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  INTO THE WOODS – PROLOGUE Narrator Once upon a time Cinderella I wish... Narrarator In a far-off kingdom Ciderella More than anything... Narrarator Lived a fair maiden, Cinderella More than jewels... Narrarator A sad young lad Jack  I wish... Narrator And a childless aker  Jack  More than life... Cinderella & baker I wish...  Narrarator  !ith his wife.  Jack   More than anything...  Cinderella baker & !ack   More than the moon...   aker#$ %ie  I wish...  Cinderella   he #ing is giving a $estival. aker & %ie  More than life...  Jack   I wish...  Ciderella  I wish to go to the $estival.   aker  More than riches... Jack  I wish my cow would%ive us some milk. Cinderella And the &all... aker#$ %ie More than anything... Jack  'lease, pal- aker I wish we had a child. aker#$ %ie I want a child... Jack  ()uee*e, pal... Cinderella I wish to go to the $estival. Jack  I wish you+d give us someMilk or even cheese... Cinderella I wish... aker#$ %ie I wish we might have a child.I wish...I wish... Ste'(ot)er ou wish to go to the $estival Narrator he poor girl+s mother had died, Ste'(ot)er ou inderella, you wish to go to the festival *lorinda !hat, you, inderella, the $estival he $estival/ L+cinda !hat, you wish to go to the $estival ,ll t)ree he $estival he #ing+s $estival Narrator And her father had taken for his new wife Ste'(ot)er he $estival... Narrarator A woman with two daughters of her own. *lorinda Look at your nails/ L+cinda Look at your dress/ Ste'(ot)er 'eople would laugh at you- Cinderella $te'(ot)er & $te'$i$ter$  0evertheless,I1she still want1s to go to the $estivalAnd dance efore the 'rince. Narrator All three were eautiful of face,  ut vile and lack of heart.2ack, on the other hand, had no father, and his mother- Jack#$ (ot)er I wish... Narrator !ell, she was not )uite eautiful- Jack#$ (ot)er I wish my son were not a fool.I wish my house was not a mess.I wish the cow was full of milk.I wish the house was full of gold-I wish a lot of things...ou foolish child/!hat are you doing with a cow inside the house Jack  A warm enviroment might just e!hat Milky !hite needs to  produce3is milk. Jack#$ (ot)er It+s a she/3ow many times must I tell youOnly shes can give milk/ aker#$ %ie !hy, come in, little girl. Little red ridin- )ood I wish...It+s not for me,It+s for my %ranny in the woods.A loaf of read, please- o ring my poor old hungry%ranny in the woods...  2ust a loaf of read, please... Narrator inderella+s (tepmother had a surprise for her. Ste'(ot)er I have emptied a pot of lentils into the ashes for you.If you have picked them out again in two hours+ time,ou shall go to the all with us. Little red ridin- )ood And perhaps a sticky un...Or four... Cinderella &irds in the sky,&irds in the eaves,I the leaves,In the fields,In the castles and ponds... Little red ridin- )ood And a few of those pies... 'lease... Cinderella ome, little irds,4own from the eavesAnd the leaves,Over fields,Out of castles and ponds... Jack   0ow, s)uee*e, pal... Cinderella Ahhh...5uick, little irds,$lick through the ashes.'ick and peck, ut swiftly,(ift through the ashes,Into the pot... Jack#$ (ot)er Listen well, son. Milky-!hite must e taken to market. Jack  &ut, mother, no- he+s the est cow- Jack#$ (ot)er !as/ !as/ (heeeee+s een dry for a week.!e+ve no food, no money,And no choice ut to sell her. Jack  &ut mother... Jack#$ (ot)er Look at her/ here are ugs on her dugs. here are flies in her eyes. here+s a lump on her rump&ig enough to e a hump- Jack  &ut- Jack#$ (ot)er (on,!e+ve no time to sit and dither,!hile her wither+s wither with her-And no one keeps a cow for a friend/(ometimes I fear you+re touched. Little red ridin- )ood Into the woods,It+s time to go,I hate to leave,I have to, though.Into the woods-It+s time, and soI must egin my journey.Into the woodsAnd through the trees o where I am67pected ma+am,Into the woods o %randmother+s house-Into the woods o %randmother+s house- aker#$ %ie ou+re certain of your way Little red ridin- )ood he way is clear, he light is good,I have no fear, 0or no one should. he woods are just trees, he trees are just wood.I sort of hate to ask it,&ut do you have a asket8 9Into the woodsAnd down the dell, he path is straight,I know it well.Into the woods,And who can tell!hat+s waiting on the journeyInto the woods o ring some read o %ranny whoIs sick in ed. 0ever can tell!hat lies ahead.$or all that I know,(he+s already dead.&ut into the woods,Into the woods,Into the woods o %randmother+s houseAnd home efore dark. Cinderella $ly, irds,&ack to the sky,&ack to the eavesAnd the leavesAnd the fieldsAnd the- *lorinda 3urry up and do my hair, inderella/Are you really wearing that L+cinda 3ere, I found a little tear, inderella.an+t you hide it with a hat Cinderella ou look eautiful. *lorinda I know. L+cinda (he means me. *lorinda 'ut it in a twist. L+cinda !ho will e there... Cinderella Mother said e good,$ather said e nice, hat was always their advice.(o e nice, inderella,%ood, inderella, 0ice good good nice- *lorinda ighter/ Cinderella !hat+s the good of eing goodIf everyone is lindAnd you+re always left ehind 0ever mind, inderella,#ind inderella- 0ice good nice kind good nice-8$lorinda slaps inderella hard across the face.9 *lorinda  0ot that tight/ Cinderella I+m sorry.  *lorinda lod. Narrator &ecause the &aker had lost his $ather And his Mother in a aking accident...!ell, at least that+s what he  elieved,3e was eager to have a family of his own, and was concerned hat all efforts until now had failed. aker !ho might that e aker#$ %ie !e+ve sold our last loaf of read. aker It+s the witch from ne7t door/ aker & baker#$ %ie !e have no read. Witc) Of course you+ve got no read/ aker hen what is it you wish Witc) It+s not what I wish/ It+s what you wish/8points to &aker+s !ife9 0othing cooking in there now is there Narrator he old enchantress told the couple she had'laced a spell on their house. aker !hat spell Witc) In the past, when you were no more than a ae,our $ather rought his young wife and you here to this cottage. hey were a handsome couple,&ut not handsome neighours/ou see, your mother was with child,And she had developed an unusual appetite.(he took one look at my eautiful garden,And told your father that what she wanted more thanAnything in the world was8rapping9%reens, greens and nothing ut greens:'arsley, peppers, caages and celery,Asparagus and watercress and$iddleferns, lettuce-/3e said, ;All right,;&ut it wasn+t, )uite,+ause I caught him in the autumnIn my garden one night/3e was roing me,<aping me,<ooting through my rutaaga,<aiding my arugula and<ipping up my rampion8My champion/ My favorite/9-I should have laid a spell on him<ight there,ould have changed him into stoneOr a dog or a chair...&ut I let him have the rampion-I+d lots to spare.In return, however,I said, ;$air is fair:ou can let me have the ay hat your wife will ear.And we+ll call it s)uare. ; aker I had a rother Witc)  0o/ &ut you had a sister. Narrator &ut the witch refused to tell him anymore of his sister. 0ot even that her name was <apun*el. Witc) I though I had een more than reasonale.And that we all might live happily there after.&ut how was I to know what your father 3ad also hidden in his pocketou see, when I had inheireted thatgarden,My mother warned me that I would e punishedIf I were to ever loose any of the  eans/ aker & %ie &eans Witc) he special eans.I let him go,I didn+t know3e+d stolen my eans/I was watching him crawl,&ack over the wall-/ hen ang/ rash/And the lightning flash/And- well, that+s another story, 0ever mind-Anyway, at last he ig day came,And I made my claim.;Oh, don+t take away the ay,; hey shrieked and screeched,&ut I did,And I hid her !here she+ll never e reached.our father cried,our mother died.And for e7tra measure-I admit it was a pleasure-I said, ;(orry,I+m still not mollified. ;And I laid little spell on them-ou, too, son- hat your family tree!ould always e a arren one... aker#$ %ie  0o// Witc) (o there+s no more fussAnd there+s no more scenesAnd my garden thrives-ou should see my nectarines/&ut I+m tellling you the sameI tell kings and )ueens:4on+t ever never ever Mess around with my greens/6specially the eans. Jack#$ (ot)er  0ow closely to me, 2ack. Lead Milky-!hite to market and$etch the est price you can. ake no less than five pounds.Are you listening to me2ack 2ack 2ack,3ead in a sack, he house is getting colder, his is not the time for dreaming.himney stack (tarting to crack, he mice are getting older, he floor+s gone slack,our mother+s getting older,our father+s not ack,And you can+t just sit here dreaming pretty dreams. o wish and wait  $rom day to day!ill never keep he wolves away.(o into the woods he time is now.!e have to live,I don+t care how.Into the woods o sell the cow,ou must egin the journey.(traight to the woodsAnd don+t delay-!e have to face he marketplace.Into the woods to journey+s end- Jack  Into the woods to sell a friend- Jack#$ (ot)er (omeday you+ll have a real pet, 2ack. Jack  A piggy/ Jack#$ (ot)er 8groan9 Narrator Meanwhile, the !itch, for  purposes of her own,67plained how the &aker might liftthe spell= Witc) ou wish to have he curse reversedI+ll need a certain'otion first.%o to the woods and ring me  ack One: the cow as white as milk, wo: the cape as red as lood, hree: the hair as yellow as corn,$our: the slipper as pure as gold.&ring me these&efore the chimeOf midnight,In three day+s time,And you shall have,I guarantee,A child as perfectAs child can e.%o to the wood/ Ste'(ot)er Ladies.Our carriage waits. Cinderella  0ow may I go to the $estival Ste'('t)er he $estival-/4arling, those nails/4arling, those clothes/Lentils are one thing ut4arling, with those,ou+d make us the fools of the $estivalAnd mortify the 'rince/ Cinderella#$ at)er Our carriage is waiting. Ste'(ot)er !e must e gone. Cinderella %ood night, $ather.I wish... aker Look what I found in father+s hunting jacket. aker#$ %ie (i7 eans. aker I wonder if they are- aker#$ %ie he !itch+s eans/ !e+ll take themwith us/ aker  0o/ ou are not to come. aker#$ %ie I know you are fearful of the woods at night. aker  0o/ he spell is on my house.Only I can lift the spell, he spell is on my house. aker#$ %ie  0o, no, the spell is on our house.!e must lift the spell. aker  0o. ou are not to come and that isfinal. 0ow what am I to return with aker#$ %ie ou don+t rememer he cow as white as milk, he cape as red as lood, he hair as yellow as corn, he slipper as pure as gold- aker he cow as white as milk, he cape as red as lood, he hair as yellow as corn, he slipper as pure as gold... Narrator And so the &aker, reluctantly, set off to meet the6nchantress+ demands.And as for inderella: Cinderella I still wish to go to the $estival,&ut how am I ever to get to the $estival aker he cow as white as milk, he cape as red as lood, he hair as yellow as corn- Cinderella I know/I+ll visit Mother+s grave, he grave at the ha*el tree,And tell her I just want to%o to the #ing+s $estival... aker he slipper as pure as gold... he cow, the cape, he slipper as pure as gold- aker#$ %ie he hair-/ Cinderella & baker Into the woods,It+s time to go,It may e allIn vain, I know.Into the woods-&ut even so,I have to take the journey. Cinderella baker & %ie Into the woods, he path is straight,ou know it well,&ut who can tell- aker Into the woods to lift the spell- Cinderella Into the woods to visit Mother- aker#$ %ie Into the woods to fetch the things- aker o make the potion-
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