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Indicador de nivel de aceite de transformador COMEM
  OLI Oil level indicator  2 OLI Unexpected or accidental oil leakages may occur randomly along transformer’s lifetime. Clear indication of oil level inside transformer tank and on load tap changer is provided by means of a pointer on the main dial which ensures high visibility from any viewpoint. Oil level indicator Accurate oil level reading through customizable fixing flange suitable for all transformers design. The float movement associated with the oil level is transmitted to the dial trough a magnetic coupling system.The float is available with either axial or radial movement. The standard dial show the reference marks corresponding to the levels that the oil shows should reach at the following temperatures : -20°C, +20°C, +85°C.  3 Advantages 1. Customizable mounting ange suitable for all transformers designs 2. Magnetic couplings ensures a reliable movement transmission between oat arm and pointer avoiding leakages through conservator wall3. Adjustable value settings for switches (numbers or wording) 4. No printings neither stickers on the view glass: temperature indication is directly marked on the plate behind the view glass 5. Easy accessibility to wiring box6. Float movement on radial and axial direction, available also for conservator equipped with rubber bag. Float movement This may be in the radial direction of the conservator (type “LA”) or in the axial direction (type “LB”), as shown in the drawing. “LB” model is also available with “rolling floats” for applications on conservators equipped with rubber bag. Float rod This is completely threaded. If the length is not specified (distance R in the drawing, fig. 1 and 2), the standard size indicated on the table is supplied. The rolling float arm is an aluminium tube. Indicating intervention The switching point of electric microswitches is setted with max 5° in advance with respect to the indications of the minimum or maximum. When there is a double contact on MIN and/or MAX, the second contact intervenes about 5° after the first contact. Indications for assembly The level gauges which have float movement in the radial direction of the container (type “LA”) must be fitted offset with respect to the horizontal axis of the conservator (distance “S” fig. 1) so as to have an exact indication of the minimum and maximum oil level.Those with movement in the axial direction (type “LB”) must be fitted in the centre of the conservator.The measurements of the movements (distance “S”) and the length of the rod (distance “R”) are obtained from the formulae given in the order sheet.It is good practice to check operation of the gauge after having fitted it on the conservator. For further and more detailed information, see the technical information card supplied. Tests and inspections The level gauges are subjected to insulation test towards earth as follows between circuit and earth, the minimum dielectric withstand strenght is 2kV in accordance to EN - 50216/1.The bodies of the level gauges, after having passed the dimensional inspection and without their internal parts, are tested for watertightness so as to eliminate those that have leaks. Final testing is carried out when the level gauge is completely assembled. The sensitivity of all the signaling movements and the accuracy of their assembly are scrupulously checked.  4 Oil level indicator Identification codes 1 (letter)LLevel gauge2 (letter) AMovement of the radial floatBMovement of the axial floatVViewer (remote indicator)3 (number)40L140 C4 salinity environment resistance50L140 C5 salinity environment resistance44OLI C4 salinity environment resistance54OLI C5 salinity environment resistance45OLI-22 C4 salinity environment resistance55OLI-22 C5 salinity environment resistance46eOLI C4 salinity environment resistance56eOLI C5 salinity environment resistance47eOLI-22 C4 salinity environment resistance57eOLI-22 C5 salinity environment resistance4 (letter)KWiring diagram with 1 changeover switch on min.YWiring diagram with 2 changeover switch on min.XWiring diagram with 1 changeover switch on min. + 1 changeover switch on max.WWiring diagram with 2 changeover switches on min. + 2 changeover switches on max.ONo contacts Technical data TypeL140OLI -22 OLI DesignCOMEMInterchangeable with existing solution, compatible with all trafo designHousingDie-casted Aluminum alloyRALWhite 9002View glassPolycarbonate or Tempered GlassFlangeN/ASurface treated die-casted aluminum alloyDial- Numbers and letters directly screen-printed on aluminum plate- Customizable range (MIN +20° C MAX, other available)- Orange pointerFloat ElementExpanded eboniteOil temperature-40°C, +120°CEnvironment temperature-40°C, +80°CCable Gland1; M25x1.5Degree of protectionIP65IP66 upon request
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