If Today You Hear His Voice

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   4.j   If to day you   hear his voice, .j   har den not your w hearts.- -   5   .   1.Come, let us sing joy ful   .   ly to the Lord   .j let us ac claim the   j. rock of our sal va tion.- - - - -   9   Let us come in to his   j. pre sence wth thanks gi ving   .   let us joy ful ly sing   psalms to him.- - - - -   13   2.Come, let us bow   j. down in wor ship   .   .j let us kneel be fore the   Lord who made us- -   17  .   .j For he is our God, and   j   j we are his peo ple he   shep herds the flock   he guides.- -   21   .   .j 3.Oh that to day you   would hear his voice   .   .j Har den not your hearts as   j. at Me ri bah,- - - -   25   .   .j as in the day of    .   j. Mas sah in the de sert   j. Where is your Fa thers   tem ted me.- - - -   29   they tes ted me   though they had   seen my works- If today you hear His voice  Music by: Nonoie Galang Immaculate MotherSchool forKinder 
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