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  IBPS 2012 SOLVED Practice Set to test Economy, Banking & Marketing Current Affairs   Knowledge for IBPS PO Exam 2012   1.   Reserve Bank of India deregulated non-resident external (NRE) deposits on 16 December 2011 allowing banks to offer higher interest rates to dollar-denominated accounts. Which of the following facts related to the above statement is/are not true? 2.   Reserve Bank freed the rates on non-resident external accounts, offering interest as high as 9.6% per annum 3.   Following RBI’s deregulation five Indian banks, including HDFC Bank and Yes Bank on 23 December 2011 raised their interest rates on such deposits in order to lure foreign money 4.   Private lender Yes Bank increased the interest rates on fixed deposits held by non-resident Indians (NRIs) to 8.4 per cent from 3.82 per cent 5.   The new rates are effective from 24 December for fresh deposits as well as those being renewed on maturity. a.   1 & 2 b.   Only4 c.   Only 3 d.   1 & 4 Answer: (c) 2. According to the RBI data, India's foreign exchange reserves fell by what amount to $302.1 billion during the week ended 16 December 2011 on account of a fall in foreign currency assets?   a.   $4.67 billion b.   $3.33 billion c.   $5 billion d.   $5.75 billion Answer: (a) 3. According to the Tea Board data released in December 2011, tea imports declined by what per cent to 9.91 million kg in the April-October period of 2011?   a.   10% b.   12.5% c.   14% d.   15.3% Answer: (c) 4. Infrastructure sector recorded a growth of what per cent in Novemberr 2011 after touching five-year low of 0.3% in October 2011 due to an impressive growth in cement, electricity and refinery products?   a.   2.3%   b.   3.9%   c.   4.6%   d.   6.8%   Answer: (d)   IBPS 2012 Solved practice sets for IBPS PO    Find More on:  www.questionpaperz.in  Page 1    5. Telecom Commission, the decision-making body of the Department of Telecommunications recommended a uniform licence fee of what per cent of adjusted gross revenues (AGR) as against the prevalent rate of 6-8 per cent?   a.   10% b.   8% c.   5.2% d.   9.3% Answer: (b) 6. Union government raised the ad valorem duty (export duty) on iron ore exports to what per cent from 20 per cent?   a.   30% b.   33% c.   41% d.   43% Answer: (a) 7. As per the to Commerce Ministry data released on 2 January 2012, India’s exports recorded their slowest pace of growth in two years in November 2011. What was the per centage of growth recorded?   a.   4.2% b.   3.8% c.   2.2% d.   0.94% Answer: (b) 8. Union government on 3 January 2012 approved Reliance Industries' (RIL) investment plan for developing four satellite fields in the flagging KG-D6 block. What was the proposed sum to be invested for developing the satellites?   a.   $1.500 billion b.   $1.692 billion c.   $1.529 billion d.   $1.375 billion Answer: (c) 9. The capital market regulator SEBI on 3 January 2012 allowed auctioning of securities through stock exchanges and introduced a new method for institutional placement of stocks. Which of the following facts related to the above statement is/are not true?   1.   Under the institutional placement programme (IPP), shares can be sold only to qualified institutional buyers. 2.   There shall be at least 25 allottees in every IPP issuance. No single investor shall receive allotment for more than 25% of the offer size 3.   The IPP method can be used to increase public holding by 10% and could be offered to only qualified institutional buyers with 25% being reserved for mutual funds and insurance companies 4.   Under the IPP, companies will have to announce the ratio of buy-back, as is done in the case of rights issues and fix a record date for determination of entitlements as per shareholding on record date IBPS 2012 Solved practice sets for IBPS PO  Find More on:  www.questionpaperz.in  Page 2    a.   Only 1 b.   Only 3 c.   Only 2 d.   Only 4 Answer: (c) 10. What is the Finace Ministry’s decision on the rates applicable on small savings instruments schemes that would be announced on April 1 each year?   a.   rate would remain valid till the maturity of the scheme b.   rate would change in the first qurter of that respective year c.   rates would change depending on different maturity period d.   rates would remainvalid for six months post the maturity Answer: (a) 11. Foreign direct investment (FDI) into India went up by what per cent to $2.53 billion in November 2011, indicating an improvement in investor sentiment?   a.   56% b.   49% c.   33% d.   26% Answer: (a) 12. As per the Forward Markets Commission data released on 9 January 2012 that the turnover of the 21 commodity exchanges in India increased by 66% to what amount till December 2011?   a.   Rs 123 lakh crore b.   Rs 137.22 lakh crore c.   Rs 100.57 lakh crore d.   Rs 93 lakh crore Answer: (b) 13. Indirect tax collections increased by what per cent to Rs 285787 crore during April-December 2011 driven by an increase in service tax mop-up?   a.   15% b.   14.56% c.   16.1% d.   16.33% Answer: (c) 14. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) notified that the Commerce Ministry on on 11 January 2012 lowered the minimum export price of onions by $100 a tonne to boost exports. What is the changed minimum export price of onion?   a.   $200 a tonne b.   $250 a tonne c.   $300 a tonne d.   $150 a tonne Answer: (d) IBPS 2012 Solved practice sets for IBPS PO  Find More on:  www.questionpaperz.in  Page 3    15. Prime Minister's Office on 11 January 2012 directed cash-rich public sector undertakings (PSUs) to invest around Rs.1.76 lakh crore to act as a stimulus in the next fiscal 2012-13. What is the amount to be invested domestically?   a.   Rs.1.41 lakh crore b.   Rs 1.57 lakh crore c.   Rs 2.50 lakh crore d.   Rs 3.19 lakh crore Answer: (a) 16. As per the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) data, industrial production bounced back with a growth of what per cent in November 2011, marking a five-month high in a reversal from the negative trend witnessed in October 2011?   a.   5.9% b.   6.5% c.   7% d.   8.2% Answer: (a) 17. India on 13 January 2012 extended for how many years an anti-dumping duty on import of four Chinese products like nylon filament yarn, Saccharin, cellophane transparent film etc?   a.   3 years b.   5 years c.   10 years d.   12 years Answer: (b) 18. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 13 January 2012 issued guidelines on compensation of wholetime directors, chief executive officers and other risk takers in private and foreign banks. Which of the following facts regarding the above statement is/are not true.   1.   The central bank’s directions are aimed at preventing greed from destabilising the institution. 2.   The guiderlines include provisions to clawback pay if transactions fail years after srcination 3.   The norms provided also include capping the variable component of the compensation at 48% of the fixed pay in a year 4.   As per the guidelines issued, banks are permitted to exclude the Employees Stock Option Plan from variable pay a.   Only 2 b.   Only 4 c.   Only 3 d.   2 & 4 Answer: (c) 19. Which of the following bodies unveiled rules for direct investment in stocks by foreign investors, including individuals to put curbs on opaque structures to prevent routing of funds by resident Indians?   a.   IRDA b.   FICCI IBPS 2012 Solved practice sets for IBPS PO  Find More on:  www.questionpaperz.in  Page 4  
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