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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, MARCH ANNIVERSARIES Lent is the church season when we refocus our lives on God’s will with: March 12 Elbert and Josephine George 62 years + Prayer (listening to / talking with God), + Bible Study (learning God’s plan for our life), + Sharing (understanding our time, talents and possessions as gifts of God to bless
  Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,Lent is the church season when we refocus our lives on God’s will with: + Prayer (listening to / talking with God, + !ible tudy (learning God’s #lan for our life, + haring (understanding our ti$e, talents and #ossessions as gifts of God to bless others, + %asting (giving u# unhealthy food and behaviors, and + &orshi# (#raising and thanking God for our blessings'o hel# #eo#le know God’s will, )artin Luther wrote the $all Catechis$ in *+-' .t’s a handbook of his e#lanations to the $ain #arts of the Christian faith: the en Co$$and$ents, the 0#ostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, 1oly !a#tis$ and 1oly Co$$union' %or Luther, Christianity is not 2ust about $e$ori3ing rules or teachings or #rayers, but knowing what God does for us in 4esus Christ' o he used a co$$on 5uestion of his three6year6old son, 1ans, 7&as ist das89 (7&hat is this89he first three co$$and$ents focus on our relationshi# with God' 1ere are the co$$and$ents and Luther’s e#lanations: * st  ou shall have no other Gods' &hat is this8  Answer:  &e are to fear, love, and trust God above all things'  nd  ou shall not $ake wrongful use of the na$e of the Lord your God' &hat is this8  Answer: &e are to fear and love God so that we do not curse, swear, #ractice $agic, lie, or deceive using God’s na$e, but instead use that very na$e in every ti$e of need to call on, #ray to, #raise and give thanks to God' ; rd  <e$e$ber the abbath day and kee# it holy' &hat is this8  Answer:  &e are to fear and love God so that we do not des#ise God’s word or #reaching,  but instead kee# that word holy and gladly hear and learn it'his $onth as we get refocused on God’s will, let’s $ake ti$e to discuss Luther’s understanding of these co$$and$ents with our fa$ily and friends' Let’s also $ake an effort to invite #eo#le to co$e with us to unday worshi#, )onday !ible tudy, &ednesday ou# u##er and worshi# and other events'<e$e$ber our Lenten verse: 7<eturn to $e with all your heart, the source of graced and $ercy' Co$e seek the tender faithfulness of God'9 (4oel :*; .n faith and ho#e, Pastor cheffey MARCH ANNIVERSARIES  )arch *=lbert and 4ose#hine George> years MARCH BIRTHDAYS *0lverta 1eissa$ *> ue Potts 4oyce ?rat3 *@ ?atie Green 4anine (1inton !eck *- hirley oung Dustin Gil#in Cory Potts ADwight <edline )ary 1a$brick  haron <edline ?ayla ?or$ann andra Costenbader =rika ?or$ann +Diane )c?insey * Christine ( chuster ?unt3$an >Lila %aust/ anserverio  Denise $ale B 0llen ?eller, 4r' 0ubrey estok  0iden ?rock ; ally 4ablonski 1unter !runell 4ulia !utchkoski - Denise chneck <ichard %innochio *0l$a Green =llerslie (!ub 1el$  a$uel $ale A eronda estok  **Dale 0$es + Eoe ?ershner 0shley Cole$an - 0aron ?eller ?eanu 1eath ; %ern erfass *)ark !erkes 0$anda Cicalese4ose#hine Gadecki ;* )aya &illia$s Donna Cole$an Gretchen Laviolette *;Candi Detweiler !etty Christ$an 1ailey ?rock ravis Detweiler Lulu )oyer *A?elly $ale *+0drienne 0llen 4ose#h 1ughart  2017 WEDNESDAY LENTEN SCHEDULETheme: At the Crossroads DATETHEME HOST CHURCHPREACHER TET March 8BetrayalSt. Matthews UCCDave Schnaars John 13:21-30March 15J! #entJersale# UCCBr$an %ol&enMathew 2':11-2(March 22Co#)ass$onSale#-St. *al theranS,anne Broos-Co)ee 22: '-51March 2/Declarat$onSale# UCCDe& Scheeye 22: 5- (2)r$l 5&e!$enceJersale# theranathryn 4oster Matthew 2(: 3(-( (:00 *M to (:5 )# So) S))er(:30 *M Cho$r rehearsal':00 *M orsh$)  Jo$n s at (:00)# 6or So)7 cracers7 !essert  !r$ns. 9o #ay &r$n a san!w$ch. 4ree w$ll oer$n &asets to cover cost.   ;n case o6 $ncle#ent weather7 )lease chec Channel 137SB< an!=or >* 6or serv$ce cancellat$on $n6or#at$on. LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING !   WORSHIP (Week S n#$ W%rs&' 's ):*+$, - *.:/.$,0  )arch * ASH WEDNESDAY   N%%n 6 hort service of 0shes and Co$$union  1:..,  .$#osition of 0shes and 1oly Co$$union @ th , *+ th , and - th   We#nes#$s 'n Len2 1:.., Lent service at local churches (see chart and calendar in newsletter th (&ed' 1:..,  Lenten service hereF * th  ( un' Girl cout unday  *.:/.$,  !rownie roo# +@* will be assisting with worshi# and sell cookies afterF CARING )arch A th ( at' ):/.$,  %ootste#s for %a$ilies666 W$k3$32&%n  for %a$ily Pro$ise (1o$eless %a$ilies at the troud )all)arch B th  (ues' *4:/.,  Heedlework Grou# 56N )arch * th  ( un'  N%%n &ild #aghetti Lunch for unday chool kids, youth I #arents)arch   @ th , *+ th , th, and - th  (&=DH= D0 L=H  7:.., ou# u##er at local churches (sou#, drinks and desserts #rovides 0  ou can    bring a sandwich if you like' LEARNING )arch )ondays **:..$, B'8e S2 # 666 he &ired &ord: Connecting Current =vents and cri#ture with %aith and 1o#e  !REE TA PREP 4or earn$n n!er ?(. %@ Bloc has )artner w$th Un$te! ay.  Ao hel) yo save #oney. <o onl$ne to My4reeAaes.Co# to le taes 6or 6ree. 4or co##n$ty ass$stance o to *ocono;n6o.or or call 5'0E 51'-3/5. TOP *. HEALTH BENE5ITS O5 GOING TO CH6RCH  !y 1ealth %itness <evolution <ecent studies have revealed that attending church on a weekly basis can be beneficial to your health' hough the $ost obvious benefits refer to s#iritual and #sychological health' Physical and $ental benefits are in abundance as well' 1ere are the o# * 1ealth !enefits of attending Church: G '#$n9e r%, s%9'$ s %r2  J Going to a #lace of worshi# gives you a sense of co$$unity' ou have a second fa$ily that you can share your life’s #roble$s and fun ti$es with' %riends fro$ church su##ort you through the best and worst of ti$es' Praying and going to church together $akes the sense of co$$unity stronger' G%%# 'n en9e  J %riends fro$ church not only hel# you lead a better s#iritual life but also hel# you be around a safe environ$ent' hey can also be a great su##ort syste$ when you or your fa$ily are going through tough situations' !eing around #ious #eo#le also hel#s you lead a sedentary lifestyle and not fall into social influences like drugs and alcohol' Pr%,%2es $99% n2$8''2 $n# r% 2'ne  J 0ttending church every unday gives you a sense of routine which can be incor#orated into your everyday life' D's9''ne  J Going to a #lace of worshi# gives you a strong sense of co$$unity and #eo#le that goto church are usually disci#lined' his also teaches you to have a $ore disci#lined attitude throughout life' Te$9&es ,%r$s $n# ;%%# ,$nners  J Churches encourage their flock to think and act with goodwill' he ai$ of churches is often to #rovide hu$ankind with outstanding citi3ens with set $orals and $anners, teaching the value of $aintaining a #ersonal set of ethics such as faith, ho#e, charity, integrity, knowledge, res#ect, and self6control' A99e2$n9e  J !eing in Church gives you a sense of co$$unity' !eing a #art of the Church fa$ily hel#s you feel socially acce#ted into a co$$unity' .n Church you will feel s#iritually acce#ted by the environ$ent you are surrounded by' Se3'#en2'2<es2ee,  J Going to church #ro$otes individual growth because it enables one to reflect back on their own actions and thoughts' he #hiloso#hical and theological values of which achurch abides often is directed toward the individual, encouraging the$ to conte$#late on who they are and the i$#act they can $ake to the world' Pr%,%2es 9&$r'2 6 he selflessness that co$es fro$ going to church encourages one to action' Places of worshi# oftenti$es #ro$ote service and goodwill action and will host a variety of events for volunteering, enabling one to teach, guide, and hel# others' Ins'r$2'%n<M%2'=$2'%n  J he world can be oversti$ulating, es#ecially when it co$es to the five senses' he constant assault of living a routine lifestyle #aired with the #ressure to live u# to res#onsibilities and success can result in one feeling drained' Creative outlets $ay even be staunched' Going to church can be an ecellent way to draw on ins#iration for activities and can $otivate you to i$#rove your lifestyle' Re# 9es s2ress  J he ti$e s#ent drawing inward and focusing your energy on clearing your thoughts leads to a drastic reduction in stress levels' 0fter s#ending ti$e in the #lace of worshi#, you feel lighter, $ore confident and free fro$ worldly worries'  *$,,a Sale March 5-2(7 201' 12F n&ae! )$es @ea!y to &ae w$th $nstrct$onsE @ 6ree,e ?(.00=)$e @  6or ?20.00 Ga#e on or!er: HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  Aele)hone n#&er:HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH G#&er o6 )$es:HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH #ont !e:HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  Dea!l$ne 6or or!ers: %ave #oney an! or!ers to $n!a %$nton no later than March 2(th. *$c-) 5:00-(:00 *M on 4r$!ay7 March 31 st 7 at chrch      EASTER !LOWER L#ST Iaster owers w$ll &e ava$la&le to !ecorate or Chancel 6or Iaster Morn$n . *lease co#)lete the 6or# &elow an! han! $nto $n!a %$nton  a$o%& '(th mo%e) (% a% e%*e$o+e,   NO LATER THAN Mar-h 2. th  /   Com+$ete the order orm e$o' $l$es? 10.00 each Al$)s? 10.00 each%yac$nths? 10.00 each NAME PHONE NO  GMI 4 *GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH % MG9 *GAS HHHHHHHHHHMUGA *;DHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ;G MIM@9 4:HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ;G %G@ 4:HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  THOSE SERVING IN MARCHACOLYTESCR6CI5ERS  )arch *6 4illian !albuena ( N%ne # r'n; Len2  +6 Grace Costenbader *6 Gina Laviolette *-6 Carson 0llen (&ed' 6 4ack <eynolds >6 4ason !albuena LAY READERS6SHERS )arch (&ed' *6Linda 1inton)arch *6 ?risti I !rianna 0r$itage+6 <ay !orger +6 ?athleen <ovinski I 4anice %innochio*6 Gretchen Laviolette *6 <uby Dunla# I Denise chneck *-6 =llen )c)asters *-6 !arb arashas I 4en Cicalese (&ed' 6 (&ed'  >6 ue Potts >6 )illie 1awk I ?i$ 1ughart GREETERS BELL RINGERS )arch   (&ed'   *6 tacey I <ob Cole$an )arch +6    Hancy $ith   +6 ?ellen 1inton *6 Chuck Laviolette *6 Landyn 1inton *-6 Hor$a Correale I ?rystyna &eglar3 *-6 !en ?erwin6<eynolds(&ed' 6 >6 1elen I a$ 0l#augh >6 Klivia 0r$itage N6RSERY CLOSER  )arch+6 ?risti 0r$itage)arch +6 <ay !orger *6 unday chool *6 <ay !orger  *-6 *-6 <ay !orger  >6 Paige 1inton (&ed 6 <ay !orger 
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