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Raqilah Clyburn Bio 110-08 Lab paper (optional) November 29, 2016 Genetic Engineering I have always followed
   Raqilah Clyburn Bio 110-08 Lab paper (optional) November 29, 201!eneti #n$ineerin$% have al&ay' ollo&e the 'ayin$, *everythin$ happen' or a rea'on+ % believe &e $o throu$h 'tru$$le' in lie or a rea'on, our hair i' bro&n or a rea'on, or that &e even rive a ona or a parti ular rea'on #veryone &ho i' reate ha' been put on earth or a rea'on .he $reat iver'itie' &e all e/perien e 'u h a' hair olor, eye olor, an &ei$ht, or hei$ht, mae' up the &orl toay hat &oul the &orl be lie i everyone &a' 'mart, &ith pere t vi'ion, an  eet tall 3ome may thin there i' nothin$ &ron$ &ith that 'tatement, but % be$ to ier % everyone &a' the 'ame &ouln4t the &orl be a little borin$ 5 orin$ to the !eneti ' ome Reeren e, a $ene i' the ba'i phy'i al an un tional unit o hereity !ene', &hi h are mae up o 6N5, a t a' in'tru tion' to mae mole ule' alle  protein' %n human', $ene' vary in 'i7e rom a e& hunre 6N5 ba'e' to more than 2 million  ba'e' 6N5 i' &hat mae' u' &ho &e are 3 ienti't have been moiyin$ plant' an 'ome animal' or 'ome time no&, but &ith te hnolo$y avan in$ oin$ thi' ha' be ome more e/pen'ive CR%3R(Clu'tere Re$ularly %nter'pa e 3hort alinromi Repeat) i' a ne& te hnolo$i al avan e that &ill han$e &hat &e on'ier to be *normal+ an al'o bein$ le'' e/pen'ive %t 'eem' overni$ht the o't o #n$ineerin$ ha' 'hrun by 99 &ith the evelopment o CR%3R .he 'tart o thi' avan e be$in &ith ba teriopha$e' enterin$ their o&n $eneti oe into ba teria an tain$ them over 5' the ba teria trie' to re'i't the han$e', they ail mo't o the  time % the ba teria i' liely to 'urvive an atta  it i' le'' liely they &ill have a 'tron$ prote tive'y'tem .hey then 'tore a part o the viru' 6N5 in their $eneti oe alle CR%3R % the viru' e ie' to atta  a$ain the ba terium mae' a opy o the RN5 an mae' a protein alle C539 .he protein an no& ' an or 'i$n' o the invaer an ut' out the viru' prote tin$ the  ba terium rom atta  3 ienti't then i$ure out the CR%3R 'y'tem &a' pro$rammable 5llo&in$ ' ienti't to eit live ell' an han$e 6N5 'equen e' or animal', plant', mi roor$ani'm', an even human' 3ome people may be very enthu'ia'ti about the iea o havin$ the po&er to reate the *pere t hil+ or livin$ eternally :ther' may 'ay thi' $oe' a$ain't moral', value', an the environment 5 'urvey by the e& Re'ear h Center 'ho&' a i'tru't o ' ienti't' an a real i' omort &ith the iea o tamperin$ &ith the natural &ay o lie .he 'urvey &a' an eye opener rom the  publi about the true iea o bein$ human an &hat moral' are important to them per'onally %n the 'urvey, mo't o the publi &a' a$ain't every iea about $eneti en$ineerin$ in luin$  preventin$ i'ea'e in babie' .he e& 'urvey introu e three iea' that oul po''ibly be an option in the uture; u'in$ $ene eitin$ to prote t babie' rom i'ea'e, implantin$ hip' in the  brain to improve people<' ability to thin, an tran'u'in$ 'yntheti bloo that &oul enhan e  perorman e by in rea'in$ 'pee, 'tren$th an enuran e (=olata, 201) Not only &a' the  publi relu tant be au'e o moral' an ethi ' but al'o or 'aety >o't, at lea't 'even out o 10, thou$ht ' ienti't' &oul ru'h to oer ea h o the te hnolo$ie' beore they ha aequately te'te or even uner'too them (=olata, 201) .he ear' they have e/perien e are al'o the ear' % en ounter &ith the thou$ht o han$in$ manin &ith only a lab   5' no&le$e o $eneti en$ineerin$ $ro&' % &oner &hat &ill be the limit or ' ienti't &ho approa h thi' iea o han$in$ human' a' &e no& them toay !eneti en$ineerin$ i' not only thi' iea o han$in$ the &ay &e loo but al'o urin$ in urable i'ea'e' 5' % thin, *hat i % ha an er+ or *hat i my hil i' born &ith o&n 'ynrome+, &oul %  be able to 'ay no to a ure .he'e are que'tion' that have been in ebate, e'pe ially tyin$ into reli$ion ith the implementation o the uman !enome ro?e t &e have 'een no&le$e o $eneti ' $ro&in$ an ho& it ha' 'hape the &orl Chri'tian' have not ell 'hort o any o the'e ne& evelopment' 5' &e learn more about the role' that 6N5 (eo/yribo'e-nu lei a i) play' in our evelopment, Chri'tian' &ill be theolo$i ally pre''e to thin throu$h que'tion' o morality an ho& both nurture an nature inluen e tho'e que'tion' (> =en7ie, 2009) 3eem' a'thou$h tho'e &ho are reli$iou', moral' an ethi ' play' a hu$e role in their everyay live' an e i'ion main$ 5' part o the e& Re'ear h Center 'urvey, they i' overe @ per ent o evan$eli al rote'tant' 'ai $ene eitin$ to prote t babie' rom 'eriou' i'ea'e' &a' melin$ &ith nature %n ontra't, 81 per ent o athei't' an 80 per ent o a$no'ti ' 'ai it &a' not unamentally ierent rom other &ay' human' have trie to better them'elve' (=olata, 201) .hi' 'tatement by =olata ha' 'ho&e the ierent thou$ht' on &hat i' morally &ron$ or &hat i' only human' betterin$ them'elve' ithout a oubt in my min % believe te hnolo$y ha' improve the &orl an 'hape u' into the people &e are toay 3o &ho am % to 'ay, $eneti en$ineerin$ i' a lo't au'e 3ome people may ar$ue thi' &ill improve the human ra e, later proviin$ beneit' or our hilren % an<t 'ay % i'a$ree ompletely 'imply be au'e a &orl &ithout i'ea'e &oul be ama7in$ 5 team ba'e at !reat :rmon 3treet o'pital or Chilren in Lonon re ently u'e $ene eitin$ to treat a one-year-ol $irl &ith leuemia, &ho i' no& in remi''ion >ore  te hnolo$y i' in the pipeline 5 team ba'e at erelman 3 hool o >ei ine at the Aniver'ity o enn'ylvania reporte in thi' &ee<' Nature Biote hnolo$y that they &ere able to  orre t a $eneti liver i'ea'e in ne&born mi e    .ain$ thi' te hnolo$y into human embryo' oul orre t eva'tatin$ $eneti i'ea'e' in the &omb (> aen, 201) % then a' the que'tion to my'el, *% parent' &ere $iven the han e to u'e thi' in o te hnolo$y to 'ave their hil &oul they oit+ .hi' i' a ii ult que'tion to an'&er be au'e % &oul &ant to believe the parent &oul &anttheir hil to live, but *oul thi' really &or<<, i' the que'tion % a''ume ' ienti't are mo't liely to $et Builin$ tru't &ith the publi i' 'omethin$ ' ienti't &ill have to &or at : our'e over time &ith a'e ater a'e havin$ prove 'u e''ul, people &ill 'tart to be more uriou' % ' ien e oul eliminate 'uerin$ in the &orl, i' there anythin$ ba that oul ome rom it No one i' or ertain that thi' &oul 'oon tae over the &orl an be ome the *ne/t be't thin$+ e annot prei t the uture nor an &e i$nore the a t that te hnolo$y i' han$in$ or the better an no&le$e o $eneti ' i' $ro&in$ e have to on'ier the a t' that the environment &ill not be able to &ith'tan immortal lie on earth e alreay have more people on earth than &hat &e have enou$h re'our e' or e have to al'o on'ier the beneit' o $eneti en$ineerin$ 5' % have re'ear he throu$hout thi' paper, % reali7e % have no lear ut e i'ion a' to &hether % a$ree or i'a$ree &ith thi' iea .here are pro' an on' to thi' ne& ieathat i' approa hin$ .he human ra e a' a &hole, &e have to e ie i &e are $oin$ to embra e thi' iea or try to in &ay' to mae thi' po''ible or ri it o a' ?u't another aile e/periment Let<' a' our'elve' the'e que'tion' beore &e be$in to la'p thi' ne& evelopment
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