How to install and activate RAID 1 Ubuntu (Server) 14.04 LTS Step-by-Step

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Install RAID 1 on ubuntu server 14.04 LTS
  Martin's Blog ( ( ! SUMMARY (HTTP://LINUX-SYS-ADM.COM/) TUTORIALS (HTTP://LINUX-SYS-ADM.COM/TUTORIALS/)ABOUT ME (HTTP://LINUX-SYS-ADM.COM/ABOUT-ME/)MY PROJECTS (HTTP://LINUX-SYS-ADM.COM/MY-PROJECTS/) ( How to install and activate RAID 1 Ubuntu (Server) 14.04 LTSStep-by-Step  June 26, 2015 ( #  m.slavov ( guide will describes the basic steps of installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 from beginning to end. is a fault-tolerance con ! guration known as “disk mirroring.” With RAID1 (, data is copied seamlessly and simultaneously, from one disk to another, creating a replica, ormirror. If one disk gets fried, the other can keep working. It’s the simplest way to implement fault tolerance and it’s relatively low cost.The downside is that RAID 1causes a slight drag on performance. RAID 1 can be implemented through either software or hardware. A minimum of two disks is required for RAID 1 hardwareimplementations. With software RAID 1, instead of two physical disks, data can be mirrored between volumes on a single disk. One additional point to remember isthat RAID 1 cuts total disk capacity in half: If a server with two 1TB drives is con ! gured with RAID 1, then total storage capacity will be 1TB not 2TB.Following are the key points to remember for RAID level 1 .Minimum 2 disks.Good performance ( no striping. no parity ).Excellent redundancy ( as blocks are mirrored ). Step 1  – Select what language you would like to install. I am going to use English language.Search for anything on this site... $  Step 2  – Select Install Ubuntu Server. Step 3  – Select language that used for the installation process, default English.  Step 4  – Select location that will used for time zone and also for example to help select the system locale. Step 5  – Con ! gure keyboard layout.  Step 6  – Select country of srcin for the keyboard. I am going to use English (US). Step 7  – Select the layout matching the keyboard for your machine. Default English.
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