Mappa Mundi

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Mappa Mundi
  Mappa mundi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear  because it has insufficient inline citations . Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. (February 2008) The Hereford Mappa Mundi  , about 1300,Hereford Cathedral, England.   mappa mundi   ! atin #mappa mndi$ ˈ ˈ ʊ ː % plural & mappae mundi  ' i( any medie)al European map of the *orld. +uch map( range in (ie and comple-ity from (imple (chematic map( an inch or le(( acro(( to elaborate *all map(, the large(t of *hich *a( 11 ft. !3. m.' in diameter. The term deri)e( from the /edie)al atin *ord( mappa  !cloth or chart' and mundi   !of the *orld'. ppro-imately 1,100 mappae mundi are kno*n to ha)e (ur)i)ed from the /iddle ge(. f the(e (ome 00 are found illu(trating manu(cript( and the remainder e-i(t a( (tand2alone document(. #1$ Contents   #hide$  ã 1 Type( of   mappae mundi  o 1.1 onal map( o 1.4 Tripartite or T2 map( o 1.3 5uadripartite or 6eatu( map( o 1.7 Comple- map( ã 4 8urpo(e of mappae mundi  ã 3 End of the tradition  ã 7 +ee al(o ã  9eference( o .1 6ibliography ã : E-ternal link( Types of mappae mundi  #edit$  ;iagram illu(trating the ma<or categorie( of mappae mundi  . E-tant mappae mundi come in (e)eral di(tinct )arietie(, including= ã onal or /acrobian map( ã Tripartite or >T2> map( ã 5uadripartite map( !including the 6eatu( map(' ã comple- map(/edie)al *orld map( *hich (hare (ome characteri(tic( of traditional mappae mundi but contain element( from other (ource(, including 8ortolan chart( and 8tolemy?(  Geography   are (ometime( con(idered a fifth type, called >tran(itional mappae mundi>. Zonal maps #edit$ Zonal maps  are picture( of the Ea(t Hemi(phere. Their purpo(e *a( to illu(trate the concept that the *orld i( a (phere *ith  climate one(= ã The northern frigid one ã the northern temperate one ã the e@uatorial tropical one ã the (outhern temperate one ã the (outhern frigid onef the(e, only the t*o temperate one( *ere belie)ed to be inhabitable, and the kno*n *orld *a( contained entirely *ithin the northern temperate one?( Ea(tern Hemi(phere. 6ecau(e mo(t (ur)i)ing onal map( are found illu(trating /acrobiu(? Commentary   on Cicero?( Dream of Scipio  !an e-cerpt of Cicero?(  De Re Publica ', thi( type of map i( (ometime( called >/acrobian>. An their (imple(t and mo(t common form, onal mappae mundi are merely circle( di)ided into fi)e parallel one(, but (e)eral larger onal map( *ith much more detail ha)e (ur)i)ed. Tripartite or T-O maps #edit$ Main article: T and O map T-O maps , unlike onal map(, illu(trate only the habitable portion of the *orld kno*n in 9oman and medie)al time(. The landma(( *a( illu(trated a( a circle !an >>' di)ided into three portion( by a >T>.The(e three di)i(ion( *ere the continent( of  (ia,  frica and Europe. The )a(t ma<ority of T2 map( place ea(t at the top, hence the term >orienting> a map from the atin *ord oriens  for >ea(t>. The a((ertion that T2 map( depict a >flat earth>, *hile common, i( un*arranted. The >circle of the land(>in a T2 can <u(t a( ea(ily be fit onto the (phere of the Earth a( onto a flat, di(k2(haped Earth # srcinal research $ . The popularity of the /acrobian map( and the combination of T2 (tyle continent( on (ome of the larger /acrobian (phere( illu(trate that Earth?( (phericity continued to be under(tood among (cholar( during the /iddle ge(. Quadripartite or Beatus maps #edit   $
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