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  Stan J. CaterboneADVANCED MEDIA GROUP Freedom From Covert Harassment & Srve! an#e$ % Re!stered !n Penns' van!a ()*+ Fremont Street,an#aster$ PA (-+/ oba enteta!nmentro1.#omstan#aterbone2ma! .#om-(-3*)43))++ COUR5 OF COMMON P,EASOF ,ANCAS5ER COUN56$ PENNS6,VANIACIVI, AC5ION 7 ,A8  ___________________________________________________________ RONA,D 8 SAVAGEvs.Case No. CI3(-3++)+IDIN5 IN5ERNA5IONA, ,5D 9et a .:AFFIDAVI5 OF ;ENOUGH IS ENOUGH<  ___________________________________________________________ 5O 5HE PRO5HONO5AR6= >S> Stan e' J. Caterbone$ Date= Mar#? )$ )+(-Stan e' J. Caterbone$ Pro Se Advan#ed Med!a Gro1()*+ Fremont Street,an#aster$ PA (-+/ oba enterta!nmentro1.#omstan#aterbone2ma! .#om9-(-: *@43))++ Not!#e and D!s# a!mer= Stan J. Caterbone and t?e Advan#ed Med!a Gro1 ?ave been s andered$ deamed$ and 1b !# 'd!s#red!ted s!n#e (@4- de to o!n 1b !# 98?!st e B o0er: 0!t? a eat!ons o m!s#ond#t and rad 0!t?!nInternat!ona S!na & Contro $ P #. o ,an#aster$ Pa. 9ISC 1 eaded ! t' to se !n arms to Ira v!a Sot? Ar!#a anda ( B! !on Frad !n (@@):. Unortnate ' 0e are or#ed to deend or re1tat!on and t?e trt? 0!t?ot t?e a!d o  a0 enor#ement and t?e med!a$ 0?!#? 0o d norma ' 1rose#te and e1ose 1b !# #orr1t!on. 8e t! !e or#ommn!#at!ons to t?0art rt?er !be os and ma !#!os atta#s on or 1erson$ or 1ro1ert'$ and or bs!ness. 8e#ont!ne or !?t or st!#e t?ro? t?e Corts$ and some #ommn!#at!ons are a means o 1rote#t!n or r!?ts to#ont!ne or 1rs!t o st!#e. Advan#ed Med!a Gro1 !s a so a member o t?e med!a. Re1 ' ! 'o 0!s? to beremoved rom or Conta#t ,!st. Ho0 on #an ,an#aster Cont' and ,an#aster C!t' ?!de me and Cont!ne to Cover3U1 m' 8?!st e B o0!n o t?e ISC S#ande 9And t?e 5ortre rom U.S. S1onsored M!nd Contro :   Case No. CI-17-00206Page 1 of 13Thursday March 2, 2017  AC5IVE COUR5 CASES · J.C. No. +/3(3@+++* O!#e o t?e C!r#!t Ee#t!ve$ Un!ted States 5?!rd C!r#!t Cort o A11ea s 3 COMP,AIN5 OF JUDICIA,MISCONDUC5 OR DISABI,I56 re 15-3400 and 16-1149  +/3(3@+++K re A,, FEDERA, ,I5IGA5ION 5O DA5E · U.S. S1reme Cort Case No. (34)) PE5I5ION FOR 8RI5 OF CER5IORARI re Case No. 16-1149 MOVANT for Lisa Michelle La!er · U.S.C.A. 5?!rd C!r#!t Cort o A11ea s  Case No. 16-1149 MOVAN5 or ,!sa M!#?e e ,ambert #15-3400 MOVAN5 or ,!saM!#?e e ,ambert # 16-1001# 0$-44$4 · U.S. D!str!#t Cort Eastern D!str!#t o PA Case No. (3K+(K CA5ERBONE v. Un!ted States$ et.a l.#   Case No. 16-c%-49# 15-039&4# 14-0'559 MOVAN5 or ,!sa M!#?e e ,ambert  05-''&&# 06-4650( 0&-0'9&'  · U.S. D!str!#t Cort M!dd e D!str!#t o PA Case No. (3#v3(-*( PE5I5ION FOR HABEUS CORPUS · Common0ea t? o Penns' van!a Jd!#!a Cond#t Board 7 Case No. )+(3K) Co)lain a*ains Lancas er Co+n , Co+r of Coon leas Jde ,eonard Bro0n III · Penns' van!a S1reme  Co+r Case No. 353 MT '016# 354 MT '016   10& MM '016 Am!#s or Lat? een Lane · S1er!or Cort o Penns' van!a   Smmar' A11ea Case No. C-36-A-0000'19-'016( AMICUS or Lat? een Lane Case No. ((K EDA )+( # Case No. 1561 M/A '015# 1519 M/A '015  (3()(@ Pre !m!nar' Inn#t!on Case o )+( · ,an#aster Cont' Cort o Common P eas  Case No. 0&-133$3# 15-1016$# 06-03349( C-06-03401 · U.S. Banr1t#' Cort or 5?e Eastern D!str!#t o Penns' van!a Case No. 16-1015$ Case No. CI-17-00206Page 2 of 13Thursday March 2, 2017  Stan J. CaterboneADVANCED MEDIA GROUP Freedom From Covert Harassment & Srve! an#e$ % Re!stered !n Penns' van!a ()*+ Fremont Street,an#aster$ PA (-+/ oba enteta!nmentro1.#omstan#aterbone2ma! .#om-(-3*)43))++MARCH ($ )+(- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH It is pretty bad when I can't even walk out of my home without pepper spray around myneck, or when I can't even take out the trash when I want to. Every time I leave my home, orcome home, there is some if not a few neighbors, whoever they really are, there to greet me.Last night someone was in my home again while I was asleep and broke the lid to my toilet, thirdtime it broke. I can't glue it together this time.It is pretty bad when I can't even walk anymore without pain and a severe limp. It is worstwhen I first get out of bed, my memory foam adjustable bed has been failing my back and leg thepast week or so. You are all crippling me in plain sight. I know what I need to treat my body, mypain medication and my whirlpool therapeutic spa. hat treatment plan worked so well in thepast, that I was in a routine of e!cising every morning, sit ups, push ups, stretching, etc., I usedthe pain pills so sparingly that I averaged # of a tablet a day for all of $%& for the scripts that Ihad. It helped reduced the risk of addiction to (ero, and kept my system's tolerance level wherethey had ma!imum effect on reducing or eliminating the pain. hat allowed me to do morestretching and e!cising, keeping me physically fit. NO5 6HE PRO7,EM IS 6HA6 IN AUGUS6OF )+( I FI,ED A ,EGI6IMA6E PRE,IMINAR8 INJUNC6ION FOR EMERGENC8 RE,IEF  inorder to get a Lancaster )ounty )ourt of )ommon *leas +udge to -E- the physicians and myhealth insurance comply with my treatment plan. /edicare already gave me verbal approval forthe therapeutic spa. 01Y I2 1E )32E 2II45 0I16 34Y 3+6I)3I4 7Y +65E3210-18  9EE* /E )-I**LE 34 I4 *3I4 : -6-E.It is pretty bad when I have to troubleshoot the computer hacking myself and find that myneighbors, &$;$ or &$<= are using a jamming device to disconnect my wireless internetconnection. I know this by using my smartphone hotspot upstairs or at another location with nointerruption. Yesterday I called the 1arrisburg ffice of the >7I and informed them of my findingand the female at >7I told me it is not a >EE-3L )-I/E, yet the Lancaster )ity *oliceepartment, in $%&;, e!plained to me that they do not have the resources to determine thesource of the computer hacking, which makes perfect sense to me. 6HE F7I IS$ OF COURSE$,8ING. I FI,ED AN IC/ COMP,AIN6 FOR COMPU6ER HAC9ING ON 6HE F7I 5E7SI6E ONSA6URDA8$ FE7RUAR8 )$ )+(-.  In $%&;, /ichael Landis, then the )hief of Lancaster )ountyetectives informed me in person that ?1E >7I I2 13)9I45 Y6@. his was after a lengthymeeting with EE)IAE B31/, when he instructed me to get a third party to verify my computerwas, in fact, hacked. I did this with at least $ third party local computer companies, and nevertalked to him again : he refused to see me or return my calls. hat was $ years agoC 4ow I haveto use the Lancaster )ounty Library or /conald's 0i>i.It is pretty bad when the stalking, harassment, and threats in owntown Lancaster duringthe nights in the E4E-3I4/E4 district has taken on such a bold and arrogant state of affairs,that calling D&& proves to be an e!ercise in futility. he bars and restaurants must have a directline to the *ennsylvania 2tate *olice and the *L)7. Instead of being fined, they are constantly ENOUGH IS ENOUGH by Stan J. CaterbonePage 1 of 11Wednesday March 1, 2017 42 U.S. Code § 1983 - Civil action for deprivation of rights ve
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