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Running head: STRENGTHS 1 Learning Outcome Narrative: Strengths Kara Schwartz Seattle University STRENGTHS 2 Learning Outcome Narrative - Strengths Integrative Theme: Understanding and Valuing Diverse Perspectives Various coursework, work experienc
  Running head: STRENGTHS1Learning Outcome Narrative: StrengthsKara SchwartzSeattle niversit!  STRENGTHS Learning Outcome Narrative # Strengths Integrative Theme: Understanding and Valuing Diverse Perspectives $arious coursewor%& wor% e'(eriences& and dail! interactions have sha(ed& and continue to sha(e& how ) understand m! role and res(onsi*ilit! in the world and in m! immediate communities+ This narrative serves to e'em(li,! m! s%ills as well as how ) have grown and develo(ed as a student a,,airs (ro,essional+ -hat *rought me into the ,ield& and s(eci,icall! this  (rogram& was m! goal to develo( s%ills and %nowledge to hel( create sa,e and su((ortive environments through the lens o, advocating ,or more e.uita*le and accessi*le services+ Throughout m! time in the (rogram ) have gained a dee(er sense o, sel,& honed s%ills to  *e a more %nowledgea*le and intentional (ractitioner& and have wor%ed to challenge how m! identities sha(e me+ The res(onsi*ilit! that ) hold with the %nowledge that ) have o*tained& the s(aces ) have access to& and m! educational merit grounds me in m! (assion ,or the ,ield+ )n m! desire to *e an advocate ,or e.uita*le change and ,ostering su((ortive communities& ) recognize the im(ortance o, understanding com(le' s!stems o, o((ression& how m! (rivileged and su*ordinate identities in,luence m! (ers(ective& and m! commitment to li,elong learning+Through the (rogram ) have develo(ed a dee(er understanding to m! (ersonal and  (ro,essional (hiloso(h!/ the a((roach ) ta%e to m! wor%& m! dail! interactions& and how ) aim tosustain the never ending (rocess o, m! growth and develo(ment+ )n attem(ts to advocate ,or student needs and change in (ractices and (olicies ) have constantl! wor%ed through the lens o, wanting to ,irst understand and value diverse (ers(ectives to then use that %nowledge to (lan m! actions and *ehavior+ )t is through this ,ramewor% that ) a((roach m! wor% with advising students& develo(ing communities& and *eing an advocate+  STRENGTHS0 Advising (Learning Outcomes 2, , ! Arti#acts A, $, %&De#ining dimensions' Student issues and needs& ada(ting services to s(eci,ic environments and cultures& ethical leadershi( Regardless o, whether or not a (ractitioner wor%s in a role where advising is a clear as(ect o, their o* descri(tion or res(onsi*ilities& ) view our ,ield as re.uiring a strong ,oundationand certain level o, com(etenc! in this s%ill+ 2an! students see% out administrators in student services to (rovide some level o, mentorshi(& guidance& or to engage in critical or challenging conversations+ )t is necessar! to understand students& where the! are coming ,rom& how their  (ast and current e'(eriences are sha(ing the wa!s in which the! are viewing the situation or the environment& as well as how the! are choosing to engage with it+ 3dditionall!& understanding student issues and various *arriers is vital to validating e'(eriences and (roviding an action (lan to (roceed& not onl! ,or the students moving ,orward& *ut ,or us as (ractitioners as well+ Thus& it is through 4o(e5s 6 7789 ,ramewor% o, multicultural com(etenc! in develo(ing one5s awareness&%nowledge& and s%ills that (ractitioners can *etter in,orm their advising (ractices+ue to m! time in this (rogram through coursewor%& wor% e'(eriences& and co#curricular ) have ,ostered a stronger s%illset in m! role as an advisor+ 3s an intern wor%ing with international student leaders& develo(ing their training& and overseeing their engagement with thenew grou( o, international students ) was a*le to *etter understand various cultural di,,erences instudent issues and needs+ )n challenging m! 3merican cultural lens and m! lac% o, e'(erience inadvising international students& ) used 4o(e5s 6 7789 model to *etter in,orm m! a((roach to advising a student (o(ulation ) had no (rior e'(erience with+ nderstanding the im(ortance and how to a((l! theories to m! (ractice has *een an area ) have had immense growth in+ Through coursewor% in student develo(ment theor!& ,oundations& *est (ractices& and communit! colleges )  STRENGTHS8have a*le to a((l! what ) have learned to m! wor% e'(erience and m! a((roach to dail! interactions+ ommunit) Development (Learning Outcomes !, *, + Arti#acts $, %, &De#ining dimensions' Leadershi(s and colla*oration& e,,ective communication& students needs and issues;ommunit! and connections to others are as(ects o, m! (ersonal and (ro,essional  (ractice that hel(s give m! li,e and m! wor% meaning+ <eing ,ull! (resent and activel! listeningto others is one o, m! strongest s%ills& it was draws me to engaging in meaning,ul& intentional& and critical conversations and the s(aces that (rovide those o((ortunities+ 4rior to starting the Student evelo(ment 3dministration (rogram ) had a ver! rudimentar! understanding o, meaning ma%ing and var!ing meaning that is (laced on higher education+ )t has *een through m! wor% at South Seattle ;ollege and through m! internshi( e'(eriences that ) have *een a*le togain a dee(er %nowledge and understanding+ 3dditionall! theories such as 3stin5s 61===9 theor! o, student involvement have *etter structured m! (ractice and colla*oration with others& studentsand colleagues ali%e+ This theor! has in,ormed m! understanding o, how to sha(e communities that are more inclusive and aide in develo(ment+ Since critical and meaning,ul conversations arewhere most o, m! (assions lie& it is necessar! to have an environment that su((orts and s(ace in which the! can ta%e (lace+ ) have ,ound that communit! is *est *uild when those involved ,eel as though the! have some role or res(onsi*ilit! is sha(ing it& that the! are valued and im(ortant to its develo(ment+ Thus& colla*oration and connections *etween (eo(le& o,,ices& and resources is vital to creating a cohesive and uni,ied communit! with similar a((roaches to ,ostering environments in which change and growth can ta%e (lace+
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