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CE Byrd Beta March 2, 2017 MEETINGS:  Make sure you sign your name and grade LEGIBLY on the attendance sheet. ABSOLUTELY no signing in for a friend.  You must attend 4 out of 6 meetings this year to remain eligible to be a member next year.  You can attend before school from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. in the learning center OR after school from 3:50 – 4:20 p.m in room s305.  The dates for meetings are: 4/6/17. 04/27/
  CE Byrd BetaMarch 2, 2017 MEETINGS: ã Make sure you sign your name and grade LEGIBLY on the attendance sheet. ABSOLUTELY no signing in for a friend. ã  You must attend  out of ! meetings this year to remain e igi# e to #e a mem#er ne$t year. ã  You can attend #efore schoo from %&'( ) *&(( a.m. in the earning center O+ after schoo from '&,( ) &-( .m in room s'(,. ã  The dates for meetings are& /!/0%. (/-%/0% 1i ser2e as a make3u meeting date. Induction Ceremony: ã 4i #e he d ! m5 Tue //0% in the auditorium. 6irst Year mem#ers and o7cers 1i #e resented 1ith your certi8cate and Beta in during a ceremony after schoo . You may in2ite your arents for this ceremony. You shou d dress nice for this forma e2ent 9no  :eans or shorts;. Teacher Appreciation Serice !ro ect #onation$: ã Each member must bring the item(s) as designated for your class as listed below for our teacher appreciation gifts. ã Items must be brought to s305 no later than Thurs, arch !, 0#$% &emember tosign when you drop them off or you will not get credit for donation. ã 'rs bring in boes of ittle *ebbie snac+ ca+es ã rs bring full si-e hand saniti-ers (not trael si-e) ã 'oph, bring a pac+ of sharpies (anything larger than a 3 pac+) ã freshmen bring chocolate mints li+e yor+ or andes. Teacher Appreciation Serice !ro ect %or& #ay$  ã Thurs, arch ! / 315 / 115 p.m. ã on, arch #3 / $30 / 2#5 a.m. or 315 / 115 p.m. ã Tue, arch #1 / 315 / 115 p.m. Community Serice <ByrdBeta+ocks& 4e 1i a so #e co ecting rocks that 1e 1i ater decorate 1ith insirationa 1ords and images on one side and <ByrdBeta+ocks5 on the other. 4e 1i then distri#ute them a o2er the city at 2arious ocations. Our goa is to #ring a smi e to a 1ho stum# e uon them. =ere is a icture of some rocks5 :ust to gi2e you an idea on the si>e. So5 start co ecting rocks that you see and #ring them to S'(,. 4e 1i decorate them on Thurs. '/-'/0%.?ha enger League 1i #e starting at the end of March. Seci8c dates 1i #e osted outside of my door for you to sign u to  ay #a 1ith secia needs kids from Shre2eort/Bossier. Seniors3 you must ha2e a of your ser2ice5 meeting and donation re@uirements met #y /-0/0%. That is the dead ine for su#mitting e igi# e Beta honor cord reciients. o not 1ait ti the ast minute
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