Hurricane Katrina

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The purpose of the paper is to analyze a natural disaster and establish how the victims managed to survive the catastrophe.
  Surname 1 Name:Course:Tutor:Date:Hurricane KatrinaA natural disaster comes suddenly, sometimes with no warning leaving in its wake destruction and death Natural disasters include! Hurricane, earth uake, volcanic eru#tion, $ires among others They are not su%&ected to a given area! thus each country should %e #re#ared $or the disaster that is likely to a$$ect that area The e$$ects o$ a natural disaster are adverse, $or instance, the environment gets littered with all manner o$ de%ris, houses get destroyed, streets  %ecome im#assa%le, and trees get u#rooted among others The advancement o$ technology and mode o$ communication has made it easier to relay in$ormation such as warning alerts 'eo#le can #re#are $or a natural disaster %y $inding sa$e (ones to go to, #ack $ood and water as well as other essentials such as torches, %atteries, ro#es and $lares, &ust to mention a $ew )Arcaya et al 1*+*- The #ur#ose o$ the #a#er is to analy(e a natural disaster and esta%lish how the victims managed to survive the catastro#he Hurricane Katrina is regarded as one o$ the costliest disasters in the .S history a$$ecting /+,000, s uare miles, killing over 100 #eo#le and leaving thousands homeless The hurricane struck several states such as 2ississi##i, 3lorida, 4eorgia, %ut the worst hit was New 5rleans, 6ouisiana Hurricane Katrina %egan on + th  Aug +00 as a tro#ical storm in the 7ahamas and gained strength in the Atlantic water! it hit the 3lorida coast %ecoming a category one hurricane with wind s#eed estimated to %e 11/km8hr )Deryugina et al +-The storm moved through the 4ul$ o$ 2e9ico where the atmos#here was conducive in $ueling the storm 7y the time it hit New  Surname +5rleans, it had e9#loded to hurricane  with wind s#eeds o$ ++ km8hr A com%ination o$ waves and storm surge led to the $ailure o$ the levee system that was su##osed to #rovide a %arrier The $ailure caused a massive $looding that covered u# to 0; o$ New 5rleans )Kasten%aum /1- The vast num%er o$ deaths and destruction would have %een avoided i$ only #ro#er  #lanning and the $ast res#onse had %een done There are $our critical reasons as to why hurricane Katrina was the worst tragedy to have hit the .nited States The $irst one was that warning alerts had %een released early %e$ore the storm, %ut these warnings went unheeded 2oreover, government o$$icials who should have #re#ared in advance $or the magnitude o$ the hurricane neglected their duties The second was that agents o$ the state made #oor decisions $ollowing the land$all showing the un#re#aredness )Deryugina et al - The third %eing that systems #ut in  #lace to su##ort their e$$orts $ailed, causing massive #ro#erty destruction The levees system were #oorly %uilt and could not withstand the storm The engineers underestimated the strength o$ the soil which turned to %e weak to resist the #ressure o$ the water The $ourth reason is that government o$$icials $ailed to #rovide ade uate leadershi# to the inha%itants o$ New 5rleans The $ederal government, the 3ederal <mergency 2anagement Agency )3<2A- and 'resident 7ush administration was not e$$ective in averting the disaster and #rovided little hel# to New 5rleans 5ne cannot $athom the #ain and anguish the victims $elt in the wake o$ the hurricane untilthey hear their ordeal =ohn was one o$ the #aramedics called in to hel# victims a$ter the storm The atmos#here was $oul, and the area had scattered de%ris making roads im#assa%le, %ut the  #aramedics tried as much as they could to hel# >hat is hard to $orget are the cries $or hel# that came through each day, they were overwhelmed and did not know what to e9#ect He remem%ersone cou#le that had %een stuck in their attic with no $ood $or two days! it took the hel# o$ the son  Surname ?to locate them and call $or hel# The image that he struggled to erase was that o$ dead %odies $loating in the $loods @t consisted o$ children, men and women o$ all color and race who had not  %een lucky to surviveTerry and her two children were lucky to survive the catastro#he %ecause she moved away $rom her home and moved in with her #arents in another state The day she heard the warning, she rushed to the air#ort, %ought tickets, #re#ared her children and le$t =ulia had im#lored her longtime $riend =ulia to $ollow suit who reluctantly re$used to state that all would  %e okay @t was the worst decision she ever made, her house was destroyed, and =ulia who was struggling to get to the higher ground got carried away %y the high current o$ the $loods @n the hurricane she lost a $riend, had to gra##le with re%uilding her home and kee#ing away looters $rom getting the little that was le$t a$ter the storm4i$t, a la%orer worker, was not lucky in the tragedy as he lost everyone in his $amily, a total o$ $ive #eo#le! his mother, $ather, wi$e and two sons @t was the most traumatic time o$ his li$e more so since he was away $rom home when Hurricane Katrina hit New 5rleans They were missing $or a week until a $riend in$ormed him that he had seen his wi$e among the dead @t was tough to locate the rest o$ the $amily, he had to announce in the Su#erdome where thousands o$  #eo#le had sheltered, %ut no one had any in$ormation @t was a week later when he $ound their  %odies among the #ile o$ the deceasedSurviving a catastro#he is only the $irst ste#, a lot must %e done to heal and $orget the tragedy The survivors shared how they overcame the tragedy, what they did and how they look at li$e a$ter Katrina Terry &oined a su##ort grou# to try and overcome the tragedy o$ losing a longtime $riend @t was hel#$ul to meet other #eo#le who were going through #ain$ul memories, and their stories gave her strength to overcome the loss She %ecame more s#iritual, %elieving  Surname that everything ha##ens $or a reason She o$$ered $inancial assistance to victims who lost their homes and could not restructure their lives She occu#ied her time with a ho%%y so as to $orget the tragedy and it hel#ed Terry is grate$ul that she heeded the warning and calls u#on individualsto listen to warning alerts as they are #redictors o$ a disaster4i$t, on the other hand, decided to move to another state so as to %e a%le to $orget the losso$ his $amily, he was an only child, so there was no one he could look u# to o$$er su##ort He was always in the hos#ital with de#ression and was re$erred %y a doctor to attend sessions o$ counseling which were instrumental in his recovery 3inally! =ohn le$t his line o$ the #ro$ession since he could not handle the %lood and the dead %odies he saw during Hurricane Katrina He decided to start a %usiness as a way o$ surviving the tragedy, to distract him $rom the trauma He volunteered to hel# out $or charita%le work since it gave him a #ur#ose, %ut once a while he would look %ack, and the memory would %e %ack @t is hard to overcome the tragedy entirely, %utadvice victims o$ any disaster to seek #ro$essional hel#To survive in a natural disaster one needs to %e #re#ared and well in$ormed on what to do, where to go, what to carry and how to stay alive 5ne would think that when a tragedy ha##ens, #eo#le will scram%le to sa$ety %ut this is not always the case @t is over ten years since Katrina struck New 5rleans and the lessons have %een immense The city that lost more than 100 o$ its #eo#le is struggling to re%uild its in$rastructure )3ussell 1+?+- The %lame game has not sto##ed as to who should %e held res#onsi%le $or the deaths to a disaster that could have %een #revented However, there have %een increased e$$orts to #revent $uture disasters in New 5rleans 7e$ore Katrina, the healthcare and emergency systems were #oorly integrated, %ut this has changed with the introduction o$   National Health Security Strategy that coordinates disaster res#onse with the government, communities and the stakeholders @t recogni(es that
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