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hydra quotation
  M/s SARALA Transport 1-Hydra F 15 New Model 75000/- PM. for 10 o!rs per day -Hydra 1# Ton $ld Model %0000/- PM. for 10 o!rs per day&- '.(.). *0000/- PM. for 10 o!rs per day#-Traller **000/- PM. for 10 o!rs per day5-P+,!p  Tepo  000/- PM. for 10 o!rs per day%-Tra,tor 7000/- PM. for 10 o!rs per dayPayent w+t+n &0 ays.Note 2- 1- +esel 3 L!4r+,ant o+l +s +n Ser+,e Ta6 6tra as appl+,a4le.  At All Safety +tes sall 4e )opl+ed 4y Montly 9or+n: Ho!rs w+ll 4e *0 Hr Payent w+t+n &0 ays. Ters 3 )ond+t+on as per S!ppl+ers ;ty. as per o!r S+te Re<!+reent 3 +n   M/s Pra4at Swa+nM/s Sr+dar Senapat+ *0000/- PM. For * o!rs par day=5000/- PM. For * o!rs per day ---%0000/- PM. For 10 o!rs per day=0000/- PM. For * o!rs par day=0000/- PM. For * o!rs per day=5000/- PM. For * o!rs par day=5000/- PM. For * o!rs per day -- 000/- PM. For * o!rs per day&0000/- PM. For * o!rs par day&0000/- PM. For * o!rs per dayPayent w+t+n &0 ays.Payent w+t+n &0 ays. !r S,op on A,t!al . resent 15 8 Ser+,e Ta6  !ppl+er Respons+4+l+ty. s $nly $terw+se )ar:es w+ll 4e e6tra a,,ord+n: to a4oe rates. !ot+on. tra,t+on to + on s+te eands.
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