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Focused Preschool Observation Part 1: Child History The young child I observed was a four-year-old girl that I will refer to as Child A. She has curly blonde hair, big brown eyes, and is quite slender. Her dress is put together, clothes are clean, and her hair has been fixed. She is about the same size as her other classmates. Child A is very respectful and attentive to the teacher. She enjoys talking with other students when there is free time. When she is talking, she
  Focused Preschool ObservationPart 1: Child History  The young child I observed was a four-year-old girl that I will refer to asChild A. She has curly blonde hair, big brown eyes, and is quite slender.Her dress is put together, clothes are clean, and her hair has been !ed. She is about the sa e si#e as her other class ates. Child A is very respectful and attentive to the teacher. She en$oys tal%ing with other students when there is free ti e. &hen she is tal%ing, she uses a lot of e otion li%e having wide eyes, a%ing faces, and s iling. 'verall, Child A acts very happy and en$oys being with others. This child co es fro a iddle class fa ily with one baby brother. (oth of her parents usually wor%, but since her other $ust had a child, she is on aternity leave. Child A co es fro a good ho e setting and has parents who truly care about her. Part 2: Description of Setting  This preschool observation too% place at a licensed childcare center called The Children)s Center of Holston Ho e. This center is rated three stars and accepts children fro ages si! wee%s to si! years. I observed Child A in one of the three preschool classes they have. The roo was very large, colorful, and had a lot of natural light. The classroo was split up into specic areas such as a writing center, art table, science center, ne- otor center, listening area, bloc% center,  ho e center, reading area, and a dra atic play center. *ach center was labeled with words and pictures for the children to understand.  The classroo also had a s all sin% in the roo and a connected bathroo . All furniture is tailored to t the needs and si#e of the children. There is one ain teacher who is in charge of the schedule and two foster grandparent volunteers. Teacher A plans the schedule, carries out activities, and is the one in charge. +olunteer A and +olunteer ( read stories to the students and helps clean up or set up. &hen I arrived at  a. ., Teacher A was going over the days of the wee% with the children while the two volunteers were setting the tablesup for snac%. The teacher would have each student answer a question about their address, phone nu ber, or birthday before they could go wash their hands and sit down at the table. The setting of this preschool was very clean and it is evident the teachers and volunteers wor% hard to create a safe, healthy, and fun environ ent for the children. Focused Preschool Observation Part 3: Focused Observation Questions and Developmental Checklist Observer’s Name: Samantha King Date(s) of Observation: 3/14 and 3/16 Name, gender and ea!t age of nfant: #hi$d %, fema$e, 4 &ears 'ime observation(s) began:  am   'ime observation(s) ended: 1*:3* am Setting: #hi$dren’s #enter of +o$ston +ome 1. Describe the gross and ne !otor develop!ent of the preschooler. hat #as the preschooler doing to de!onstrate this develop!ent$ hat did the teacher do to sti!ulate !ove!ent$ Child A displayed gross otor s%ills by running around, wal%ing up steps, standing on one leg, and dancing to usic. To sti ulate ove ent, Teacher A would play upbeat usic in the orning and encourage the children to wiggle around. 'ther than this e!a ple, the teacher did not verbally sti ulate ove ent. However, she let thechildren go pic% what centers they wanted to be in for the day and each center encouraged ove ent of so e sort. /or e!a ple, Child A pic%ed to go to the house%eeping center, which was located upstairs in a large playhouse. To get to this area, she had to wal% up steps and that sti ulates ove ent. Child A displayed ne- otor s%ills by using a spoon to eat, drawing, painting, and writing her na e. The teacher and volunteers really sti ulated ne- otor develop ent s%ills with each child. &hen doing a craft, they would encourage each child to paint own their own and write their own na e on the bac% of the paper.  2. Describe the sy!bolic play %pretend play& in #hich the child engaged. hat ob'ects #ere used$ ere other children involved$ Child A would pretend to be a doctor and chec% other children)s heartbeat, give the shots, and put bandages on the . She dressed up in a white lab coat and used a stethoscope and bandages to use on her patients. Child A had one other child who would pretend to be sic% or have a bro%en leg. After a while, they switched roles and Child A would pretend that her head was hurting while Child ( would wrap up her patients head in bandages. Together, they were having a good ti eplaying the roles of a doctor and a patient. (. Describe if this child chose to play #ith sa!e se) children* opposite se) children* or both se)es e+ually. Did the preschool child engage in non,stereotyped play$ Describe co!pletely.  The rst day I was observing, Child A only played with children of the sa e se!. Together the girls played with a toy train set, which was not stereotypical play. 'n the second day however, Child A went over to one of her ale and fe ale class ates and started to wor% on a pu##lewith the . Half way through the pu##le, the other girl left and it was  $ust Child A and a ale preschooler. This did not bother Child A since she continued to play and wor% on the pu##le with hi . 0ue to the wayshe acted on the rst day, I believe that if it was not for that one girl
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