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International Centre For Photography
  ONE-YEAR CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS 2016-2017 GENERAL STUDIES IN PHOTOGRAPHYDOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY AND PHOTOJOURNALISMNEW MEDIA NARRATIVES  2 1   © Fernanda Lenz GS13 COVER  © Jiaxi Yang GS15  32     One-Year Certificate Programs  Letter from the Executive Director 5 Letter from the Dean 7  About the International Center of Photography 9  One-Year Certificate Programs Overview 11  Academic Calendar 13   General Studies in Photography  Letter from the Chair 15  Course Outline 21  Alumni and Faculty Q&As 25   Documentary Photography and Photojournalism  Letter from the Chair 33  Course Outline 37  Alumni Q&As 45   New Media Narratives  Letter from the Chair 51  Course Outline 53  Q&A with the Chair 57  Chairs and Faculty 59  Facilities and Resources 63  Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid 67  Admissions 71  International Students 71 CONTENTS © Sara Skorgan Teigen GS12  4 5 This is an extraordinary moment in the history of photography and image making, as well as in the history of the International Center of Photography. ICP’s founder, Cornell Capa, described photography as “the most vital, effective, and universal means of communication of facts and ideas.” The power of images to cross barriers of language, geography, and culture is greater today than ever before. And in an era of profound change in the way images are made and interpreted, ICP remains the leading forum for provocative ideas, innovation, and debate.As the evolution of image making continues, ICP is expanding to meet new opportunities, with a dynamic new museum space on the Bowery in Manhattan and an expansive new collections facility at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City. The School, located at Avenue of the Americas and West 43rd Street, is set firmly in the context of an institution composed of a museum, collections, and archives, and offers unparalleled resources in a state-of-the-art production facility and a dedicated library. Known for integration of professional expertise and experimentation, the School faculty and staff continue to develop new approaches to learning. We are creating inventive educational programs that respect the traditions of photography while embracing its new frontiers. This is a vibrant moment in which to be defining new pathways to image making. I am privileged to lead ICP through its next chapter, at a time when the very meaning, use, and production of the image is in exuberant flux, with blurred edges between art, documentation, and communication. Mark Lubell EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR International Center of Photography LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR © Viviana Peretti PJ10
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