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  ABOUT THE RESEARCHERJUNIEMAY Maghanoy PANISAL , is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management Accounting at the University of the ImmaculateConception, Davao City in the year 2! A month after graduation, she #as employed at the $ural Ban% of Sto &omas, Davao Inc , as an Accounting Specialist for three years She resigned in the'an% to enter into pu'lic service In the year 2(, she #as elected second inSangguniang Bayan in the Municipality of Asuncion In her first term, she holdschairmanship in the &ourism, &rade and Industry Committee, )ice*Chairmanship inthe +omen, Children and amily +elfare Committee and in the -ducationCommittee, and a mem'er in the Agriculture, .ealth and Cooperative Committees  At present, she/s ta%ing up graduate studies in Development Management and0overnance at the University 1f Ma%ati College 1f 0overnance and u'lic olicy*hilippine Councilor/s 3eague 3egislative Academy  
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