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Jeannine Mbabazi 121 Hickory Trace Dr. Nashville, TN 37211 615-919-4178 Objective: to obtain employment Education history 2014-2017 John Overton high school -Graduate may 13, 2017 -GPA: 3.4 Employment history November 2016- January 2017 Kroger - Manager John Messman - Customer service
   Jeannine Mbabazi 121 Hickory Trace Dr. Nashville, TN 37211615-919-4178mbabai!ea i e#$ Objective: %o ob%ai em&loyme % Education history 2014-2017John Overton high school-Graduate may 13, 2017-GPA ' 3.4 Employment history ovem!er 201 - January 2017#roger  - (a a$er )oh (essma - *+s%omer service - s%ocki $- *o+r%esy clerk Skills-  Trili $+al  i yara /a, 0ahili,  $lish - orki $ collabora%ively - + c%+al a / reliable - *ross-c+l%+ral skills - oo/ %ime ma a$eme %, hi$hly or$a ie/ Activities 2011-2013 &laye/ baske%ball i %he co-e/ school %eam Community service  $arch 2014-January 201% Catholic charities youth proram '   hel&e/ chil/re i%h %heir homeork   assis%e/ re+$ee chil/re i%h %heir %ra si%io %o merica  June 2014- July 2014 !revecca azarene #niversity: -  &la %e/ r+i%s, %rees  - assis%s i cari $ or a imals i cl+/i $, $oa%s, /o$, chicke s. $e%erences available upon re&uest  
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