MA Theses in Iran - Updated Spring 2011

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M. A. in Iran
  1   MA Theses in English Literature in Iran Compiled by SBU Students Updated: Spring 2011  2   Shahid Beheshti University (Student’s Surname, Student's First Name, Thesis Title  . Advisor, Reader, Date.)  Abdollahi, Maryam.  A Study of George Bernard Shaw’s Anti-Romanticism in the Light of Marxist-Realist Theories  . J. Sokhanvar, A. Fatemi. 2004.  Adeli, Mojdeh. Tom Stoppard’s Vision of God, Man’s Existence, and Morality in Rosencrants and Guildenstern Are Dead and Jumpers  . A. Nojoumian, J. Sokhanvar. 2005.  Akbari, Maryam. Looking at Women in Congreve's The Way of the World from the Feminist Approach. K. Soheil, A. Nojoumian 2007.  Akhavizadegan, Raheleh.  A Dialogical Reading of John Osborne's Look Back in Anger, The  Entertainer and Inadmissible Evidence.  Jalal Sokhanvar, A. Fatemi 2007.  Aliabadi, Zahra.  A Marxist Reading of Charles Dickens' Major Novels: Hard Times and Oliver Twist.  J. Sokhanvar, R. Deedari 2007.  Amini, Mahmoud. The Interdependence of Lacanian Subjective and Objective Levels in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.  R. Didari, K. Sohail. 2006.  Amiri, Saeid.  A Barthesian Reading of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw and The Aspern Papers  . R. Didari, A. Nojoumian. 2005.  Arami, Sara Bahmanpour, Bahareh.  A Spivakian Study of Joyce's Dubliners. K. Soheil, J. Sokhanvar, 2008. Behnoud, Saeid.  Naturalism, Pessimism and Cynicism in Hardy's Jude the Obscure, Tess of d'Urbervilles and The Mayor of Casterbridge  . J. Sokhanvar, A. Fatemi. 2005. Bozorgmehr, Ghazaal.  A Development of the Self: An Archetypal Approach on Flannery O’Conner’s Stories  . J. Sokhanvar, A. Fatemi. 2005. Charkhab, Zeynab. The Crysis of Identity in John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi.  S. Ahmadzadeh, A. Fatemi 2006. Dehghani, Morteza.  An Aesthetic Study of Gerard Manly Hopkins's Inscapist Welsh Sonnets in the Light of Russian Formalism.  K. Sohail, S. Catherine Ilkhani 2006. Ebrahimpour, Tamara. Foucault's Concept of Power in The Awakening by Kate Chopin. K. Soheil, S. Catherine Ilkhani 2007.  3   Emami, Ehsan.  A Comparative Assessment of Reality in Eliot’s Mill on the Floss and Joyce’s Ulysses in a  Marxist Framework . S. Ahmadzadeh, A. Fatemi. 2004. Fard Teimoori, Shadi.  A Narrative Reading of Virginia Woolf's The Waves.  A. Nojoumian, A. Fatemi 2008. Farrokhi, Majid.  An Existentialist Study of Alienation in Eliot's Poetry.  J. Sokhanvar, A. Fatemi 2008. Ghaderi, Farangis. Hypertextual Reading of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Baz Luhrmann's Film William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. S. Ahmadzade, R. Didari 2008. Ghandhari, Shaghayegh. The Reader-Response Approach in Roal Dahl’s Children’s Novels  . K. Soheil, A. Nojoumian. 2005. Ghapanvari, AliReza.  A Synthetic Approach to the Study of Religion in Hard Times and Catch-22.  R. Didari, K. Soheil. 2004. Ghavidel, Mohammad.  John Donne’s Concept of Love in the Light of Reader-Response Theory  . S.  Ahmadzadeh, A. Nojoumian. 2004. Ghiasi, Efaf. Individuation: A Jungian Reading of Saul Bellow's Herzog.  A. Nojoumian, A. Fatemi 2006. Gholampour, M. H.  Marxist Feminist Analysis of Milton’s: Paradise Lost.  S. Ahamadzadeh, K. Soheil. 2004. Hajimoradi, Farkhondeh.  A Peircian Semiotic Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe's Assignation and The  Man that was Used Up   . K. Soheil, M. Zeimaran. 2005. Hajji, Nahal.  A Deconstructive Reading of John Donne’s    Songs and Sonnets  . A. Nojoumian, S.  Ahmadzadeh. 2005. Heidari, Roohollah.  A Postcolonial Reading of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. R. Didari, S.  Ahmadzadeh 2006. Hosseini-nia, Bahareh.  An Althusserian Study of Arthur Miller's The Crucible and Death of a Salesman. R. Deedari, K. Soheil 2008.  Jalali Farhani, Maryam. The Role of Reader-Response Criticism  U  in U   Lord Jim  . A. Nojoumian, J. Sokhanvar. 2004.  Jannesari Ladani, Zahra.  A Dialogic Study of William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and Light in  August  . A. Nojoumian, J. Sokhanvar. 2005.  Javadi, Zohreh.  A Gender Study of Kate Chopin's The Awakening in the Light of Showalter's Theory of Gynocriticism. R. Didari, J. Sokhanvar 2006.  4   Kadkhodaee, Abbas. Pinter, A Socio-Political Study of his Plays.  R. Didari, A. Nojoumian. 2004. Kalehjahi, Saeed.  A Bakhtinian Reading of D. H. Lawrence's Women in Love  . R. Didari, A. Fatemi. 2005. Katanforoush, Sara.  A Study of Short Stories of Lorrie Moore from the Collection Birds of America Based on Psychoanalytical Theories of Julia Kristeva.  K. Sohail, S. Ahmadzadeh 2006. Kiani, Mohsen. The Act of Reading The Waste Land as Iserian Study of T. S. Eliot's Poem.  K. Sohail, R Didari 2006. Majidi Tabrizi, Shadi.  A Feminist Reading of Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis. S. Ahmadzade, K. Soheil 2007. Mashayekhi, Mehdi.  A Study of Semiotic Shifts in the Translation of Rumi's Poetry and the Case Study of Chopra's A Gift of Love .  A. Nojoumian, K. Soheil 2008. Mehdikhan, Ali. Toward a Definition of Romantic Language in the Light of Paul de Man's Deconstruction and Materiality.  A. Nojoumian, S. Ahmadzade 2009. Moallemian, Roxana.  Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams and Charles Olson’s Poetry from Roger Fowler’s Linguistic Point of View  . A. Nojoumian, J. Sokhanvar. 2005. Moayerzadeh Ahmadi, Narges.  A Study of Dynamism in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young  Man Through Julia Kristeva's Psycho-Linguistic Theories.  R. Didari, A. Nojoumian 2006. Mohammadi, Nahid.  John Ashbery’s Poetry in the Light of Deconstruction  . J. Sokhanvar, S.  Ahmadzadeh. 2003. Montakhabi, Narges. Schherezadeh Is Betrayed; Demystification and Subversion of Mythology in Barths' Chimera: A de Manian Reading.  J. Sokhanvar, A. Nojoumian 2007. Moradi, Nemat-Allah. The Sun Also Rises Across the River and into the Trees the Torrents of Spring  . R. Didari, K. Soheil. 2003. Nazai, Sarbas.  A Semiotic Reading of Shakespeare's Macbeth based on Jack Gold's Performance  . S.  Ahmadzadeh, J. Sokhanvar 2006. Pour-Djavaherian, Nasim.  A Study of Archetypal Patterns of Good and Evil, Order and Chaos in Tolkien’s Trilogy: The Lord of the Ring  . J. Sokhanvar, A. Nojoumian. 2004. Rahimi, Ahmad Reza. Power and Discourse in Julius Caesar.  S. Ahmadzadeh, A. Fatemi 2006. Sahami, Baharak.  A Dialogic Study of Eudora Welty’s    Delta Wedding  . J. Sokhanvar, R. Didari. 2004.
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