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Emily E. Zawatski 5 Boss Avenue ● Bradford, PA 16701 814-331-8682 ● Objective: To obtain a part-time position at Tops as a customer service representative. Education: Bradford Area High School 81 Interstate Parkway, Bradford, PA 16701 Projected Graduation – June 4, 2018 Experience: Hostess
  Emily E. Zawatski 5 Boss Avenue ●  Bradford, PA 16701 814-331-8682 ● ezawatski27! ai#$%o Objective & 'o o(tain a )art-ti e )osition at 'o)s as a %usto er servi%e re)resentative$ Education & Bradford Area *i!+ %+oo# 81 nterstate Parkwa., Bradford, PA 16701Pro/e%ted raduation  une 4, 2018 Experience & *ostesse#inda iser 315 oute 5#arendon, Pa 16313 )#o.ed& une 20 t+  - Present +i#d are Provider e##. wansontate treetBradford, PA 16701 )#o.ed& e)te (er 2015  Present Skills: ã dentifies 9ui%k#. and a%%urate#. t+e %riti%a# issues w+en akin! a de%ision or so#vin! a )ro(#e ã reat at otivatin! and #eadin! )eo)#e in an or!anized anner to a%+ieve %ertain !oa#s ã :r!anized and easi#. sort data or o(/e%ts ã  A%%o odates u#ti)#e de ands at on%e ã  A))#. a))ro)riate %riteria to strate!ies and )#annin! ã ntera%ts effe%tive#. wit+ . (oss, )eers, and su)ervisors Interests/Activities & ã at+ ã  Art;<rawin! ã =itness ã %ien%e e!erences: essi%a A#oiP#easant treetBradford, PA 16701716-640-1632e%e)tionist>end. Persin! South Kendall Bradford, PA 16701814-58-0356e%e)tionistena ?i((ertast AvenueBradford, PA 16701814-558-5651e!istered @urse
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