times Reporter    Over 50 people participated in the Coldest Night of the Year walk on Feb. 25. The walk was the first fundraiser held by the Strathmore Overnight Shel-ter this year.  The shelter aimed for the moon but landed among the stars as they raised $7,180, only 35 per cent of their $20,000 goal. “It’s a good number for the lack of time we had [to put the fundraiser on], and for the advertising we did,” said Richard Rodgers, Director of Outreach at the Strathmore Overnight Shelter. “It  was pretty good for our first fundraiser.” Fifteen walkers walked a 10-km path and five walkers walked 5km; Strath-more Mayor Michael Ell was among them.  Although the walk took place in chilly -16°C weather, it was nowhere near as cold as some of the nights that homeless people must face outside at night during the winter in the town of Strathmore and elsewhere in the prov-ince.  Walkers were prepared for the frigid  walk, geared up in winter jackets and  boots and in the free Coldest Night of the Year toques that each walker re-ceived as a thank you for walking and raising awareness and funds for the shelter. After the walk, a hot meal of homemade stew and buns were served to help warm participants up.  The successful walk also saw over 20  volunteers helping with administration duties and traffic control. No one was injured and everyone who participated in the walk completed it without any incidents or troubles. “I’m happy with how smooth it ran.  We had a lot of volunteers and a pretty good showing,” said Rodgers. “Every-thing went very well and there are a lot of people that care out there.” Participants were happy and excited to help fundraise for the Strathmore Overnight Shelter and to raise aware-ness for homelessness in the commu-nity by joining in on the walk. One participant walked “to raise awareness that we do actually have homeless people in Strathmore, and to also help support the funding for the Strathmore Overnight shelter,” said Su-san Ruzek who was worried that there may not be enough walkers and was pleased to see over 50 people show up. “(It’s an) outstanding cause (and) un-fortunately it’s necessary. We just need to make support available for those  who are in need for the short term,” said Don Derraugh who added that in the past his daughters and he needed support because of an accident his daughters were in, so he is proud to be able to pay that help forward.  The shelter is also looking for other new and unique fundraising ideas to help fund the opening of the shelter. Rodgers has a contest on his person-al Facebook page, that is posted as a status asking people what events they  would like to see in Strathmore. Any-one can go onto his personal page and answer. The deadline for the contest is March 15 and whoever’s answer is cho-sen to do a fundraiser based from, will  win $100 cash from Rodgers himself for coming up with the creative fund-raiser. “We need those ideas, we want peo-ple to enjoy themselves and get what they want,” said Rodgers. “We want the  whole community involved.”  The funds raised from the walk will go to finishing the sprinkler system and other renovations in the shelter. Previous to the walk, the shelter has raised over $20,000 through other fun-draisers such as Helping Hands events and donations. The Town of Strath-more matched those funds of $20,000 to the Strathmore Overnight Shelter; that money will be going towards op-eration costs.  The Strathmore Overnight Shelter hopes to open in late spring. Coldest Night of the Year successful Over 50 people participated in the Coldest Night of the Year walk to raise awareness for homelessness in Strathmore and to support the Strathmore Overnight Shelter. Participants raised nearly $7,200 for the shelter and walked either 5 km or 10 km in the -16°C weather. Tyler Lowey Photos Students from Crowther Memorial Ju-nior High School spend the afternoon reading aloud or being read to by stu-dents from Wheatland Elementary to celebrate World Read-A-Loud Day on Feb. 16. Reading together for World Read-A-Loud day Manny Everett Photos  Page 4  ã Strathmore TIMES ã March 3, 2017 680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 ã 403-934-3133 ã Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm  WINNER OF THE 2012 VENTURE MAGAZINE’S BEST SMALL COMMUNITY TO DO BUSINESS IN    T   O   W   N   O   F      S     T     R     A     T     H     M     O     R     E The next regular Council Meeting will be March 15, 2017 at 6 pm PASTURE LAND FOR RENT The Town of Strathmore has approximately 540 acres of pasture land for rent.The legal address’ of the land is as follows:SE 12-24-25-W4 NW 12-24-25-W4 (9110086;1)SW 12-24-25-W4NW 1 -24-25-W4The lease will be for one year with a clause  that part of it may be taken out and used by  the Town at any time during the year. The highest tender on the property may not be accepted because other conditions will be looked at as well. If you are interested in getting more information in regards to this property, please contact Alan Down at the Town of Strathmore, 403-361-2124, on or before March 17th, 2017. A formal Rental Agreement will be used. THANK YOU The management from the Strathmore Aquatic Centre would like to thank the patrons who participated in the Filming of the Red Cross educational videos. On February 7, 8, 9 2017, members from the Canadian Red Cross were at the Aquatic Centre filming video footage to use in their educational excerpts. The Red Cross will use the footage to help train and educate future instructors in aquatics. They use the footage to show different options of certain skills, holds, and overall teaching criteria. We would like to thank those that participated in Town Lessons and for their patience  throughout the process. Those students who were here during school board lessons, for all the excitement you brought with you! And to all of our instructors who were flexible and reliable during the shoot. The pool is hoping to have a movie night so  that those who participated can see what the final footage holds and you can see yourself as a star!
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