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KYLE TREU Orem, UT 84057 ▪ (435) 200-7012▪ Hands-on leader with 3+ years’ experience in the social media marketing industry. Recognized for planning, developing, executing marketing campaigns within different companies, resulting in long-term stability and growth. CORE STRENGTHS Top sales performer Creative problem solver Excellent communication skills C
  K  YLE  T REU Orem, UT 84057 ▪ (435) 200-7012▪ KyleTreu@hotmail.om !a #$-o lea#er %ith 3& year$' eerie e i the $oial me#ia mar*eti + i #u$try. eo+ ie# or  la i +, #e/eloi +, eeuti + mar*eti + amai+ $ %ithi #iere t oma ie$, re$ulti + i lo +-term$taility a # +ro%th. C ORE  S TRENGTHS   ã To $ale$ erormer  ã elle t ommu iatio $*ill$ ã tro + lie t relatio $ ã u$tomer $er/ie ã reati/e rolem $ol/er  ã o lit re$olutio ã ourteou$ #emea or  ã  er+eti %or* attitu#e  E DUCATION    LDSBC, all 2015  all 2017 (ete#) ã  oial 6e#ia 6ar*eti + Utah Valley University , all 2013  i ter 2014 ã 6ar*eti +  Brigham Young University , all 2007 - i ter 2013 ã e eral tu#ie$ W ORK   E XPERIENCE   DANCE   STUDIO  C OACH /T EACHER   & M ARKETING  M ANAGER  ,  December 2014  Current  !slan Style Dance Stu io,  Utah ã !a/e tau+ht %or*$ho$ a # la$$e$ at /ariou$ $tu#io$ ã oahe# the 9li e :u ior !i+h ormatio team 4yr$ ã Or+a ie# mar*eti + amai+ $ /ia oial 6e#ia ã !ele# oe ;uil# e% loatio ater $ue$$ul mar*eti + $trate+y aliatio M ARKETING  M ANAGER  ,  #$ril 2014 % &une 2014 University 'ate(ay #$artments,  Orem, UT ã reate# eiti + e% mar*eti + amai+ $ ã !ele# %ith illi + the omle %ith te a t$ ã Or+a ie# $oial a # u e/e t$ or $tu#e t$;te a t$ S ALES  R  EPRESENTATIVE ,  )ay 2011 % &une 201*  Bio'uar +Dishne Satellite,  <ro/o, UT ã ol# or+a i e$t o trol #oor to #oor #uri + the $ummer mo th$ ã Otai e# a # *et o/er 80 u$tomer$ ã ar e# a%ar#$ a # o u$e$ or out$ta #i + ro#utio ã !i+hly $ue$$ul i otai i + u$tomer$ or =i$h et%or* throu+h outou # all$ P RODUCTION  A SSISTANT ,  )ay 200- % Se$tember 200- .reu /ro uctions, Orem, UT ã 9$$i$te# the =iretor i ro#utio o the #oume tary $erie$  eal  amilies, eal #ns(ers et u li+ht$, ale$, miroho e$, et.eo+ ie# or out$ta #i + %or* ethi a # ou$ A CCOMPLISHMENTS    agle Scout #(ar   ã eei/e# a+le out a%ar# i 2007 Church Service ã er/e# i >a$h/ille T> rom 2008-2010 at my o% ee $e to teah eole aout my hurh a # to hel them imro/e their li/e$.
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