Katherine Jackson Declaration. Restraining Order 3/1/2017

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Declarations off KATHERINE JACKSON (Plaintiff) JERMAINE JACKSON (Son) REBBIE JACKSON (Daughter) JANICE SMITH (Personal Assistant) CORDIA WRIGHT (Friend) Laura McClain (Personal Security) Sherry Harris (Consultant) Sabrina Williams (Friend ) Sandy Christmas (Friend) Joy Bass (Attorney) Julianna Edwards (Attorney) In support of Katherine Jackson request for permanent restraining order against Trent Lamar Jackson Full details on TeamMichaelJackson.com Katherine Jackson Claims Nephew Trent Is Spying on Her With Hidden Cameras: 'I Am Afraid in My Own Home' Katherine, 86, alleges in new court documents obtained by ET that she's fearful that recently terminating Trent's employment -- and his alleged refusal to leave her guest home in Calabasas, California -- will cause him to try and cause her further harm. She says she's currently living under a doctor's care in London, England, in part because of the stress this situation with Trent is causing [her]. I am afraid of Trent in my own home for many reasons, Katherine alleges in the papers. I have no privacy since he has free run of the house. He tells the house staff and security that he is the 'House Manager.'
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