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Jonathan Curran Mr. Furman AICE Media Studies 27 February 2017 Genre After filming my first opening scene as a thriller, I found that creating horrific and creepy films are what I tend to enjoy best. The data I collected from my survey found that a good number of my classmates also enjoy thrillers and horror movies, so for my final project I plan on creating a thriller. Although, I plan on filming my final project by myself and making thrill
  Jonathan CurranMr. FurmanAICE Media Studies27 February 2017 Genre After filmin my first o!enin s ene as a thriller# I found that reatin horrifi and ree!yfilms are $hat I tend to en%oy best. &he data I olle ted from my sur'ey found that a ood number of my lassmates also en%oy thrillers and horror mo'ies# so for my final !ro%e t I !lan on reatin a thriller. Althouh# I !lan on filmin my final !ro%e t by myself and ma(in thrillers is )uite sim!le $hen solo. A tion# romanti # mystery# and other film enres do not interest me as mu h and filmin those ty!es of o!enins $ill ta(e more than 1 !erson. Style For my final !ro%e t# I !lan on usin medium and lose*u! shots to reate an eerie effe t I+ll be oin for. ,ieeti sound $ill also be used o'er non*dieeti sound# be ause I $ant my hara ter to be %ust as freihtin as my audien e. &he budet for my o!enin film $ill be )uite lo$# so the use of !ro!s $ill be slim to none. For my first o!enin film# I had a 'oi e o'er to !ut the audien e on the ede of their seats and be interestin in $at hin the rest of my film. -ith the use of these te hni)ues and styles# I feel that my final !ro%e t $ill be a hue hit# &heme &he re!resentation of my film $ill most li(ely be based on the youth and hildhood. In theory# hosts and s!irits ra'itate to$ards hildren o'er adults due to the hild+s o!en minded imaination. In my last o!enin s ene# I used a doll as my antaonist/ main sour e of  !aranormal a ti'ity but I !lan on editin an a tual hosts!irit into my final !ro%e t. Aain# the theme of my film $ill be a thrillerhorror $ith the undead as my antaonists.
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