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Initial test-12th grade
  I. Circle the correct verb in the if clause or result clause to make a real conditional in the presentor future.30 pointsPlaying at the Park  Every weekend, if the weather is nice, I (will spend/spend) time outside with my children. One of their favorite things to do is to go to a nearby park. If we ride our bikes to the park, it ( (takes/will take) about ! minutes. If there (is/will be) a lot of traffic, it takes a little longer. Once we get to the park, the kids choose their favorite playground e uipment to play on. #effrey likes the climbing walls, but if he (climbs/will climb) too high, I start to get nervous. I always have to remind him, $If you%re not careful, you (fall/will fall) and hurt yourself.& 'is reaction is usually to roll his eyes at me. y daughter heryl loves to play on the seesaw. On the way to the park, she almost always asks me, $om, if there , (is/will be) no one for me to play with, (do/will) you go on the seesaw with me*& If she . (finds/will find) someone to play with at the park, she / (will spend/should spend) the entire time on the seesaw. +ometimes I talk to the other parents who are there. fter an hour or so, the kids and I ride our bikes back home. On the way, I tell them, $If the weather is nice ne-t weekend, we (come/willcome) back.& II. Terri and Ken, a married couple, are discussing whether Terry should accept a  job promotion she was ofered by her employer. Accepting the promotion means moving out o state. Fill in theblanks with the correct orm o the verb to make unreal conditions or results. The rst one hasbeen done or you as an e!ample. # points Terri$s %ob &romotion'(tay in )enver or *ove to (an Francisco+ Terri: I have to let the company know this week whether or not I’m going to accept the position of regional manager they oered me. Ken : If there ’  ______________________ (be, not) so many factors to consider, this_________________ (be) easy  Terri: I know. If we )  ______________________ (like, not) living here in !enver so m ch, I ______________________ (# mp) at the chance to move to $an %rancisco. Ken : &es, and if yo r salary ______________________ (stay) the same, it    ______________________ (be) easier to t rn this #ob down, b t they’ve oered yo a big increase. Terri : I’ve been talking to some people at work abo t it. 'ne of them said, erri, if I  ____________________(be) yo , I    ______________________ (accept)that promotion in a heartbeat* Ken : I was thinking that if $an %rancisco_____________________ (be) closer, yo ______________________(comm te) to work, b t it’s # st too far for that. III. Write a chain story using the second conditional clause in at least 6 sentences. Start from the folloing! 30 points If I found a wallet with one thousand dollars in it and an I.. card, I would..  0ou get ! points out of your work1
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