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   Jesus – Makaveli resurrectioncomparative  Excerpt from 2Pac Lives Volume II The political resurrection  By Drah Cenedive © 01/18/2008   Jesus, the chosen one, the great speaker, the mystic, the messiah, the man.as the recovery o! the ones o! Jesus # $ary $agda%ene prove the man kno&n as Christ our savoir so%idi!y the %ong a&aited resurrection' Jesus Christ a man that has carried not on%y the cross, ut the urden o! eing the persona o! (od himse%! has   een resurrected &ithin a di%apidated )not to mention* modest tom on the %o&er side o! Jerusa%em. +o many this deso%ate situate o! discovery &ou%d e considered simp%y as the ghetto-.   here may &e start as &e trave% the controversia% paths o! pro a %e de ate and  perhapsrediscover the man kno&n &or%d&ide as Christ our %ord and savoir &hi%e comparing his %i!e to that o! +upac maru hakur'$agician, messiah, or a man &ith a p%an'   ou e the udge. But e!ore &e tread )or in this case &a%k* these &aters o! de ate &e must consider and pro e the %ogica% side o! this controversia% story. $any may agree and support the !acts that Jesus # +upac had many magni!icent things to say and teach to those &i%%ing to take heed the divine kno&%edge and phi%osophy they o!ten e3p%oited. )Boucher, +im  Did Jesus fake his on death!  1445 &e page 1*   Did eventua%%y the spiritua% radiance and !ame get to Jesus, enough !or him to have !aked his o&n death and &a%k a&ay' nd i! so did history repeat it6s se%! in the %i!e o! +upac maru hakur'   Did these charismatic individua%s &hose &ords o! &isdom and po%itica% protest   ecome randed on the minds o! their %isteners )and eventua% !o%%o&ers* enough !or them to ecome e3empted and e3onerated !rom imper!ections and morta%ities' 7r &as the historica% cruci!i3ion ust an over g%ori!ied mirage o! antiemitic stigmatic' as the a%%eged death o! +upac maru hakur ust another c%ever &ay to escape the pains o! !ame and historic ido%atry'   Did the image in the peop%e6s mind ecome tota%%y separate !rom &hat Jesus actua%%y !e%t'nd i! so did history repeat it6s se%! in the %i!e o! +upac maru hakur' !ter a%% +upac maru hakur is another internationa% kno&n ce%e rity that is specu%ated to have !aked his o&n death &hi%e immense%y   eing compared to the persona o! the man kno&n as Christ.      9et us keep in mind the :ng%ish name Jesus-, &hich %ater emp%oyed the %etter J-, is a derivation !rom (reek ;esous- and 9atin ;esus- version. as Jesus a messiah !rom (reece or a messiah !rom Jerusa%em' <erhaps one &ou%d ask ho& and &hy Jesusadopted a (reek name' $any c%aim Jesus to have een o! Je&ish decent &hi%e others have con!irmed and/or de ated he &as o! !rican )the indigenous name =emet >u* decent carrying the name Joshua Christis.   o&ever &e choose to s&ay the de ate &e must a%&ays e c%ear o! the srcins  pertaining to the things &e !aith!u%%y carry passion and conviction. hou%d not the things &e have spiritua%%y, menta%%y, and !inancia%%y invested e not the things &e c%ear%y comprehend'   ;! ; to%d you to !o%%o& me- &ou%d you other to ask, &here have you come !rom- and &here are &e going'- 7r &ou%d you take the initiative to e3p%ore the srcins o! that in &hich you choose to !o%%o&'hi%e it is okay to a%%o& and consider man6s good&i%% guidance shou%d &e not u%timate%y a%%o& (od6s omniscient conscious to e the a%pha and omega o! our destiny'   re &e not a%% orn &ith the !ive senses o! sin'as the sacred srcins o! re%igion een meticu%ous%y manipu%ated to serve money, manand myth'   ;t &as &ritten “The Priests, from the beginning of time, has pulled the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting “believers”. In Ancient times priests would turn water into wine to fool gullible masses to do their bidding. At Corinth, where “Paul” purportedly taught, there eisted as water!to!wine device into which water was poured and then diverted by priests, who, hiding inside the covered parts of the sluice, would pour wine out the other end. Another such device was used at Aleandria.” Acharya #., The Christ Conspiracy, $%%%,p. $%&'.   +his identica% and historica% tactic &as &ritten &ithin the atanic Bi %e that oasts o! aJesus that uses his magica%/mirac%e in!%uences to over&he%m his gu%%i %e audience to gain !ame and internationa% spiritua% po&er. In the gospels, (esus is claimed to have changed water into wine during the wedding at Cana as proof of his divinity. )owever according to history this same story is found in other mythologies and is part of the solar mythos*..long before the Christian era, +ionysus-acchus was said to turn water into wine, as related by A.(. attill. )9yons, $. Craig  Jesus turned ater into ine truth or sun#m$th retold!  1444, &e page 1*o here comes the comparative &orshipped deity named 7sirisDionysus  c%ose derivation !rom the historica% (reek spiritua% giant tDionysios o! ?akynthos  t the heart o! the $ysteries &ere myths concerning a dying and resurrecting godman, &ho &as kno&n y many di!!erent names. )9yons, $. Craig   Jesus turned ater into ine truth or sun#m$th retold!  1444, &e page 2*;n :gypt he &as kno&n as 7siris, in (reece as Dionysus, in sia $inor as ttis, in yria as donis, in ;ta%y as Bacchus, in <ersia as $ithras. @undamenta%%y a%% these godmen are the same mythica% eing, &ho the ancients ca%%ed A7sirisDionysusA. )9yons, $. Craig  Jesus turned ater into ine truth or sun#m$th retold!  1444, &e page 2*s ; studied these myths, it ecame o vious that the story o! Jesus had a%% the characteristics o! another version o! the same perennia% ta%e. $oving ever each event   y event ; !ound that ; &as a %e to construct the Jesus story !rom mythic moti!s  previous%y re%ating to 7sirisDionysus. Common to many o! them &as the godman turning &ater into &ine. )9yons, $. Craig  Jesus turned ater into ine truth or sun#m$th retold!   1444, &e page 2* ã /siris!+ionysus is 0od made flesh1 the saviour and 2#on of 0od2   ã )is father is 0od and his mother is a mortal virgin.   ã )e is born in a cave or humble cowshed on the 3&th of +ecember before three shepherds. %I don&t kno here I'm (onna (o this christmas it&s )atan's *irth I tr$ to smoke a pound of eed to ease the earth hile  Jesus e+uipped (locks, --l$rics *$ Pastor Tro$ Visa Versa   ã )e offers his followers the chance to be born again through the rites of baptism.   ã )e miraculously turns water into wine at a marriage ceremony.   ã )e rides triumphantly into town on a don4ey while people wave palm leaves to honor him.   ã )e dies at 5aster time as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.   ã After his death he descends to )ell, then on the third day he rises from the dead and ascends to heaven in glory.   ã )is followers await his return as the 6udge during the 7ast +ays. )is death and resurrection are celebrated by a ritual meal of bread and wine, which symboli8e his body and blood. 9hich when you give careful thought is a symbolic form of cannibalism*.+rah Cenedive' 7yons, . Craig (esus turned water into wine*truth or sun!myth retold: $%%%, webpage 3' +hese are ust some o! the mythic moti!s the ta%es o! 7sirisDionysus share in common &ith the supposed A iographyA o! Jesus.- )9yons, $. Craig  Jesus turned ater into ine truth or sun#m$th retold!  1444, &e page *ns&er !or yourse%! hy are these remarka %e simi%arities not common kno&%edge' Because, as ; &as to discover %ater, the ear%y Eoman Church did everything in its  po&er to prevent the &or%d !rom perceiving them. Eome over the ear%y centuries o! the organiFed Church systematica%%y destroyed <agan sacred %iterature in a ruta%  program o! eradicating the $ysteries  a task it per!ormed so comp%ete%y that today <aganism is regarded as a AdeadA re%igion. )9yons, $. Craig  Jesus turned ater into ine truth or sun#m$th retold!  1444, &e page *    <agan critics o! Christianity, such the satirist Ce%sus, comp%ained that this recent re%igion &as nothing more than a pa%e re!%ection o! their o&n ancient teachings. :ar%y Achurch !athersA, such as Justin $artyr, +ertu%%ian and ;renaeus, &ere understanda %y distur ed and resorted to the desperate c%aim that these simi%arities &ere the resu%t o! Adia o%ica% mimicryA. Gsing one o! the most a surd arguments ever advanced, they accused the Devi% o! Ap%agiarism y anticipationAH o! devious%y copying the true story o! Jesus e!ore it had actua%%y happened in an attempt to mis%ead the gu%%i %eI +hese church !athers struck us as no %ess devious than the Devi% they hoped to incriminate. )9yons, $. Craig  Jesus turned ater into ine truth or sun#m$th retold!  1444, &e page *+he o vious e3p%anation &as that, as ear%y Christianity ecame the dominant po&er inthe previous%y <agan &or%d, popu%ar moti!s !rom <agan mytho%ogy had ecome gra!ted onto the iography o! Jesus.- )9yons, $. Craig  Jesus turned ater into ine truth or sun#m$th retold!  1444, &e page * <erhaps &e have discovered the reasons ehind the over&he%ming out dated racism )and separation et&een economica%/socia% c%asses* that mysterious%y e3ists &ithin theGnited tates, despite the vast amount o! churches that reside here. hich ironica%%y &ou%d contradict the !act that these same churches have a%% een !ounded on the  phi%osophy o! the man &e ca%% Jesus Christ. ;t &as specu%ated that the image )+he personi!ication o! Jesus Christ* in the movie The Passion of the .hrist   &as indeed an imposter &hom so%d his sou% to the ancient goddess 9uci!er. :3p%aining the mysterious east%ike !igure that emerges e!ore him in the eginning o! the !i%m, the une3p%ained arrogance o! the character, the a%%o&ing o! the chastisement to Judas )&hich contri uted to his suicide* y evi% entities and the others &hom opposed him )such as the cro& p%ucking out the eye o! the dou ter cruci!ied a%ongside the man ca%%ed Christ*. nd %et us not !orget the harsh punishment in!%icted unto the soca%%ed Jesus as the 9uci!erian character &atches ga%%ant%y accompanied &ith her imp. +he sym o%ic asymmetry &ithin the cinema &hen revisited unvei%s a grim rea%ity o! an ug%y yet hidden truth that soared over the heads o! many. hat6s more adding to this inuiry the movie &as entit%ed the passion o! the Christ- rather than the passion o! Christ- perhaps identi!ying the !act that the character posing as Jesus Christ &as indeed an imposter. <erhaps Jesus # +upac maru hakur &ere ecoming this image in peop%e6s minds tota%%y separate !rom &hat Jesus # +upac maru hakur the men actua%%y !e%t. nd nomatter ho& many times they tried to c%ari!y &hat they actua%%y meant, peop%e ust inserted their o&n interpretations o! &hat they rea%%y represented. ; mean, may e a !e& got it, ut &hatever it &as, even they started to %ose sight o! it. <erhaps they tried going out y themse%ves into the desert !or a &hi%e to get it ack. nd that he%ped !or a &hi%e. But &hen they came ack !rom vacation, it a%% ecame too much !or them again. +he persona they had constructed  and &hich had een constructed !or them  no %onger !it. +hey had to eventua%%y !ind a &ay outK )Boucher, +im  Did Jesus fake his on death!  1445 &e page 1*s !ar as ;   remem er, $us%ims e%ieve that Jesus didn6t actua%%y die on the Cross. ome peop%e c%aim that his spirit s&itched p%aces &ith imon o! Cyrene, and escaped scot!ree. 7thers say that it &as actua%%y his t&in rother +homas &ho &as cruci!ied.
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