Hungry and Homeless: The impact of the withdrawal of state support on asylum seekers, refugee communities and the volunteer sector | Asylum Seeker | Refugee

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On 8 January 2003, Section 55 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 came into force. Since then, destitute asylum applicants have been denied access to basic state support if they are unable to prove that they applied for asylum as soon as reasonably practicable after entering the UK. The findings of this study illustrate the lengths to which voluntary organisations are going to assist those denied support under Section 55. They also illustrate the fragility of this work, and the impact it is having on the core activities of these organisations.
  Findings from research into the impact of Section 55 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 Refugee CouncilApril 2004 Hungry and homeless: The impact of the withdrawal of state support onasylum seekers, refugee communities and thevoluntary sector  Frontcover photo: Refugee CouncilPublished by the Refugee Council© Refugee Council 2004ISBN number: 0 946 787 16 6Refugee CouncilRegistered address:3 BondwayLondonSW8 1SJCharity no. 1014576Company no: 2727514Print: CPLAssociates Copies of the report can be obtained from the Refugee Council's Marketing department byphoning 020 7820 3042 or emailing at:  An electronic version of the report is also available on the Refugee Council's website This publication is published by the Refugee Council with funding from Oxfam  page 3  Acknowledgements  Acknowledgements This report was written by Bharti Patel and Saoirse Kerrigan. We would like to thank Norma Muico for collating data and conducting research interviews.Our thanks also go out to all of those who participated in the survey and the asylumseekers who shared their experiences with us.The research and report would have been impossible without the valued fundingprovided by Oxfam.The findings and views represented in this report are the sole responsibility of theRefugee Council.
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