Introduction to Entrepreneurship

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intro to entrepreneur
  IN TROD UC TION  TO EN TREPRENE UR SHIP Prepared By: Dr K annaki  Vai thlingam  WHAT IS WHAT IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP?ENTREPRENEURSHIP? ã Academic Definition Academic Definition (Stevenson & Jarillo) ã entrepreneurship is the process by which individuals pursue opportunities without regard to resources they currently control. ã Venture Capitalist Venture Capitalist (Fred Wilson) ã entrepreneurship is the art of turning an idea into a business. ã Explanation of What Entrepreneurs DoExplanation of What Entrepreneurs Do ã entrepreneurs assemble and then integrate all the resources needed –the money the people the business model the strategy !needed to transform an invention or an idea into a viable  business.  CORPORATE CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIPENTREPRENEURSHIP ã Corporate EntrepreneurshipCorporate Entrepreneurship ã s the conceptuali#ation of entrepreneurship at the firm level. ã $ll firms fall along a conceptual continuum that ranges from highly conservative to highly entrepreneurial. ã %he position of a firm on this continuum is referred to as its entrepreneurial intensity.  CORPORATE CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIPENTREPRENEURSHIP ntrepreneurial Firms'onservative Firms   roactive    nnovative   *is+ ta+ing   %a+e a more ,wait and see-  posture   ess innovative   *is+ adverse
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