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Lake Effect Snow Learning Target: I am able to describe how winds and bodies of water influence the weather and climate we experience in Michigan. Lake Effect Snow Overview Lake effect snow is snow falling on the side of a lake away from the wind, generated by cold air passing over warmer water, especially in the Great Lakes region. https://www.youtub Steps to Lake Effect Snow 1. Cold air streams across the warm lakes 2.
  Lake Efect Snow Learning Target: I am able to describe how winds and bodies of water inuence the weather and climate we experience in Michigan.  Lake Eect now ! er iew Lake eect snow is snow falling on the side of a lake awa# from the wind$ generated b# cold air passing o er warmer water$ especiall# in the %reat Lakes region.https:&&' (w)x   teps to Lake Eect now ,.*old air streams across the warm lakes-.ir warms and becomes humid/.s the air warms$ it becomes less dense and rises0.s air rises$ it cools1.*ooler$ moist air condenses to form clouds2.3hen the clouds can4t contain all of this water$ it falls back to the surface as snow  *onditions 5ecessar# for Lake Eect nowstorms Each of the below must be present for a storm to occur:6Large temperature dierence between the lake and air. The greater the dierence$ the larger the potential for lake eect.67igh pressure cell 8rising barometer9 following a low pressure cell 8falling barometer9. This situation pro ides fa orable conditions for lifting the warm$ moisture;lled air up for cooling and ice cr#stal formation. 6 long <fetch4. +etch is the distance the wind tra els o er the open water surface. The longer the fetch$ the greater the amount of heat and moisture$ the greater potential for lake eect snow.
Lake-Effect Snow

Lake-Effect Snow

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