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Toefl independent task
  I. Independent Task  1.  Personal Preference  – to express and defend a personal choice from a given category-for example, important people, place, events, or activities ==Preparation time: 15seconds, Response time: 45seconds!. Choice    – to ma e and defend a personal choice #et$een t$o contrasting #ehaviors or co%rses action == Preparation time: 15 seconds, Response time: 45seconds II. Integrated Task Read/Listen/Speak 3. Campus Situation /Topic: Fit and Explain/   - & reading passage '(5-1))$ords* presentsa camp%s-related iss%e& listening passage '+)-)seconds 15)-1)$ords* comments on the iss%e in thereading passage he %estion as s the test ta er to s%mmari/e the spea er0s opinion $ithin the contextof the reading passage ==Preparation time: ) seconds Response time: +) seconds 4.  Academic Couse Topic: (General/Specific)  – & reading passage '(5-1))$ords* #roadlydefines a term, process, or idea from an academic s%#2ects.&n excerpt from a lect%re '+)-3) seconds 15)-!!) $ords* provides examples andspecific information ill%strate the term, process or idea from the reading passage.he %estion as s the test ta er to com#ine and convey important information from thereading passage and the lect%re excerpt. ==Preparation time: ) seconds, Responsetime: +) seconds Listen/Speak 5. Campus situation topic: Problem/Solution  !  he listening passage '+)-3)seconds1)-!!) $ords* is a conversation   a#o%t a st%dent-related pro#lem and t$o possi#lesol%tionshe %estion as s the test ta er to demonstrate an %nderstanding of the pro#lem andto express an opinion a#o%t solving the pro#lem == Preparation time: !)seconds,Response time: +)seconds 6.  Academic course topic: Summar  !  he listening passage is an excerpt from a lect%re'3)-1!) seconds !)-!)$ords* that explains a term or concept and gives concreteexamples to ill%strate that term or concepthe %estion as s the test ta er to s%mmari/e the lect%re and demonstrate an%nderstanding of the relationship #et$een the examples and the overall topic==Preparation time: !) seconds, Response time: +)seconds Task1 (Integrated Writing: Read/Listen/Writing)   est ta ers read a short text of a#o%t !)-)) $ords 'reading time,  min%tes* on anacademic topic. est ta ers may ta e notes on the reading passage. he reading passage disappears from the screen d%ring the lect%re that follo$s. tappears $hen test ta ers #egin $riting so they can refer to it as they $or . est ta ers listen to a spea er disc%ss the same topic from a different perspective. helistening passage is a#o%t !)-) $ords long 'listening time, a#o%t ! min%tes*   he listening passage provides additional information that relates to points made in thereading passage. est ta ers may ta e notes on the listening passage. est ta ers $rite a s%mmary in connected 6nglish prose of important points made in thelistening passage, and explain ho$ these relate to the ey points of the of the reading passage. 7%ggested response length is 15)-!!5 $ords ho$ever, there is no penalty for $riting more as long as it is in response to the tas presented. Response time:!) min%tes Task2 (Independent Writing: Writing fro !no #edge and $%perien&e)   est ta ers $rite an essay that states, explains, and s%pports their opinion on an iss%e.&n effective essay $ill %s%ally contain a minim%m of )) $ords ho$ever, test ta ersmay $rite more if they $ish. est ta ers m%st s%pport their opinions or choices rather than simply list personal preferences or choices.   ypical essay %estions #egin $ith statements s%ch as: o 8o yo% agree or disagree $ith the follo$ing statement9 se reasons andspecific details to s%pport yo%r ans$er. o 7ome people #elieve ;. <ther people #elieve . >hich of these t$o positions do yo% prefer?agree $ith9 @ive reasons and specific details. ã Response time: ) min%tes
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