Independent Progress Review of the CSH PPA between Oxfam and DFID | Evaluation | Capacity Building

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  i Oxfam GB Independent Progress Review (mid-term IPR) of the CHASE Programme Partnership Arrangement (PPA) between Oxfam GB and DFID Final Report October 10 th  2012 Church & Court Barn, Church Lane Tickenham, Bristol, BS21 6SD United Kingdom Tel: +44 1275 811 345   ii CONTENTS Acknowledgements VI 1 INTRODUCTION  IX 1.1 Purpose of the evaluation ix 1.2 Scope of the evaluation ix 1.3 Focus of the evaluation ix 1.4 Organisation context ix 1.5 Logic and assumptions (i.e. theory of change) supporting DFID PPA funded project and/or programme activities x 1.6 Overview of PPA funded activities xi 1.6.1   The Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) – £1.8m  xi 1.6.2   Within and Without the State (WWS) – £1.057m  xi 1.6.3    Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) – £930,188  xii 1.6.4   Impact Measurement Guide (IMG) – £320,000  xii 1.7 Relationship of DFID PPA funded activities to other programme activities xiii 2 EVALUATION METHODOLOGY  XIV 2.1 Evaluation plan xiv 2.1.1   Evaluation questions  xiv 2.1.2   Evaluation design (and rationale for design)  xiv 2.1.3   Research methodology (and data collection strategy)  xiv 2.1.4    Analytical framework   xv 2.1.5    Approach to quality assurance of research  xv 2.2 Research problems encountered xv 2.3 Strengths and weaknesses of selected evaluation design and research methods in retrospect xv 3 FINDINGS  1 3.1 Results 1 3.1.1   Performance assessment against logframe  2 3.1.2   Intended and unintended effects (positive and negative changes) on poor and marginalised groups and civil society   19 3.2 Relevance 21 3.2.1   Representativeness  21 3.2.2   Targeting  24 3.3 Effectiveness 27  iii 3.3.1   Learning  27 3.3.2   Innovation  29 3.3.3   Partnership working  30 3.3.4   Sustainability   31 3.4 Efficiency 35 3.4.1   Value for money assessment   38 3.4.2   Impact and value for money of PPA funding  39 3.4.3    Attributable impacts of PPA funding on results, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency   41 3.4.4   Value for money assessment of PPA funding  42 4 CONCLUSIONS  49 4.1 Summary of achievements against evaluation criteria 49 4.2 Summary of achievements against rationale for PPA funding 49 4.3 Summary of problems and issues encountered 49 4.4 Overall impact and value for money of PPA funded activities 49 5 UTILITY  50 6 LESSONS LEARNT  51 6.1 Policy level 51 6.2 Sector level 51 6.3 PPA fund level 52 6.4 Organisational level – management, design, implementation 52 7 RECOMMENDATIONS  53 8 ANNEXES  55 A.   Recommendations in detail B.   PPA IPR terms of reference C.   Evaluation research schedule and timescales D.   Data collection tools E.   List of people consulted F.   List of data sources G.   Bibliography H.   Sub-reports of country visits and case studies I.   Details of the evaluation team  iv ACRONYMS & ABBREVIATIONS 1   ACCRA Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance AI Amnesty International AIM Accountability and Impact Measurement ALNAP Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance ALP Adaptation and Learning Programme (CARE) ATT Arms Trade Treaty AU African Union AusAID Australian Agency for International Development BOND British Overseas NGOs in Development CA Control Arms Secretariat CARICOM Caribbean Community CB Capacity Building CBO Community-based Organisation CCA Climate Change Adaptation CDKN Climate and Development Knowledge Network CHASE Conflict, Humanitarian and Security Department (DFID) CRGE Climate Resilient Green Economy (Ethiopia) CRS Catholic Relief Services CSO Civil Society Organisation DFID Department for International Development (UK) DFRMSS Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector (Ethiopia) DRR Disaster Risk Reduction EC European Commission ECB Emergency Capacity Building Project ECHO Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department of the European Commission ELHRA Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance EPA Environmental Protection Agency EU European Union FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK) GEG Good Enough Guide (ECB) GPAF Global Poverty Action Fund GPF Global Performance Framework (Oxfam) HAP Humanitarian Accountability Partnership HERR Humanitarian Emergency Response Review HMG Her Majesty’s Government (UK) HR Human Rights IANSA International Action Network on Small Arms ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross IGAD Intergovernmental Authority on Development (East Africa) IHL International Humanitarian Law IIED International Institute for Environment and Development IMG Impact Measurement Guide INGO International Non-Government Organisation 1  Acronyms in bold refer to the four project workstreams operated by OGB under CHASE PPA funding.
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