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MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY *Veggie Medley-carrots, 1 2 3 *Cali Veggie Mix- Broccoli, peas, corn, lima beans, green cauliflower, carrots Fish sticks Green Eggs and Ham Baked cod
  MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY *Cali Veggie Mix- Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots*Veggie Medley-carrots,  peas, corn, lima beans, green  beans*Berry salad- blueberries, raspberries, blackberries 1Fis sticks!ice*Cali Veggie MedleyBlood rangesMilk #$reen %ggs and &am'eat (oast*Veggie Medley*Berry )alad w yogurtMilk +Baked codCous cousBroccolieacesMilk Ceeseburger soup wceddar, beef, red  peppers, onionsCrackersBlueberriesMilk .Beans and !ice$reen salad w ranc/ogurtMelon0Milk (urkey and ceddar on weat bread*Veggie medleyearsMilk 2BB3 pork on weat  bunsCornMandarin orangesMilk 14Fis sticks!iceeas w ceese!aspberriesMilk 1+Cicken, rice, celery carrot,onion soup'eat breadMangoMilk 15Cicken nuggets3uinoaCarrots w ranc6pplesauceMilk 17(una on weat bread$reen salad w rancMelon0Milk 1Mediteranian cicken wit rosemary 8 lemon!ice*Cali 9eggie mixFruit0Milk 1.otato soupMeat0$rain0$reen salad w rancBlackberriesMilk #4 : )C& ;#1 : )C& ;## : )C& ;#+ : )C& ;#5 : )C& ;#.)teak 8 otato soup w  peppers and onionCrackersBananamilk #Cicken nuggets w sweet cili sauce!iceeppers, onion, broccoli6pplesauceMilk  29Ham & cheddar on wheat breadCornBlueberriesMilk +4)pagetti w meat sauce'eat0$arlic bread$reen salad w 9inegartteeacesmilk +1i<<a$reen salad w ranc!aspberriesMilk  Marc #41. ur center participates in a =)>6 funded program and is an e?ual opportunity pro9ider and employer   Marc #41. ur center participates in a =)>6 funded program and is an e?ual opportunity pro9ider and employer 
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